6 Tips on Getting Your Compass Directions Right

Proper use of the compass and knowing how to take directions in your home and office is vital if you are to get accurate readings and ensure that the orientations you are using are correct. With the Year of the Water Rabbit just a few months away, you’ll want to be “spot on” when placing enhancers and cures according to the Flying Star chart of the upcoming year. Flying Star is a compass formula so be ready and don’t guess at your directions.

Credit: Joey Yap

Here are 6 tips for you.

Tip # 1 – Know the basic compass directions.  There are 360 degrees around the compass and each of the four cardinal directions, N, S, E and W as well as the four secondary directions, NE, SE, SW and NW occupy an angle of 45 degrees. 

Tip # 2 – Always read directions from a compass.  Although most of my books show the direction south at the top, it doesn’t mean that south is on the top when you are identifying directions in your home.  And never use the door or entrance as a direction location – just use the compass to determine the proper orientation of your home. 

Tip # 3 – Define your directions.  You may be using the compass to take the facing direction of your whole house or apartment, or you may want to establish the directions inside.  To identify the corners of the interiors, it is best to stand in the center of the house if possible.  If you want to know the compass directions inside a single room, stand in the center of the room.  Once you know your bearings, it is easy enough to demarcate all the sectors inside the home or an individual room. 

Tip # 4 – Hold your compass flat and at waist level when taking directions. This gives a better reading of the way cosmic chi flows into your home.  Note that in many newly constructed homes contractors take compass readings on the floor so there can be a variation of 10-15 degrees between what they show and what you show standing up and holding the compass at waist level. 

Tip # 5 – Be alert for metal and electronic interference.  Take the facing direction from three different reference points and take an average of the readings.  Generally, I recommend that you take one reading just inside the main door looking out, step back three feet inside the house facing the front door looking out, and then step three feet outside the front door and take an average of the three readings.  If the three readings you get are different – don’t worry, this is normal.  Compass readings are affected by magnetic energy caused by the presence of metal in structural pillars or steel in the walls and even seismic ground activity.

Tip # 6 – Superimposing the chart – when you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with the directions inside your home, the next step is to superimpose the flying star chart for 2023 on your floor plan.  There are several methods and ways of doing this – one is the pie chart method where you superimpose the circular compass onto the floor plan and subdivide your house according to the compass directions like a pie chart; the other is to use the lo shu grid of nine squares and place the numbers onto your floor space. Once you superimpose the chart, you’ll be able to identify the quality of the energy in every corner of your home, making it easy to suppress upcoming 2023 afflictions and activate the lucky spots with enhancers.

Remember to take care of the afflicted areas before putting enhancers or activation in place.

Reference the annual flying star to your floorplan
Picture for example remedies of 5 Yellow sector

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