The Cure of Five Yellow Star

For the Year 2021, there is an area that you really need to take care to avoid any accidents or unforeseen circumstances. This area is at the SouthEast Sector of your house where the Star 5 reside.

In Feng Shui, the five yellow is one of the 9 stars in flying star Feng Shui. It’s Chinese name is 廉贞星 Lian Zhen Xing. But more commonly known as 五黄 (Wu Wang) literally translated as five yellow.

2021 Flying Star Chart Credit to Joey Yap

Five Yellow belongs to the Earth Element and following the elemental cycle, Metal Element will exhaust Earth Element. If the area can’t be avoided, it can also be remedied with some metal objects such as Pewter, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Iron or Aluminium.

Image Credit to Joey Yap

Potentially, you can use 6 iron weight from dumb bell and lay them flat on the floor and not to stack them up even if you have space constrain. However some may feel that using these weight is not aesthetically appealing.

Alternatively, We can also use a wind chime as a Feng Shui remedy. It is recommended to use a wind chimes with 6 metal rods as number 6 being a metal number, it further enforce the power of metal energy.

We can also use another feng shui symbolic item which is Chinese coins. While ancient Chinese coins are more often used for purposes of wealth luck, linking 6 of them by tying them together with red strings can work just as well as a cure against the five yellow.

Because of a lesser elemental strength compared to the wind chime, one can place 2 sets of 6-coins on either side of the window for good effect. You might even compound that presence by hanging another string of coins at the window just as you might hang a wind chime.

Where can i place the Feng Shui Metal element Cure?

  1. Us your compass and identify the five yellow sector of your house in which 2021 is on the SouthEast sector (e.g. in bedroom 2),.
  2. Apply an advance technique called small TAIJI, identify the South East sector of within that room and put the metal objects at the SouthEast location of the Room.

When is the best time to implement the Feng Shui Cure?

To effectively implement the cure, we will choose a PURE Metal Structure Day where the Year, Month, Day and Hour is on the Metal Element. There is only 2 days in Feb 2021 usable in February 11, 2021 between 7am to 8:59am and February, 21 2021 between 7am to 8.59am is the correct time to place the metal object in the sector of five yellow.

Just in case, here is another one in February one more date that can also use. February, 12 2021, 5am to 6.59am. (For all dates, make sure your year pillar is not clashing the day pillar of the activation date)

Image Credit SP8CETIME App
Image Credit SP8CETIME App
Image Credit SP8CETIME App

Please share this post so to your friends and family members so that if the are affected by the bad energy of the five yellow star, they can use this cure to suppress the bad energy for this year.

Let learn and share together. If you have any questions or need my help, you can find me here. Alternatively, join my Facebook and Instagram for updates.

I wish you gain clarity on yourself, decisions and action and we can all learn together in my SH Astrology Exclusive Community.



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