Peach Bloosom

Today is 14th February 2021, it is also known as Valentine’s day.

What does your Bazi have to say about your attractiveness to the opposite sex?
What is Peach Blossom?

In the ancient times of China, there were four beautiful women that have really caught the attention of their emperor or emperors of other kingdoms. They are Xi Shi, Wang ZhaoJun, Diao Chan and Yang Gui Fei.If you like to know more you can watch this.

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In Bazi however, there is 4 beauty as well being the cardinal branch. They are the 4 peach blossom of BaZi : 卯 (Rabbit), 午 (Horse), 酉 (Rooster) and 子 (Rat).

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If you do not have your Bazi Chart, you can plot your Bazi Chart here for free.

So What is Peach Blossom in Bazi?

Peach Blossom is traditionally known as a romance star. They are in charge of attraction, making you irresistible to people around you and most important, they may never know why. It is important to have this these star in your Bazi Chart as people will be attracted to you or like you. It does not take a good look or a pretty face to be attractive, your attractive personality might be able to magnetically attract people to you. An average-looking man or women could also attract many people in their life.

Then what does your Bazi have to say about your attractiveness to the opposite sex?

Peach Blossom serves as an indictor of likability nowadays, they may not like you but even so they feel attracted to you. In some situations it can be a good thing, especially when you need to sell products or projects to clients or you want good relationships with your colleagues or bosses. But often it get confused and associated with attractiveness to the other gender and thus having a consistent pipeline of suitors or more associated with marital romance and relationship between married couples.

These stars give the person the attractiveness that drawn people to them.  It has nothing to do with beauty in the woman or handsomeness in the man.  Even an average looking man or woman with Peach Blossom stars in their chart will attract or drawn people into their lives.  However, beware!  Peach Blossom stars can also bring along relationship problems, depending on whether these stars are favorable to you or otherwise.

In short, when you have the peach blossom star in your bazi, you will have a wide variety of suitors to pick from. However, do note that this has no indication to the quality of the suitors. This might also be a problem.

How serious it can be, will depend on the strength of the stars, how many of them in the natal chart and if there are combinations with another pillars.

For example:

If your Year Animal sign belongs to Ox(丑Chou), your Peach Blossom is Horse(午 Wu), meaning that you will feel attracted by Horse born people. This can also happen if Horse appears in the other pillars of their Bazi natal chart but the strength is lower.

Having this Peach Blossom is good when it appear in the Year or Month Branch of the Bazi chart which represent love in a relationship or marriage. When it is found in the Day or Hour Branch the influence will not be so good.  If there are too many peach blossom, it will often cause problems as great attractions bring great troubles. This is also the reason why more than 2 peach blossom is sometime related to “one-night-stand” relationships or extra marital affairs.

What does it mean when you have these peach blossom your chart?

Rabbit(卯 Mao) – Being the network element, they will have the most approachable peach blossom among the 4 other peach blossom animal. Their in-born ability to know how to be approachable and have the natural tendency of wanting to be take care of. Do take note that 卯 Mao also form part of uncivilised punishment which make them naturally attracted to many people be it good or bad. Therefore, they are advise to learn how to protect themselves, don’t just rely on people to come and help or rescue them.

Horse(午 Wu) – Being the shortest attraction span, they have the tendency to want thing to act quickly. They are great with performance work on stage which can bring out the WOW factor really well and really fast. People with this peach blossom need to learn how to act fast and do it at the right time, do what you need when people are dazzle, remember that people will eventually wake up. this will bring feeling of insecurity eventually when they achieve what they want.

Rooster(酉 You) – people with this Peach Blossom is very objective and they know what they want and they know how to do it. They are often refine and define, often the one taking the lead over the attraction process. Being objectives which define strategies or implementation steps to attain the identified goals, their approach is often purposeful with only a single purpose in mind. If you are not their target, you will totally neglected. Therefore, they should learn how not to put all the egg into one basket. Sometimes it is good to have a few choices rather than having only one goal in mind.

Rat(子 Zi) – They are the dreamer, being like to imagine they have the ability to change themselves into person that they desire. Know they that they will cherish and nourish the person they care, this will make them more of a control freaks and they are really good with mind control and perception control. In fact, they do not have to do much as they will talk you through with they suggestive nature and have you do all the hard work. They also tend to be fickle minded and can just have a 180 degree change. People with these Peach Blossom should seek some stability, its hard for you to be happy if you keep changing and it will run the chance of losing yourself in the process.

Having this element in your chart meaning nothing and often one who utilisation of the element that bring you the result will achieve more. Do remember that we will encounter these peach blossom sometime in life and it could mean problem as it directly translate to choices when we are attracted to people. You need to learn how to make correct choices and how your peach blossom will affect other people around you.

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