Heavenly Hero

The Heavenly Hero is a Yin Fire element Star. Depending on the context of the reading, it has the potential to be either auspicious or inauspicious. The Heavenly Hero can be likened to the sun shining brightly on a clear day. It shines bright and bold – invigorating everything with its powerful rays and giving life to all around us. Yet, for all its positive effects, the sun is still a giant ball of flame – and fire in essence can be as unpredictably destructive as it is useful.

In Qi Men Dun Jia, the Heavenly Hero Star corresponds to the Li 9 (South) Palace. It is an action-oriented Star and it helps those who are planning to take action or are already carrying out a plan. What’s more, it helps one meet Noble people who may assist them in their endeavours. The Heavenly Hero Star can bolster one’s fame and enhance their attempts at socialising and networking. Its mechanism of action is that it subtly boosts a person’s courage and drive to succeed.
The downside, however, is that the Heavenly Hero is a fickle Star and it tends to ignore the finer details and has a very short attention span to see an idea through. In certain situations, it can influence people to behave in outrageous and dangerous ways – resulting in bloodshed or injury.
In other contexts, it may represent leisure, beauty, kindness and loyalty. The Star is best used at the beginning of an endeavour or journey, as it is supportive of formulating plans and taking the bold step forward. However, it would be best left to the auspices of another star when it comes to following through with the entire undertaking and making it a reality.
According to ancient texts, if the Heavenly Hero is used for travel, marriage or moving homes, it will bring nothing but trouble. Object wise, for things such as pictures, mirrors, red-coloured items and lighting fixtures can represent the Heavenly Hero. It can also be synonymous with a flourishing city in terms of landforms.
As a Fire element Star, the Heavenly Hero is strong when it encounters a palace that shares its element. In an Earth element palace, it would become prosperous, as Fire produces Earth. In both these scenarios, its influence is strong, meaning any attributes or effects of the Heavenly Hero would be significantly noticeable. As Water controls Fire, if the Heavenly Hero is found in a Water element palace, it would be trapped. It would also become weak in a Metal element Palace (as Fire controls Metal), while in a Wood element palace, it would be rendered dead (as Wood produces Fire). In these last three scenarios, the influence of the Heavenly Hero is weak or of no effect.


Heavenly Hero individuals exude confidence at all times. Well dressed and charming, they make an unforgettable impression on everyone they meet and their courageous example serves as an inspiration to others.
With their kind hearts, Heavenly Hero people are good at encouraging others. They know how to bring out the best in others as well. They are also fiercely protective of those they care about. They can be a real force for positive change. Once you’ve made friends with a Heavenly Hero person, you’ve made a friend for life.
Heavenly Hero individuals are bold and daring, as they are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to better themselves. They are always in full control of their lives because they know exactly what they are worth.
When the Red Phoenix combines with the Heavenly Hero Star, the people of this Star are endowed with excellent communication skills. They also excel at public speaking.


Like other confident stars, Heavenly Hero individuals can be somewhat vain as they enjoy being the centre of attention and admired for their good looks. Some people may interpret this as a character flaw.
Heavenly Hero individuals can be overprotective and overbearing. Although they see this as a virtue, they can easily smother or annoy the people they aim to protect. Their intense behaviour can harm their relationships and friendships. They can be melodramatic and blow things out of proportion for the sake of a good story because they like a little drama.
As well as being overbearing, they are also control freaks. Once their mind is made up on a matter, they are unlikely to budge, even when they are presented with new facts or a better alternative. Although they are capable of being very understanding, their understanding does not extend to being willing to admit fault. Facing an onslaught, they dig their heels in.
Finally, these individuals are not detail-orientated. Their lack of interest in the fine details can cause them to overlook important things and make mistakes.

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Heavenly Ambassador Influence

How is Heavenly Ambassador influence in term of Wealth, Health, Career and Relationship?

When it come to Wealth, Heavenly Ambassador Star people have strong numeracy skills and good financial discipline. They make intelligent decisions with their money and know how to identify – and capitalise – upon good investment opportunities. Their wealth accumulation prospects are good, and they understand that to be wealthy, one requires patience and consistency. Additionally, Heavenly Ambassador Star people are naturally drawn to careers related to finance, where they can manage other people’s money with great success.

The Heavenly Ambassador Star’s influence is beneficial to business in general.

When it come to Health Related, Heavenly Ambassador Star people are susceptible to conditions that leave them in chronic pain, particularly in their legs and back. They must take care of their joints and work on their posture if they wish to avoid such a burden, especially as they grow older.

Because Heavenly Ambassadors are so ambitious, they run the risk of burning themselves out with work. They must learn where their limits are and make time for rest. Not only will this enhance their mental health but it will also improve their productivity overall.

In Qi Men Dun Jia, this Star is associated with the feet, nose, spleen and stomach. It can also represent vegetarianism. As always, whichever it represents depends on the nature of the query.

When we are talking about Career, Heavenly Ambassador people are workaholics. Their sense of self-worth is directly tied to their achievements and performance in their career. It is therefore very important that they choose the right one!

Because they are so good at organising, Heavenly Ambassador Star people can do well as bankers, accountants, producers, lawyers or managers. They are also well-suited to jobs in the military or law enforcement, where they can capitalise on their self-discipline. Regardless of their career of choice, they should seek out leadership roles where they can make the best use of their talents.

All Heavenly Ambassador people have an ambitious nature. Combined with their good head for finances and affinity for business, they have the potential to be great entrepreneurs, provided if they have the right business idea. Those who are particularly bound by their conservative thinking may wish to consider partnering with someone more imaginative, who can conceive of a business idea which they can then execute.

Nobody can multitask better than highly organised Heavenly Ambassador people. They have a natural talent for time management and squeeze far more into each day than the other Stars can imagine. This makes them prolific workers. They aim high and advance quickly in their chosen careers. When they focus on their work and do not become side-tracked by emotional issues or loneliness, they can go extremely far.

In Qi Men Forecasting, the Heavenly Ambassador Star can be auspicious for one’s career, helping them climb the ladder.

Talking about Relationship, It can be hard to get close enough to a Heavenly Ambassador person to start a relationship, but this is not impossible. Females who are Heavenly Ambassador seem especially unreachable, but secretly they crave romance and are usually open to romantic propositions. They like to be wined and dined. Males who are Heavenly Ambassadors on the other hand, want nothing more than a partner who appreciates their talents and gives them respect.

Heavenly Ambassador people make somewhat eccentric partners. They have a lot of idiosyncrasies and quirks because they need to have everything done a certain way. Although they are not particularly handsome or beautiful, they are loyal. Marrying a Heavenly Ambassador will result in a harmonious union. They are also good parents and reliable providers, as they understand the responsibilities that go along with having children.

It is fair to say that Heavenly Ambassadors tend to be clingy, so anyone looking to start a relationship with a Heavenly Ambassador needs to be well prepared for such a relationship.

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Heavenly Ambassador

The Heavenly Ambassador Star is a Yang Earth element Star. It is a very auspicious and powerful Star and as such, is considered highly effective at any time of the year in most undertakings or situations.

In Qi Men, this star corresponds to the Gen Gua (Northeast) 8 Palace. It governs growth and progress, and its powers are said to be able to bring vitality into life. With it, thoughts will become actions, plans will be set in motion, and stagnation will come to an end. Theor progressive nature means it is has strong connections with finance, fiscal and economic growth. Anything which requires co-operation and establishing a strong foundation from scratch will receive strong support from this Star, regardless of whether the endeavour is of personal nature, building a business empire, or governing a nation.

The Heavenly Ambassador is also symbolic of an unstoppable yet stable force, and a remarkable talent. Because of this, anything that one seeks to do while under the auspices of this Star will likely find eventual success. In fact, there are few if any goals that this Star is incapable of supporting, although businessmen and women particularly will benefit the most from its presence.


Heavenly Ambassador people are ambitious and driven. Given an objective, you can count on them to stay on target and get it done. They are prolific workers, but are happy to endure a lot of hardship and wait a long time for results. They are not the kind to bail on a project before they have seen it through because they feel a responsibility to complete everything they start, lest they damage their reputation.

When the Nine Earth is found in combination with the Heavenly Ambassador, the result is a perfect match. People with this match are exceptionally compassionate and kind, more than willing to lend other people a helping hand. Such people have strong philanthropic tendencies and often do charity work. They are good at creating profitable business ideas that also create positive social changes.

A Heavenly Ambassador person’s loyalty is unquestionable. Once trust is earned, others can depend on the Heavenly Ambassador as their reliable ally, ready to join forces to defend their common cause.

Resourcefulness is a defining Heavenly Ambassador trait. They know that there is a solution to every problem and will remain unfazed when they are presented with obstacles. When other people might be tempted to panic, Heavenly Ambassadors individuals will roll up their sleeves and start working on finding a solution. They have broad shoulders and can bear a heavy burden without losing their cool.

Finally, Heavenly Ambassador people are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. Because of this, they are able to size up opportunities and make lightning quick assessments of the likely outcome.


It can be hard to win the trust and confidence of a Heavenly Ambassador person. They can also seem aloof and arrogant which makes them unapproachable. This can cost them opportunities and ensure that they are isolated at work. Compounding the issue is that they also struggle to express themselves, so they are unable to bridge social gaps on their won.

Heavenly Ambassador Star people have black and white thought processes. They have very conservative, narrow definitions of what is right and what is wrong and cannot account for the grey areas in life. This leaves them unable to handle complex moral quandaries or bend the rules for the greater good.

Finally, Heavenly Ambassador people have a strong need for approval. Although they would never show it, they can become quite hurt if one fails to appreciate their talents – or worse – criticises their work. In the worst cases, this can lead them to develop anxiety about their performance and work and drive them to focus on trivial details in the pursuit of perfection.

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Heavenly Pillar Influence

How is Heavenly Pillar influence in term of Wealth, Health, Career and Relationship?

When it come to Wealth, Heavenly Pillar people have the Midas touch and find it easy to accumulate wealth. Their so-called wealth-luck actually lies in their ability to convince, persuade, influence and negotiate their way to success. However they are not very prudent savers. They enjoy buying things, though they tend to buy things of value that can be considered investments or assets.

In the long term, their collection will appreciate, thus contributing to their wealth. However, they are stubborn people and they have a hard time admitting when they have made a financial mistake. They will only admit defeat after throwing a lot of good money after bad.

Under the influence of negative structures, the Heavenly Pillar is not the most supportive star when it comes to undertaking business ventures. In this scenario, one should refrain from making important investments or attempt to expand their business, when it is present. It is inauspicious for those engaged in legal disputes and can also bring about industrial espionage.

When it come to Health Related, these highly talkative people are ironically prone to diseases that affect the mouth. They should pay close attention to their oral hygiene and visit the dentist frequently. It also holds influence over the throat, lungs and the respiratory system.

Apart from the aforementioned issues, Heavenly Pillar people keep well. They pay close attention to their bodies and are not known for allowing health problems to get out of hand. To maintain their good health they should continue to be vigilant and consult their doctor about any concerns that arise.

In a Qi Men reading, it indicates that an ongoing medical condition will not respond to surgery or treatment. It may be wise to postpone treatment while the Star is present. The Heavenly Pillar can also specifically represent the mouth, lungs or large intestine. As always, which one it represents depends on the nature of the query.

When we are talking about Career, above all else, Heavenly Pillar people must choose a career in which they do not feel subordinate or subservient to their supervisors or bosses. Careers where they are given a lot of freedom to choose their own solutions are ideal. They might, for example, enjoy working as entrepreneurs or working on a commission-based job. They should avoid the corporate world and meaningless office work like the plague.

Because Heavenly Pillar individuals are such talkative people, they have the potential to become good influencers or public speakers, just like the aforementioned American sales guru, Tom Hopkins.

If they are not keen on working in sales, Heavenly Pillar individuals are very well suited to administrative careers in the military or law enforcement. With their extremely keen eye for detail and desire to serve the greater good, they can also consider careers in the legal industry.
When found in a Qi Men Forecasting Chart, the Heavenly Pillar is inauspicious for business travel, presentations and contract negotiation. If possible, one should postpone such activities until the Star is no longer present.

Talking about Relationship, Heavenly Pillar individuals are somewhat cold and unapproachable when it comes to romance. They find the idea of opening up to a partner in a relationship difficult and it can be hard to convince them to try. They are complicated people and they can be hard to relate to. Heavenly Pillar women are extremely demanding and needy, while Heavenly Pillar men can be controlling and jealous partners.
In order to attract a Heavenly Pillar person, potential mates must be honest, because any fake overtures or come-ons will be instantly spotted. A Heavenly Pillar dislikes being teased or having anything hidden from them. They need to feel like they are in control of their relationships at all times.
Sex with a Heavenly Pillar person is passionate and intense. The experience can be transcendent. A Heavenly Pillar male will have terrific stamina and can go all night. Of all the Nine Stars, Heavenly Pillars are the most sexually adventurous and giving.

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6 Tips on Getting Your Compass Directions Right

Proper use of the compass and knowing how to take directions in your home and office is vital if you are to get accurate readings and ensure that the orientations you are using are correct. With the Year of the Water Rabbit just a few months away, you’ll want to be “spot on” when placing enhancers and cures according to the Flying Star chart of the upcoming year. Flying Star is a compass formula so be ready and don’t guess at your directions.

Credit: Joey Yap

Here are 6 tips for you.

Tip # 1 – Know the basic compass directions.  There are 360 degrees around the compass and each of the four cardinal directions, N, S, E and W as well as the four secondary directions, NE, SE, SW and NW occupy an angle of 45 degrees. 

Tip # 2 – Always read directions from a compass.  Although most of my books show the direction south at the top, it doesn’t mean that south is on the top when you are identifying directions in your home.  And never use the door or entrance as a direction location – just use the compass to determine the proper orientation of your home. 

Tip # 3 – Define your directions.  You may be using the compass to take the facing direction of your whole house or apartment, or you may want to establish the directions inside.  To identify the corners of the interiors, it is best to stand in the center of the house if possible.  If you want to know the compass directions inside a single room, stand in the center of the room.  Once you know your bearings, it is easy enough to demarcate all the sectors inside the home or an individual room. 

Tip # 4 – Hold your compass flat and at waist level when taking directions. This gives a better reading of the way cosmic chi flows into your home.  Note that in many newly constructed homes contractors take compass readings on the floor so there can be a variation of 10-15 degrees between what they show and what you show standing up and holding the compass at waist level. 

Tip # 5 – Be alert for metal and electronic interference.  Take the facing direction from three different reference points and take an average of the readings.  Generally, I recommend that you take one reading just inside the main door looking out, step back three feet inside the house facing the front door looking out, and then step three feet outside the front door and take an average of the three readings.  If the three readings you get are different – don’t worry, this is normal.  Compass readings are affected by magnetic energy caused by the presence of metal in structural pillars or steel in the walls and even seismic ground activity.

Tip # 6 – Superimposing the chart – when you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with the directions inside your home, the next step is to superimpose the flying star chart for 2023 on your floor plan.  There are several methods and ways of doing this – one is the pie chart method where you superimpose the circular compass onto the floor plan and subdivide your house according to the compass directions like a pie chart; the other is to use the lo shu grid of nine squares and place the numbers onto your floor space. Once you superimpose the chart, you’ll be able to identify the quality of the energy in every corner of your home, making it easy to suppress upcoming 2023 afflictions and activate the lucky spots with enhancers.

Remember to take care of the afflicted areas before putting enhancers or activation in place.

Reference the annual flying star to your floorplan
Picture for example remedies of 5 Yellow sector

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Ritual for Inviting in the God of Wealth for 2023

Credit: WOFS

Chinese New Year is is around the corner and Receiving the God of Wealth is a tradition for some of us and how this article that i find is a good reference for any starter.

Based on detailed calculation, this year is a good year to receive the God of Wealth on the first day of Chinese New Year. The God of Wealth this year brings immense wealth and abundance of good fortune.

This year, the God of Wealth is coming from the EAST.

On the first day, the daily Lo Shu number 8 shines in the center of your home. This means that homes facing East or West are very lucky today as they gain the Heaven Star 6 in the East and the Victory Star 1 in the West. Therefore, homes that face East will enjoy plenty of wealth, prosperity, and unexpected career advancements if they invite the God of Wealth to come into their home. Homes that face West gain the luck of being victorious all through the year.

Just because your home does not face East or West does not mean you cannot greet the God of Wealth. All you need is to have an open space in your garden that allows you to face East when you set up the offering table.


To receive the God of Wealth, select an auspicious hour according to your animal sign of birth. The table below provides time guides for the welcoming ritual. (Note: for those born in the Year of Dog, you are advised NOT to receive the God of Wealth, as this day is your conflict animal sign day.)

***My Timing to receive the Star of Wealth(E), Star of Nobility(NE) and Star of Happiness(NW) is on 22 January 2023 between 1.00am to 2.59am(1.40am)***

Time: 12am to 1am (Rat Hour)

Auspicious: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, & Boar

Inauspicious: Horse, Sheep & Rooster

Time: 11am to 1pm (Horse Hour)

Auspicious: Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, & Boar

Inauspicious: Rat, Rabbit, Snake, Rooster & Monkey

Firstly, take a shower. It is important to receive God of Wealth with a clean body and new clothes.

Secondly, use the compass to locate the East direction. Turn your altar table to face the East direction. Place an incense burner in the center of the table. Place all ingredients on a red-colored plate behind the incense burner. Place two sets of three small cups in front of the incense burner. Make two rows. Pour the tea into the first row of cups and white rice wine into the second row of cups. Behind all offerings and incense joss pot, place the image of the Choy San. Make sure that your Choy San is coming from the East.

When you are ready, you can start to receive the God of Wealth at the auspicious time selected.

Light the candles on the altar in your home and turn on all the lights and open all doors and windows. Make three prostrations to the Deities on your altar, then light the candle and 3 large incense sticks on the small table set up outside the house.

The Patriarch of the family should hold 3 large incense sticks and prostrate to the God of Wealth. When making prayers, he should hold the incense stick in both hands and kneel down facing East. He must invite the God of Wealth to come into the house and make the request on behalf of the family members. Then he should place the large incense sticks into the incense burner. Light the medium incense sticks and distribute 3 incense sticks to the rest of your family members. Everyone should pray to the God of Wealth and invite him into the home.

When incense sticks are burnt half way, focus your mind on inviting the God of Wealth into your home. After that, make a toast. Pour 3 cups of tea (about 80%) to the floor. Then, you make the second toast of the wine. Pour 80% of the wine of the 3 cups onto the floor.

Light three incense sticks and hold with both hands. As you do so, visualize the God of Wealth walking in front of you and entering your house bringing your home all kinds of wealth luck. Another member of your family can carry the Choy San with both hands and walk in front of you.

Let the God of Wealth enter your house first before your foot enters your house. Go straight to your altar at home. Place the incense sticks on the incense burner. Now inform the deities on your altar that you have invited in the God of Wealth into your home. Place 3 cups of rice wine as offering to your gods of wealth as well as 3 freshly lit joss sticks. Display the God of Wealth in the East corner of your home for the duration of the 15 days of New Year and on the 16th day, you can place the Choy San in the South corner or facing your main door.

Ingredients to pray to the God of Wealth:

  • God of Wealth
  • 3pcs of large incense sticks and a pack of medium incense sticks.
  • Two sets of 3pcs small size porcelain cup (for tea and white wine)
  • One set of red candles
  • One “Fatt Gou” cake
  • One “Fatt Choi” vegetable
  • Five types of fruits
  • Mushrooms, Pineapple
  • Sweets, “Lian Kou”
  • Pot of Gold, Gold Bar, Gold Ingots, I Ching coins

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Chinese New Year Rituals for 2023: Year of the Water Rabbit

Credit: WOFS

Festive Season is around the corner and there is some interesting article for sharing. I did not write this article but i feel that Chinese New Year is an important festive for all Chinese and hope this is information is a good reference for everyone.

Chinese New Year falls on January 22nd 2023. This day is the most important day, a day when tradition is best observed as faithfully as possible to ensure that abundance and prosperity follows you all through the year.

Chinese New Year is so important that preparations begin as early as a month before the new moon appears – new clothes to buy, food to prepare, home repairs to do, flowers to order and altars to clean – everything just to make sure that the house gets a thorough spring-cleaning, and if possible, to bring in some NEW furniture for the year.

The house should also be decorated with fruiting lime trees, as well as flowering plants before January 16th in order to introduce excellent growth energy, and to invite in fresh new opportunities for wealth and career progress to all at home.

Auspicious sonnets, especially with the Chinese word “福 (Chinese word for Good Fortune)” are commonly strung up at the entrance of the home, along with some red lanterns to add more auspicious energy and good luck to your home.


1. Make Repairs

Families should start checking their homes for any defects and ensure that everything works well in the home prior to Chinese New Year. Repairs must be made to leaking toilets, broken faucets, broken roof tiles, leaking ceilings and so forth. Leaking water implies loss of wealth as well as loss of health. Anything that affects the kitchen or dining room can have a nasty impact on your rice bowl. Other areas that are critical to repair is the area around the main door, as well as your bedroom. Cracked walls and broken doorways can cause serious problems when carried into the New Year.

If you can, you should also give your home a fresh coat of paint every 4 – 5 years in order to start the year with a clean slate and to bring you many new opportunities for improvements.You must focus on spring-cleaning and this means removing last year’s “rubbish”. This includes old newspapers, magazines, books, plastic bags, broken containers and clothes you want to throw out. Allowing clutter to build up aggravates problems of challenges that you face.

Also check your cutlery, plates, cups, bowls and serving dishes and dispose those that are chipped, cracked or that show signs of damage. Damaged utensils are a sign of broken luck, and they bring the home Bad Feng Shui. This affects the prosperity of the family.

Check your beds for damage. Sleeping on damaged or broken beds will bring obstacles and blockages to everything you do. Success will be afflicted when the bed frame is damaged. This also creates a rift in your marriage.

Inspect cupboards and drawers and get rid of mismatched socks, torn or thread worn undergarments, shirts, pants and damaged shoes. Dispose of clothes that you have not worn in more than a year. Clearing the cupboard symbolizes removing negative energies and creates space for NEW things to come to you.

2. Restock your Kitchen.

You must enter the New Year with a completely restocked kitchen. Start with your storage cupboards and refrigerator. Remove and dispose of any expired food stuff. Clean out your rice urn, wash and dry it, then place a red packet with 3 dynasty coins tied with red thread at the base, and fill it to the brim with new rice. Keep your rice urn at least three quarters full throughout the 15 days of Chinese New Year. Next, stock up the refrigerator for the Chinese New Year, as it is important there is food in the home to last the 15 days.

3. Update the Feng Shui of your home

You should update the Feng Shui of your home after December 21st 2021(Winter Solstice) and before February 4th 2022, which is the start of the solar year. Indeed, many observe the traditional method, which is to start doing this after the Winter Solstice as this marks the changing of the Tai Sui. The annual 3 Killings are also believed to take effect from this date as well.

As for the annual Lo Shu numbers, they take effect on February 4th, which is Lap Chun. If you are planning to re-use your Feng Shui cures, you need to wipe them clean with a damp cloth soaked in cleansing water. BUT IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO USE NEW CURES. The enhancers can be reused twice but do realize that remedies work by absorbing bad energies from the past year, which needs cleansing before reuse. Once you have completed updating the Feng Shui of your home, you should perform the space-cleansing ritual.

4. How to prepare cleansing water

Flower petals from 5 kinds of flowers (best if you can get flowers representing the 5 elements – Blue (Water), Yellow (Earth), Green (Wood), Red (Fire), and White (Metal)) and leaves from the Kaffir lime (you can use fresh limes or lemons if you cannot get the Kaffir leaves) and add 1 tablespoon of sea salt. Soak the above in a bowl of water and place them in the sun for 10 minutes before using. Rinse your cleaning cloth in the mixture, squeeze dry, then wipe all of your remedies, enhancers and auspicious good luck charms, as well as all symbols of good fortune in your home. You can also use this water to clean your home altar and any statues and figurines.

5. How to do space-cleansing ritual

Open all your windows and doors, and switch on all the lights. It is best to do this in the daytime. Light sandalwood incense with Kemenyen, plus 1 tablespoon of Purifying Incense Powder in an incense burner.

Chant “NAMA SARVA TATHAGATA AVALOKITE OM SAMBHARA SAMBHARA HUM” when you walk around each room 7 times in a clockwise direction, while visualizing the negative energy coming off your walls.

You can also ring the 7 metals ringing bell or stroke singing bowls for added and enhanced effects.

Leave the doors and windows open for at least 1 hour after the ritual for bad energy to exit the home, and to allow good luck energies to permeate the home as the incense dissolves and removes any negativity within the home.


Eve of Chinese New Year (21st January 2023)

Prepare a welcome tray of togetherness today. This is a special box filled with an assortment of sweets, biscuits, melon seed, candies and oranges, for anyone who might drop by during the 15 days of the New Year.

A typical REUNION DINNER must have a minimum of 8 dishes and comprise of the following ingredients, because of their symbolic meanings:-

  • Luo Han Zhai (Buddha’s Delight) – is a vegetarian dish made with “Fatt Choy” (a type of black hair fungus – means prosperity), Bamboo shoots (brings wealth), Day Lily Buds (“Kan Cham Ku – means golden needles), “Napa Cabbage (Pao Choy – guaranteed success) and other assorted vegetables. This dish is to serve notice to members of the family of purity of mind and togetherness in good karma.
  • A Fish Dish – usually steamed fish as fish carries the meaning of Lin Lin Yao Yue – this means that your ENTIRE year will be filled with an abundance of good fortune.
  • A Chicken Dish – indicates happiness and a happy marriage, while having a Duck dish means marital fidelity and good children.
  • Big Prawns or better still a Lobster (indicates the Sea Dragon) – this carries the meaning of “Ha Ha Tai Siew” – means there will always be big laughter in your home.
  • Abalone, Scallops, Clams, and Dried Oysters – indicates a bountiful harvest in your business. Good profits and excellent sales.
  • Braised Pork with Sticky Rice – this dish indicates that you family will always be together and share their success and good fortune with each other.
  • Long Life Noodles – indicates long life for all in the family.
  • A Sweet Dessert – such as those made with peanuts, or red beans is served with a simple dumpling “Jiaozi” means that your family will always have good endings to every endeavor.
  • Fruits such as Pomelo, Grapes and Oranges are a must, as these fruit symbolize prosperity and abundance of wealth and opportunity.

Taboo of the day

  • No sweeping of the floor after 10.00 pm
  • Avoid getting angry or raising your voice at others.
  • Avoid using vulgarities or insulting others.
  • Avoid saying anything negative or crying.
  • All the lights of your home should be switched on before sundown and all windows should be open. After reunion dinner, it is important that the family spend time together, and be united until the stroke of midnight. Members of the family should greet each other with auspicious greetings and good luck wishes. You should also keep the main door open so as to greet in the luck of the New Year.
  • Firecrackers are traditionally set off at this time to welcome the New Year with as much noise as possible, to scare away any bad luck, and to create plenty of prosperous chi.
  • Prayers to the God of Heaven should be performed, and after the prayers are done, the Wealth Lock Coin Plaque should be placed on the altar table as well as underneath the pillows of every member of the family so as to ensure that the family prospers together.
  • A plate of charcoal as well as a plate of roasted Garlic is a must-have for your home altar on this day. Charcoal represents support for your business, while roasted garlic represents plenty of business opportunities.


Take note of your door directions during the 1st Day of Chinese New Year (22ndJanuary 2023). (Try not to use the door if it is facing a bad direction.

It is auspicious to welcome in the God of Wealth on the 1st Day of Chinese New Year coming from the East direction.


1st day of Chinese New Year (22nd January 2023)

Wake up early today, preferably before sunrise, and after cleaning up, put on a new set of clothes. Make sure you wear something red to wish your family members a happy Chinese New Year, and offer them a cup of sweet tea. This practice ensures that relationships with your family members will always be on good terms, and that you will only hear good news from their lips throughout the whole year.

8 Treasures Sweet Tea


  • 50 grams Sweet dry winter melon
  • 3 pieces Dried Kum Kuats
  • 50 grams Dried Longan
  • 3 pieces Lo Hon Ko
  • 8 pieces Red Dates
  • 8 pieces Black Dates
  • 8 pieces Lin Jee
  • 50 grams Pak Hap


Boil the above with 8 glasses of water, and let it boil for 10 minutes on medium heat, Strain cool, and serve.

Taboo of the Day – Must not get angry, must not cry, and must not sweep the floor.

It is best to be vegetarian today (at least till the hour of the Sheep 1.00pm – 3.00 pm) It is also a good day to visit the temple and to offer prayers.

Married couples should give red packets to younger unmarried people that they meet today. Many people observe this practice for all 15 days of the New Year. It is believed that the more red packets you give out, the more money the year brings to you.

As this day falls on the day of the Dragon, all those born Earth animal signs – Dragon, Dog, Ox and Sheep – must avoid eating meat (preferably be vegetarian for the day) and avoid antagonizing or quarrelling with people born under the Rabbit, Horse, Rooster or Rat signs.

Homes with main doors opening to the East, Northeast or Northwest are deemed very auspicious, and they should host home parties on this day to maximize their luck. Good hours to start your open house / party today will be from 9.00am – 11.00am, and 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Homes with main doors opening to the West, or Southeast must avoid any celebration today.

2nd day of Chinese new year (23rd January 2023)

This day is known as ‘Hoi Nian’ – Being the 2nd day of the year, it is beneficial for businessmen to offer at their home altar, a grass carp with its head wrapped with Red Paper and 2 pieces of Lime on the right side, and a bunch of Fresh Lettuce (Shang Choi). This carries the meaning of “Tai Kat Tai Lei” – an auspicious and smooth year and continuous growth of wealth.

It is also customary to offer visiting friends and business partners a slice of steamed “Lian Quo” coated with grated coconut (to cement profitable partnerships and friendships).

Today is an average day to start work except for those born in the year of the Dog.

Today is also a good day to pay respects to your ancestors. This is also traditionally a day when married children visit their paternal parents.

3rd day of Chinese New Year (24th January 2023)

Today is the Birthday of the Argument God (Chi Gou – God of Blazing Wrath). If you go out today, you are likely to get into an argument or fight. Those born in years of the Rat, Rooster and Horse should stay home to avoid getting into fights or arguments. Place the Trinity of Apples or Magical Cosmic Apple in the Southeast and West corners of your living and dining rooms to strengthen peace in the household.

Make generous offerings on your altar today. Suitable items to be offered include Green Bananas, Dried Mushroom, Spring Onions, White Cabbage, Garlic Bulbs, Pineapples, Peanuts, Apples, Pears, Oranges, Apricots, Plums, Flowers, and Candy

4th day of Chinese New Year (25th January 2023)

This is an excellent day to perform prayers for your children. Taoists pray to Lord Wen Chang aka Wen Chang Di Jun, one of 5 Deities that take care of all academic issues for students. Place the Brush with 3 Peaks or Wen Chang Pagoda on your children’s study table to ensure a successful academic year.

Average day to start work except for those born in the year of the Ox.

5th day of Chinese New Year (26th January 2023)

Today is a good day to do good deeds as well as to make prayers in the temple. This is the day of the Monkey, and for business owners, it is a good day for having a Lion Dance, along with prosperity rituals such as the ‘rolling in of oranges’. This is also a good day for businesses in competitive markets to invite in an image of General Kuan Kung Riding a Horse.

6th day of Chinese New Year (27th January 2023)

The Lo Shu of the day is 4 and this doubles all good and bad luck stars and favors homes that face North, South, Southwest and West. This is a good day for the Rooster and also considered a good day for celebrations as well as gambling. However, one should avoid drinking to excess on this day.

7th day of Chinese New Year (28th January 2023)

Today is ‘Ren Re’ – Everyone’s Birthday. For businessmen, it is a good day for feasting and eating ‘Yue Sang’ with their friends and clients. A lucky day for those born in the year of the Rabbit and Dog. Homes that face Northeast, North or Northwest should have their Lion Dance performance today.

For Buddhists, this is another vegetarian day. A traditional vegetarian dish to eat today combines 7 kinds of vegetable in one bowl. (Green Peas, Celery, Spinach, Broccoli, Lettuce, Grape and Chives (“Guo Choi”) in a dish eaten with plain rice porridge). This ensures you will always have an abundance of food to eat.

8th day of Chinese New Year (29th January 2023)

Good day to pray to the Wealth God. Excellent day to start work – but conflicts with Snake-born. Homes with main doors facing South and West are especially lucky today and should invite friends over to celebrate. It is not a good day for the Snake-born. This is a lucky day to start work, and benefits the Boar.

9th day of Chinese New Year (30th January 2023)

Today is the Birthday of the Jade Emperor and it is an important date for the people of Hokkien origin. Typical offerings on the midnight of the 8th day (Rat Hour) includes a pair of sugar canes, Joss sticks, 7 cups of Chinese Tea, 7 cups of Rice Wine, 7 plates of fresh fruits, a Roast Pig, 2 Bouquet of Flowers, and Gold Paper folded in the shape of an ingot is often burnt as offering.

If the morning of the 9th day is sunny with clear skies, it indicates a year of big profits, while a day of cloudy skies and rain indicates potential loss.

This is an Average day for starting work, it is especially auspicious for the Rat and a bad day for the Horse. Today is a good day for homes with doors that open to the Southeast, Northeast and Northwest to have their lion dance.

10th to 12th day of Chinese New Year (31st January – 2ndFebruary 2023)

These 3 days are suitable for additional feasting with friends and family. It is a good time for renewing old friendships and making new contacts. This is because the early days of are reserved more for family, so friends and networking are given more priority during these 3 days.

The 10th day is a lucky day for the Dragon to start work but conflicts the Sheep.

The 12th day is another lucky day to start work. Today conflicts the Rooster born.

13th day of Chinese New Year (3rd February 2023)

After so many days of feasting and eating rich food, it is good to have vegetarian food today to cleanse the stomach. A popular vegetarian breakfast would comprise of Hot Soybean milk, eaten with savory ‘Ham Chim Peng’ – (Asian fried bread).

This is a good day for those born in the year of the Rooster or Dragon.

14th day of Chinese New Year (4th February 2023)

Today is the “Lap Chun” and so it is a good day to plant a new plant in your garden, or to bring home new potted flowers. Doing so increases growth energy for the year.

Preparations are also made for celebrating Chap Goh Meh. These include making ‘Tong Yuen’ (Rice balls). These are sweet dumplings made from rice flour rolled into the shape of marbles and filled with sweet fillings such as Sesame seeds, Lotus seeds, Peanuts, Red Bean Paste. The dumplings are served in a sweet soup cooked with ginger. It is a very good day for visiting your relatives.

Chap Goh Meh – Last day of Chinese New Year (5th February 2023)

This is also known as “Yuen Xiao”, the Chinese Peach Blossom Day to benefit all couples in love. In the past, single women would toss oranges written with descriptions of their desired partner into the river to seek a husband. However, in today’s modern practice, men are also known to practice this to find a suitable wife.

Candles are lighted in a paper lantern and hung up on the outside of the home and “Tong Yuen” is often eaten as dessert on the final celebration dinner of the year. In areas where a river is not available, Sky Lanterns written with their wishes are set free to soar into the heavens in search for potential mates. This is another good day to be vegetarian.

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Heavenly Pillar

The Heavenly Pillar is a Yin Metal element Star, and it is considered inauspicious. It has strong connections with the chaos and carnage that is associated with war. However, it also hints of triumph and eventual glory for those who have the courage to fight to uphold their principles and are willing to challenge oppressors for justice. Essentially, the Heavenly Pillar is about struggling for what is right, even if it means completely changing existing cultures, society or laws. It needs not only discipline but also courage to face seemingly unsurmountable odds.

In Qi Men, the Heavenly Pillar Star corresponds to Dui 7 (West) Palace. It serves to augment the abilities of a warrior as well as maximise havoc and destruction on the enemy. The Heavenly Pillar is strongly supportive of taking on an entrenched position, shoring up one’s defences, as well as enlisting and training new soldiers. It is also useful for conducting activities related to espionage as it relates to camouflage and subterfuge. The aggression associated with the Heavenly Pillar is not without its positive uses; for instance, it can be harnessed to wage a new campaign, file a lawsuit or even question a suspect or prisoner of-war.

The Heavenly Pillar is unhelpful to those moving house or travelling. People should hold off on all of these activities if possible when the Star is present. Business endeavours, expansions and investments are all also unlikely to find favour with the Heavenly Pillar. Conversely, it is good for rejuvenation and keeping a low profile. It is also suitable for marriage, rejuvenation, remaining undercover or hidden, avoiding others, training and religious activities. Its effects will be felt the most by people in the military, law enforcement or legal industries.

Objects such as pots, axes, bowls, cups, buckets and fragile things can all represent the Heavenly Pillar. At the same time, it can also be an indication for pools, marshes and lakes, if the reading is geographically-related.

As a Metal element Star, the Heavenly Pillar is considered prosperous when it enters a Water element palace as Metal produces Water. In a palace that shares the same element, it is perceived as strong. In such a scenario, any effect of the Heaven Pillar would be significantly felt. If it lands in a palace that is of the Wood element, the Star would become weak as Metal controls Wood. In a Fire element palace, it would become trapped as Fire controls Metal. An Earth palace would render the Heavenly Pillar dead as Earth produces Metal. If found within these other three palaces, any influence it holds is weak or has no effect.


These individuals are known for their working fervour, once they’ve set their sights on a goal, they will blaze their way towards achieving it, as though they were on fire. People of this Star also have a great head for details. They are meticulous planners and their solutions are always fail proof.

Although stubbornness is often seen as a character flaw, it can be helpful. If one is on the right track, their stubborn determination to reach their goals will keep them on target and propel them towards the finish line.

When the White Tiger is found along with the Heavenly Pillar, then it suggests that the person in question will have boundless energy and stamina. They will be more resilient than normal and their energy will be contagious: they can inspire weak people around them to become stronger and tougher.


These people are a stickler for rules and regulations. They have a hard time breaking the rules or breaking away from the beaten path. They have an almost obsessive attention for the small details, which can cause them to waste a lot of time and energy on things of little consequence while missing more fundamental problems.

It can be hard to make friends with Heavenly Pillar individuals. To gain their trust and loyalty, other people have to pass tests and earn it. They like to control and dominate weaker people and will only choose stronger people as friends. Once their respect is earned, the Heavenly Pillar person will love with a deep intensity.

Finally, Heavenly Pillar people are proud, with a strong ego and are generally unwilling to submit to others. They like to think that they are the best at everything and will only admit defeat if they can do so while saving face. This means it can be hard to get them to change a habit that isn’t working. And, watch out if something goes wrong – because they will undoubtedly be on the lookout for someone else to pin the blame on!

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Heavenly Heart Influence

How is Heavenly Heart influence in term of Wealth, Health, Career and Relationship?

When it come to Wealth, they have a long term outlook when it comes their finances and they handle their money surprisingly well. They favour investment opportunities that offer less risky but lower returns. They are good at managing their spending habits and will always make sure that they put something aside from each pay cheque.

Because of their good financial habits, a Heavenly Heart person can become quite wealthy given time. They never have to worry about making ends meet because they always have savings to fall back on.

In Qi Men, the Heavenly Heart Star is better used in autumn and winter for wealth-related pursuits. This is the time where its influence is also auspicious.

When it come to Health, majority of these people’s health problems concern their head. They are prone to issues related memory, cognition and focus. Good nutrition can go a long way towards mitigating these issues. Dried meat and white meat are particularly nourishing so they should incorporate these types of meats into their diet.

In a Qi Men Chart it will indicates that one will receive effective medical care. It may be worthwhile timing the start of a medical treatment to coincide with its presence. It can also specifically represent the forehead, bones, nervous system, complexion or ears.

When we talk about Career, these individuals are happiest when their job is one that lets them make a difference. Although they may seem undisciplined at first, they are perfectly capable of hard work given the right reasons. If their job affords them independence and they think their objective is worthwhile, then they will get it done. Therefore, they must choose careers which fulfil certain criteria and avoid mundane office jobs. Their problem-solving skills also make them a good fit for the corporate world, financial sector and for working in banks.

As mentioned, Heavenly Heart people are healers. They will find immense satisfaction in the medical profession where they can work as doctors, surgeons or researchers. Those who don’t have the stomach for medicine might wish to pursue a career in psychology instead – which offers many of the same benefits.

In Qi Men, this Star is associated with new beginnings. If one starts a new job or changes their line of work when the Star is present, they can expect things to go smoothly.

Talking about Relationship, The women are attracted to rich and powerful men while the men are attracted to fun, cheeky women. Both genders place secondary importance on their partner’s physical appearance so call important to them is the personality that counts!

Heavenly Heart individuals don’t take romance too seriously. They can be attracted to many different people at the same time, but they’re in no rush to shack up with anyone. If someone comes on too strong to a Heavenly Heart individual person, they are sure to scare them off.

These individuals are also sexually adventurous and open to most proposals – they especially like the thrill of having sex outdoors or in places they shouldn’t. They enjoy having sex with strangers because it allows them to get their kick with no strings attached.

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Heavenly Heart

Heavenly Heart is a Yang Metal element Star and is considered one of the most auspicious among the 9 Stars. At its core is a great warrior and a capable leader, which represent power and the ability to command. Nevertheless, beneath the toughness lies a compassionate soul with a caring nature.

In Qi Men, the Heavenly Heart corresponds to the Qian 6 (Northwest) Palace in the Northwest. It is thought to not just represent leaders but also that of fatherly figures, which is consistent with its tough yet compassionate nature. Its presence tends to suggest that respect and esteem can be easily earned and it is especially supportive of the execution of plans and careful management of wealth. As a father figure, the Heavenly Heart also confers kindness and love, as well as the ability to cure illnesses and wounds.

Consider as a auspicious Star, it favourable for a variety of activities, including travel, marriage, and business matters such as starting a new venture, running a business, managing funds or operating a company. It is particularly conducive for endeavours where a new beginning or fresh start entails. Object wise, it can represent cars, treasure and hats, while in terms of geography it can be symbolic of cities and corporate offices.

As a Metal element Star, the Heavenly Heart is prosperous when found in a Water element palace as Metal produces Water. In a palace which shares the same Metal element, the Heavenly Heart is considered strong. In a Wood element palace, it will be weakened as Metal controls Wood. If it lands in a Fire element, it will be trapped. In an Earth element palace, the Heavenly Heart is considered dead as Earth produces Metal.


These individuals are known for their innovative and original ideas. They can think up ingenious and efficient solutions to solve the most complex problems. They are also highly autonomous – they can get things done without help from anyone else. People who have seen Heart Star people in action know that all they need is an interesting objective and a deadline and they’ll do the rest from there.

They are able to separate their judgements from their personal emotions. This means that they are always fair and objective and that they can make good decisions even when they are under lot of pressure and stress to way out of dire circumstances.

Heavenly Heart people are natural healers. They are the first ones who will offer to lend a shoulder to cry on to a friend in need. They also care deeply for animals and the environment and will fight for noble causes.

If the Six Harmony combines with the Heavenly Heart in a person’s Chart, then it indicates that the person in question will be especially good at forging relationships. They will always be surrounded by friends and contacts which gives them a high quality of life and access to a lot of resources and opportunities.


Being so independent and emotionally intelligent, these individuals can appear detached and uncooperative. They also strongly dislike being told what to do, which causes them to perform poorly in situations where they need to take orders. Their apparent disdain for authority and sarcastic sense of humour can easily land them in hot water with the boss at work.

Heavenly Heart individuals tend to be inexpressive, which can make it difficult for others to read them. They can also be somewhat unapproachable.

Finally, because people of this Star are so kind and helpful, it is unfortunately easy to manipulate and take advantage of them. Once people learn that they are good at giving advice and lending a hand, they can overwhelm a Heavenly Heart individual with requests to do so. To make matters worse, Heavenly Heart individual just can’t say no when someone asks for their help – whether they have the time and energy to spare or not.

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