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Heavenly Heart Influence

How is Heavenly Heart influence in term of Wealth, Health, Career and Relationship? When it come to Wealth, they have a long term outlook when it comes their finances and they handle their money surprisingly well. They favour investment opportunities that offer less risky but lower returns. They are good at managing their spending habitsContinue reading “Heavenly Heart Influence”

Heavenly Heart

Heavenly Heart is a Yang Metal element Star and is considered one of the most auspicious among the 9 Stars. At its core is a great warrior and a capable leader, which represent power and the ability to command. Nevertheless, beneath the toughness lies a compassionate soul with a caring nature. In Qi Men, theContinue reading “Heavenly Heart”

Heavenly Assistant Influence

How is Heavenly Assistant influence in term of Wealth, Health, Career and Relationship? When it come to Wealth, their mindset their direction to wealth. They are not particularly inclined towards seeking a profit when it comes to making money but they are often highly specialised and employers are willing to pay for the opinion ofContinue reading “Heavenly Assistant Influence”


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