Your investments yielding a high return?

There are so many investment channel around us: Money market funds. Index funds. Exchange-traded funds. Stocks/shares Cryptocurrency Forex … never ending list … I understand that it will all depends on the timing of your investments. There are many techniques from Bazi and other Chinese Metaphysics tools and I would like to share with youContinue reading “Your investments yielding a high return?”

Welcome Year of the Metal OX 辛丑

We will be welcoming the new year tonight on 3rd February 2021, 10.58pm where ever you are in the world. For those who are not well verse with Chinese Astrology, you might assume that the first day of Chinese New Year is on the Lunar New Year. In fact base on the calculation of theContinue reading “Welcome Year of the Metal OX 辛丑”

Good and Bad Dates To Start Your 2021

As we are transiting towards the year of the 辛丑 Metal OX on 3 February 2021 22:58hrs. I would like to share some of the special dates which have good energies as well as those not so good dates that we can avoid.  Power Days of Wealth. On these days, we can perform some wealth manifestation/activities,Continue reading “Good and Bad Dates To Start Your 2021”

Feng Shui way for a better 2021 -Part 2

We all understand that in this Xin Chou(辛丑) Year 2021, will be a recovery year after last year pandemic. Things around the work will also be moving slowly and it could last till Oct/Nov this year. Nevertheless, how can we increase our Feng Shui Luck for getting a promotion in 2021. We can make useContinue reading “Feng Shui way for a better 2021 -Part 2”

BaZi ways to have a better 2021

Hey, ever think of having a better 2021? I would like to share some information to glide you thru the recovery stages of 2021. At time we need help from people and sometime the only way is to influence them to help you. Hence, i would like to share 3 ways to influence people inContinue reading “BaZi ways to have a better 2021”

Kick Start Your 2021 NOW.

Here is 3 Key Action Steps to Energise and Vitalise yourself in 2021. Let start with cleansing and renew our energies, and equip with new positive for the year of 2021. Here is the summary of useful dates for manifesting : * Note: You will have to BACKFACE Your OWN QiMen Destiny Palace Direction inContinue reading “Kick Start Your 2021 NOW.”