6 Tips on Getting Your Compass Directions Right

Proper use of the compass and knowing how to take directions in your home and office is vital if you are to get accurate readings and ensure that the orientations you are using are correct. With the Year of the Water Rabbit just a few months away, you’ll want to be “spot on” when placingContinue reading “6 Tips on Getting Your Compass Directions Right”

Welcome to the Year of Water Tiger(壬寅)

We will be welcoming the new year tonight on 4th February 2022, 04:52am where ever you are in the world. For those who are not well verse with Chinese Astrology, you might assume that the first day of Chinese New Year is on the Lunar New Year. In fact base on the calculation of theContinue reading “Welcome to the Year of Water Tiger(壬寅)”

Feng Shui tips for Career Success.

Returning to the office and this long period of WFH? Some of us are returning to the office or feeling the need to improve your home workspace. If you’re ever feeling stuck in a career trench, or feel that your performance is below average, rearranging your desk to include a few simple feng shui touches couldContinue reading “Feng Shui tips for Career Success.”

How to: Feng Shui Activation

We are going to talk about Home Feng Shui Activation. Having activation these good stars can improve certain areas of our life and the power areas using Feng Shui principles helps you bring more positive energy and focus to important areas of your life. There are short-term and long term activation. A short term waterContinue reading “How to: Feng Shui Activation”

Feng Shui way for a better 2021 -Part 2

We all understand that in this Xin Chou(辛丑) Year 2021, will be a recovery year after last year pandemic. Things around the work will also be moving slowly and it could last till Oct/Nov this year. Nevertheless, how can we increase our Feng Shui Luck for getting a promotion in 2021. We can make useContinue reading “Feng Shui way for a better 2021 -Part 2”

Feng Shui ways to have a better 2021

In General, Flying Star 2, 3, 5 & 7 is consider as an inauspicious stars. This year the Flying Star chart will take effect only after Feb 3, 2021. Star 2 Illness Star – This year in the North Sector is having the flying star 2, if possible try to avoid sleeping this sector. IfContinue reading “Feng Shui ways to have a better 2021”

How Can I Use The Great Conjunction To Help Me?

The Great Conjunction is a once a life time event where we can use it to relinquish our old bad habits and make way for new opportunities of doing new things. We cannot stop changes regardless of what we do but we can allowing and embracing it to bring us good fortune. If you resistContinue reading “How Can I Use The Great Conjunction To Help Me?”