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6 Tips on Getting Your Compass Directions Right

Proper use of the compass and knowing how to take directions in your home and office is vital if you are to get accurate readings and ensure that the orientations you are using are correct. With the Year of the Water Rabbit just a few months away, you’ll want to be “spot on” when placing…

Ritual for Inviting in the God of Wealth for 2023

Credit: WOFS Chinese New Year is is around the corner and Receiving the God of Wealth is a tradition for some of us and how this article that i find is a good reference for any starter. Based on detailed calculation, this year is a good year to receive the God of Wealth on the…

Chinese New Year Rituals for 2023: Year of the Water Rabbit

Credit: WOFS Festive Season is around the corner and there is some interesting article for sharing. I did not write this article but i feel that Chinese New Year is an important festive for all Chinese and hope this is information is a good reference for everyone. Chinese New Year falls on January 22nd 2023. This day…


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