Your investments yielding a high return?

There are so many investment channel around us: Money market funds. Index funds. Exchange-traded funds. Stocks/shares Cryptocurrency Forex … never ending list … I understand that it will all depends on the timing of your investments. There are many techniques from Bazi and other Chinese Metaphysics tools and I would like to share with youContinue reading “Your investments yielding a high return?”

Seasons and Strength of the 5 Elements

Xu Zi Ping, one of the founders of Bazi, determine the strength of a person’s Bazi chart by the seasons. Seasons are based on the month of your birth and is represented by the 12 Earthly Branches and the Chinese Zodiac signs are symbols are used to tell time in the Chinese Calendar. This 12 animalContinue reading “Seasons and Strength of the 5 Elements”

Deep Dive on Death and Emptiness

Previously, on Death and Emptiness(DE), I have describe about what is DE and how to identify DE from your natal chart or luck pillar. In this posting, I will discuss about DE on our Year, Month, Hour Natal Pillar and Luck Cycle and more. Before I start, do you already know if you have DEContinue reading “Deep Dive on Death and Emptiness”

Understanding of Earthly Branch Relationships

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches are two sets of signs in a certain sequence, which were created as early as about 2700BC by ancient Chinese ancestor to calculate the history and record the chronological sequence of events.  The Earthly Branch is presented by the Chinese Zodiac of the 12 Animal Signs. Below is a summariseContinue reading “Understanding of Earthly Branch Relationships”

BaZi ways to have a better 2021

Hey, ever think of having a better 2021? I would like to share some information to glide you thru the recovery stages of 2021. At time we need help from people and sometime the only way is to influence them to help you. Hence, i would like to share 3 ways to influence people inContinue reading “BaZi ways to have a better 2021”

Discover the Talent in your Child

Moving to the New Normal, thing have change, what works in the past may not continue to work anymore. This is also similar to our educational system, the traditional approach of knowledge-base learning will be obsolete as our child will never be able to complete with the future work of robot, A.I and machine learning.Continue reading “Discover the Talent in your Child”