Eclipse, Good or Bad?

In most tradition of metaphysics (western or eastern) , solar eclipses are not a good omen. A Solar eclipse is regarded as being worse than a lunar eclipse – this is because Yang energy is required by all living beings and when a solar eclipse occurs, Yang energy to Earth is momentarily interrupted. It also falls in-line with astrological findings that the Moon doesn’t actually emit its own light, but merely reflects the light of the Sun.

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There are reasons of course as per Chinese Astrology, it is strongly advisable to avoid going outdoors during a Solar Eclipse or to observe the phenomenon at all. Being outdoors during a Solar Eclipse is a one-way ticket to bad luck within 3 months. The ancient Chinese Astrologers specifically advised against any direct look at the eclipse. While modern science tells us why this is a bad idea to look at the Sun as it will exposure our eyes to the Sun’s rays during an eclipse can result in visual impairment and blindness. That does sound a bit like bad luck.

However, this June’s eclipse is not the worst (as compared to the one coming this month in December). Different countries will have different timings and different animal signs may be immune and or be affected if exposed.

The eclipse starts at one location and ends at another. The times below are actual times (in UTC) when the eclipse occurs.

14 Dec 2020 TOTAL Eclipse. This is happening on the celestial axis of 寅-申 (Tiger-Monkey Signs). Therefore, Animal sign of Tiger and Monkey will be more prone to accident. Please try to stay at home! try to be indoors before 9.20pm. 😬 Energy will be disrupted during this period of time.

EventUTC TimeTime in Singapore*
First location to see the partial eclipse begin14 Dec 2020, 13:33:5514 Dec 2020, 21:33:55
First location to see the full eclipse begin14 Dec 2020, 14:32:3414 Dec 2020, 22:32:34
Maximum Eclipse14 Dec 2020, 16:13:2814 Dec 2020, 00:13:28
Last location to see the full eclipse end14 Dec 2020, 17:54:1814 Dec 2020, 01:54:18
Last location to see the partial eclipse end14 Dec 2020, 18:53:0314 Dec 2020, 02:52:03
*Image credit Joey Yap

We can also make use of this eclipse to clear up your negative energies by performing QiMen meditation. Having Back face the following direction:

East – If you need to polarise your energy or need guidance
SouthWest – If your Wealth or Career feel stuck
South – If you Health is feeling low and need healing
NorthWest – If your relationship is stuck

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