Death and Emptiness in Synastry

Today, I am going to discuss about Death and Emptiness in Relationship which is commonly called Synastry in Chinese Metaphysics of Bazi.

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Have you every know someone that have very bad temper all the time and no one could tolerate him? But when he met his wife in certain period of his life, his hot temper character suddenly disappear. This is one example where by one’s DE have void the other party overly strong elements.

Let us look at one sample of synastry:

Person B’s chart(right) has a lot of water and her Rob Wealth(RW) is 100%. This makes her quite a manipulative, self-centred, overbearing person. Then Person B(right) meets Person A(left) who has DE in the Month pillar, which means he is missing Yin Water (Rat).

Once they get together, Person B(right)’s nastiness will then get absorbed into the void of Person A(left), making Person B(right) a more mellow individual. And if they’re a couple, it’s a perfect match.

Looking at the other way round, Person A(left) has excessive Yang Water up to 93%. To him, it’s Eating God(EG) and that makes him overthink things. But when he meets Person B(right), who has a DE also in the Month Pillar (Pig, Yang Water), she absorbs all his Yang Water nullifying it.

Person D(right) has a high percentage of 7K (Yin Water). Person C(left)’s emptiness is in the Month pillar, (Ox, Yin Water). Now, Person D(right)’s 7K becomes ineffective to Person C(left) as it gets absorb into the void.

So with such nullifying of the DE what you will think will happen to the Guy? He will then be able to keep his wealth instead of losing it easily when this lady come into his life.

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