Period 9, The effects of Purple Star 9 (2024-2043)

After all the Fire Element Intro, I suddenly have the feeling to look at the coming Period 9 and therefore I like to share some of my thought.

Period 9 carries the Purple Flying Star number 9 which belongs to the Fire Element. During the transition from Period 8 to Period 9, People born with Life Gua #9, #1 and #6 will be more sensitive to the capital shift to period 9. Especially those born with a Fire Day Master (Ding Fire and Bing Fire) or those who have strong Fire Elements in their Bazi chart will also be more sensitive to the shifting Qi. 

Flying Star number 9 is associated with “Li Gua Trigram.” People associated with Li Gua are women, especially the second or middle daughter. They too will be influenced by the changing Qi during the transition to Period 9. 

Flying Star number 9 represents beauty, innovation, power, fame, passion, senses, and spirituality.

What can we expect in moving toward Period 9?

What that works in the past may not be working well in Period 9. The traditional way of education is academically based that placed great importance on teaching will shift its focus to learning. 

Academic Based: Children were told there was one right answer to a question. 

Learning-Based: Children will be encouraged to learn through “divergent thinking” and experience. Divergent thinking encourages the search for more than one answer. There are many possible answers to a question.

Following divergent thinking, the ideas and information will be organized using convergent thinking; i.e., putting the various ideas back together in some organized, structured way.

While the importance of standard academic education such as accounting, law and engineering will remain, there will be an important shift in education to spirituality, creativity, sensory sciences, and futuristic technology. 

Which Industry will prosperous in Period 9?

Industries related to culture, education, beauty & cosmetics, health, DNA research, blood and cardiovascular health, electronics, robotics, and technology applications that will transform people’s lifestyles will do well. 

In Period 9, the “technology revolution” will replace the “industrial revolution.” Job markets will change quickly as hundreds of jobs will be become extinct, replaced by automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence. As such industries related to A.I., robotics, education, genome, blood, heart, mobile apps, etc will be the upcoming market trend.

Doors will be opened to people with good analytical skills and the ability to harness information. The service industry, where human interaction and connections are needed, will become the largest engine of job creation. For example, personal fitness trainers, dieticians, nutritionists, and image consultants will be in demand. Jobs in the service industry such as life coaches, counselors, and leisure consultants will help people deal with life problems. The entertainment industry will remain a major job creator. Other trending businesses are facelift, plastic surgery, cosmetics, botox, fat freezing, rejuvenation, etc.

Health Issue in Period 9?

In Period 8, health concerns revolved around diabetes, stomach-related illnesses, cancer, and epidemics due to the Earth Qi. In Period 9, we will see a pick-up in health issues related to psychological and neuro-sickness, cardiovascular diseases, diseases related to the eyes, brain, and blood, and cancer.

The world economy has progressed so rapidly that many have forgotten or even written-off moral values, societal consciousness, environment, etc. Period 9 is like an awakening call & reshuffling for new priorities in life. 

Period 9 also increases interest in language, values, culture, education, ethics, morals, metaphysics, spirituality, and religion such as literature, fine arts, Feng Shui, Qi Gong, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Environmental consciousness also re-surface as a top priority. Environmental issues and natural disasters such as global warming, increased melting of the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps, acid rain, air pollution, forest fires, and volcano eruptions will become the main focus. Some of these trends already taking baby steps like electric car saving Mother Earth.

Day Master – Ding (Yin Fire)

* Image credit Joey Yap

When we hear that someone has a Fire-based Day Master is may be easy to imagine them as having a fierce, fiery temper. Contrary to this, Ding 丁 Fire people are actually gentle, fun, and easygoing souls. Think of a candle flame, emanating brightness and warmth – not a blazing fire.

Ding Fire individuals are warm, personable, and sophisticated enough to think about how their decisions affect others. They would never dream of doing something to make another person unhappy or uncomfortable. They are lighting quick decision-makers. In most situations, this makes them highly effective, where hang wringing might lead to missed opportunity. They are also thorough to a fault. Intellectual by nature, Ding Fire’s love to learn more and need to know all there is to know before they develop confidence. They demand evidence before they believe something. They are close to their family and tend to be loving and generous.

If you do manage to get on the wrong side of a Ding Fire person, you will wish you hadn’t. Their temper, once unleashed, is fierce. Sometimes Ding Fire individuals can seem inconsistent or mercurial to deal with. If they are smiling in the morning they might not be by lunch time. This is because they have a thin skin and are easily upset or angered. Sometimes this leads to those around them feeling like they have to walk on eggshells. Although they are quick at making decisions, accuracy is sometimes compromised as a result. Because they don’t usually sit down to weigh up the options, Ding Fires can make foolish, impulsive choices on occasion.

Day Master – Bing (Yang Fire)

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Bing Fire individuals are never dull. Think of the intense heat of the sun – it simply cannot be ignored. Like an especially sunny day, Bing Fire leaders get everyone animated.

They are optimistic and naturally charismatic, infectiously passionate, and always enthusiastic about whatever they are doing. They are honest and straight-talking without being offensive in their candor. They are also naturally confident and self-assured. When a person believes in themselves in the way that a Bing Fire does, then other people are inclined to believe in them, too. This helps explains why the Bing Fire has no trouble finding supporters and allies to their cause or vision.

Without a set routine, the Bing Fire can feel lost and become unproductive. When everything is changing around them, they have a hard time becoming anchored and getting things done. The devil is in the details for a Bing Fire who spends all their time thinking about the bigger picture, neglecting smaller, less exciting duties and considerations. Because “failure” isn’t in the dictionary of a Bing Fire, they can have a hard time realising that things aren’t panning out and often don’t know when to cut their losses and move on. The over-confident, unchecked Bing Fire can come across as egotistical.

Day Master – Yi (Yin Wood)

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The Yi Wood can be imagined as the slow-growing vine or creeping ivy. Yi Wood individuals are likable
and charming in their social interactions, positive traits attributed to their easy-going, agreeable personality. Not the type to shoot from the hip, the Yi Wood tends to showcase their finest when they are dealing with others, and can be quick-witted, flattering, and sharp around their friends or colleagues and families.

Networking, making connections, and uniting others are among the highlighted strengths you will find in a Yi Wood. They deploy their quick wit and fast thinking to resolve problems and people often turn to them when a quick decision is needed. Yi Wood individuals are likely to excel professionally, as they are highly motivated to expand on their talents and apply them to advance ahead in their careers. They also possess a strong moral compass and often put the needs of others ahead of their own.

Sometimes the Yi Wood neglect to survey the finer details of a situation. When the chips are down, the Yi Wood can become crafty rather than witty and resort to using devious tactics to survive. They know that their charm can be used to get other people to do things that align with their agenda, and they don’t mind stepping on others to get on board with their destination.

Just as a plant can be swayed by the slightest breeze, the Yi Wood have easily changeable emotions. Their fluctuating emotions can interfere with their thoughts, influencing their judgment, and decision-making capability. Yi Wood individuals are susceptible to the prevailing attitude of a group and will often go along with what other people want them to.

Day Master – Jia (Yang Wood)

If you want a good idea of the nature of a Jia Wood individual, think of a tall, sturdy, slow-growing tree – possibly an oak tree, teakwood tree, California redwood or something with similar characteristics of resilience and sturdiness. They are forthright and call it as they see it regardless of what company they are in.

They are grand thinkers who produce solutions to stand the test of time. They are not one to agree with other people for the sake of pleasing them. Usually, this can be seen as a positive trait, a Pillar of integrity, and an emphasis on principles rather than popularity. Jia Wood individuals care about others and have a kind side that is revealed over time as trust is earned.

They tend to be quiet and enigmatic unless in a familiar company. No time for pretenses, Jia Wood individuals call it like they see it even if this can cause offence or if others disagree. They are stubborn to the end and will go down with a sinking ship. They lack objectivity on things. They also lack the ability to question their choices or look at things from someone else’s point of view. When they ask for someone else’s opinion they just want to hear their own opinion in a different voice.

5 Element, What is it?

5 element, represent 5 fundamental forces or energy which are governed production and destruction cycle which are believed to govern and regulate all activity in the universe.

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Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water like all of the Chinese Five Arts, the Five Element have both Yin and Yang polarity giving us a total of ten.

The 5 elements can be classified into Yin & Yang which know as the Ten Stems as they will appear on top part of the Bazi chart.:-

* Image credit Joey Yap

1. Yang Wood – represents a great big tree 

2. Yin Wood – represents are the leaves, flowers, 
small bushes, twines and vines and grass.

3. Yang Fire – represents fire of the sun – it is bright, vibrant, warm, life-giving. 

4. Yin Fire – represents the fire of the candle 

5. Yang Earth – represents large boulders, big rocks or large stones. 

6. Yin Earth – represents soil, sand or soft earth 

7. Yang Metal – represents raw iron or a large axe. 

8. Yin Metal – represents fine jewellery, necklaces and beautiful rings. 

9. Yang Water – represents the waters of the ocean, waters of the lake or the powerful gushing waters of a river. 

10. Yin Water – represents water from rain clouds, mist, dew or frost. 

A typical Bazi Chart will have 4 pillars: hour pillar, day pillar, month pillar & year pillar. This time, imagine the BaZi pillars as a tree with roots underneath and towering leaves above. Now we have the Earthly Branches which represent the roots.

Chinese calendar expresses year, day, month and hour in terms of 5 elements by 2 Chinese characters and each character symbolises one basic element. The first character is written on top is called “heavenly stem” while the second Character written underneath is called “earthly branch”. 

There are 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches and each of them symbolise an element.

* Image credit Joey Yap

The 12 earthly branches are the following:
1. Rat – Zi (Yang Water)
2. Ox – Chou (Yin Earth)
3. Tiger – Yin (Yang Wood)
4. Rabbit – Mao (Yin Wood)
5. Dragon – Chen (Yang Earth)
6. Snake – Si (Yin Fire)
7. Horse – Wu (Yang Fire)
8. Goat – Wei (Yin Earth)
9. Monkey – Shen (Yang Metal)
10. Rooster – You (Yin Metal)
11. Dog – Xu (Yang Earth)
12. Pig – Hai (Yin Water)

Before we can put the 5 basic elements to predict destiny, we must know that there is a seasonal aspects of the 5 elements. Our earth changes according to the 4 seasons, the prosperity and strength of elements also change with this natural cycle. 

Spring is the prosperous season for wood as all plants prosper in spring. 
Summer is associated with sun and fire and this is the time fire is considered most prosperous. 
Autumn is the season when leaves fall , it is time when wood element is weak and metal which destroyed wood becomes the strongest. 
Winter, water is considered strongest element because it is associated with ice and snow.

As for the Earth element is regarded as neutral and so its presence throughout the year earth element is particularly strong during last month of each season.

What is Bazi?

Bazi a literal translation of words means “Eight Character”, it is also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny. It is an ancient system that utilises the date of birth and time of birth to analyse and discover an individual’s path in life.

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Like most forms of Astrology, Chinese Astrology has 4 types of applications.Personality Analysis – Discovering a person’s character, behavior, and potential.Destiny Analysis – Investigating the life path or destiny of a person.Event Analysis – Studying a particular event that occurs or will occur at a place and timeGeneral Analysis – Exploring the astrology of a country, or city, economic, and political cycles.With this tool to learn and assess what destiny has in store for you, you already have the information you need to take the right action and decision to empower your destiny and live the life you deserve.In Short, Bazi can be used primarily to:

* Image credit Joey Yap
* Image credit Joey Yap

1) Choosing the right career path

2) Analyse our wealth potential

3) Understand your relationship

4) Discover potential health issue

We can use Bazi to effect changes as destiny can be changed and you have the power to do it. This power is called free will. Change happens in two ways:

  • What comes into your life
  • What comes out of your life

By analyzing our Bazi Chart, you can look for these changes in your life, which will help you to see the options, possibilities, or even potential risks ahead. It is up to your own free will to steer your destiny towards your desired outcome.

With proper Bazi analysis, you will be able to do the Right Thing, at the Right Time and in the Right Place. When we have those capabilities, we are in effect empowering ourselves to be productive and make the most of what life has to offer.

You can generate your own Bazi Report FREE just by keying your birth time and date here.

If you are interested in Bazi that we have learned from the Joey Yap Academy and you can find out more here.

Journey to Chinese Metaphysics

In December 2019, my family trip to Taiwan has reignited my journey on Chinese Metaphysics, since then I started to gain a better understanding of Feng Shui.

On 5th January 2020, I stump upon Joey Yap’s Feng Shui & Astrology 2020, that is when I met Dato Joey Yap and attend his events for the very first time. It is an eye-opener for me which encourages me to learn and understand more about Chinese Metaphysics. I then move on to Bazi Academy and other of his courses.

As I began my journey to Chinese Metaphysics, I realize that there is too much information to learn, and it all overwhelming. Therefore I like to start a personal page that I can keep track of all my learning as well as to let those who are starting to learn Chinese Metaphysics kick start their learning with my sharing of knowledge. 

Feng Shui is a study of the living environment, which includes our earth, the landscape, the sea, the rivers, and the houses in which we stay.

It is about harnessing the Qi in your living environment to help you achieve your goals in life. It is about making your environment, whether your home or your office, into a space that will support your goals. 

There is a Chinese have a saying: “First destiny, second luck, third Feng Shui, fourth virtues, fifth education”. Although Feng Shui can be a powerful force in shaping our lives, it is not a cure for all ills. Luck, vitrues and knowledge also plays a significant part that we must not forget. 

Feng Shui is not a religion; it is a philosophy that can be used in any culture and alongside any belief system. There is one misconception of Feng Shui, it is not about the placement of objects and more accurate to say, as Joey Yap mention that, “Feng Shui is an art of assessing the qualities of Qi that converge at or affect a certain location in our environment and to ascertain its potential and shortcomings.” As the influence of Qi in any given environment is governed by certain patterns calculable by formulae, we can assess the potential of Qi in reference to time and location.

Singapore a country that I belong is also built on the Feng Shui principle. Let take a look at the article from AsianEntrepreneur:

Singapore and Feng Shui – It’s power and empowers for a Strong Nation (Part 1)
Singapore and Feng Shui – It’s power and empowers for a Strong Nation (Part 2)

To get started everyone have to understand their traits and take a look at your own Bazi chart and see what your destiny and live you deserve and awaits you.
Simply 3 Yes that you should Take Action.

  • Yes, you can change your destiny
  • Yes, you can take action to bend destiny to your advantage and benefit.
  • Yes, You will have more clarity when you understand then desire to search deeper.

You can generate your own Bazi Report FREE just by keying your birth time and date here.