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Team of Consultant from SHAstrology can provide various Chinese Metaphysic advice when you are met with a situation or which to gen more insight and clarity.

Bazi Destiny Analysis

words” in Chinese, knowing yourself and your energy means you can make the best of what is given to you by destiny; or the factors present at the time of your birth.

Knowing yourself is as important as knowing others. Not only because by truly understanding yourself, you will be able to understand others better.

Feng Shui – Chinese Geomancy

Are you looking to recharge your home? Do you want lasting happiness and prosperity in your living space?

You may ask, would the same house be good for all? Does the same analysis fit for all?

I would say no, the same house can be beneficial to one but detrimental to another. Hence Residential Property Analysis with Feng Shui is important, example getting auspicious directions for each person is crucial.

QiMen Destiny Analysis

QiMen Destiny Analysis is using the Qi Men Dun Jia system and applying it to analyze or read one’s destiny. IT focus on the emotional and cosmic energy of a person.

A person’s personality and character and inner-thinking and motivational
relationship between a person and his/her parents, siblings, and family can be read.
We can also analyze from the Qi Men chart a person’s career, academic achievements, wealth capacity, health condition, relationship life – i.e. destiny outlook.

QiMen Forecasting

Qi Men Forecasting uses different predictive methods in Qi Men Dun Jia system to forecast different situations or activities. It can also be used as a divination technique to look back at one’s history to assess the past in addition to forecasting the future. To arrive at an analysis of how one might alter one’s behaviour in the future in order to get a particular result, the past history can be studied.

Date Selection

We provided different Date selection options
-Date selection for Rom.
-Date selection for Weddings.
-Date selection for house move in.
-Date selection for Renovation.
-And More.

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I wish you gain clarity on yourself, decisions and action and we can all learn together in my SH Astrology Exclusive Community.

Prediction was amazingly accurate.

Yap Chung Lam

He’s one you can turn to when you have doubts that you need clarity.

Sharon A Tan

Impressive and accurate! Approachable and will advise more than you expected.

Christel Tan
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