Plot Your Bazi Chart

You will need the following information: 

  • Year Of Birth
  • Month of Birth
  • Day of Birth
  • Hour of Birth
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Heavenly Grain

The Heavenly Grain is a Yin Earth element Star corresponds to the Kun 2 (Southwest) Palace. It is generally considered inauspicious in most contexts, but it can also have a very positive effect in certain circumstances. It governs over the wisdom or ability to differentiate right from wrong, although it is often viewed as theContinue reading “Heavenly Grain”

Heavenly Grass Influences 

How is Heavenly Grass influence in term of Wealth, Health, Career and Relationship? When it come to Wealth, are hardworking and resourceful, they have a mixed bag of luck when it comes to matters of wealth. However, when presence of negative Doors or Stems, they may lack some scruples and have few reservations knowing thatContinue reading “Heavenly Grass Influences “

Heavenly Grass

The Heavenly Grass is a Yang Water element Star corresponds to the Kan 1 (North) Palace, traditionally, it is perceived as a malevolent star. Sitting at Kan Gun represents deceitful acts, recklessness and mercilessness. It is generally considered inauspicious because its presence can instigate theft, looting and tyranny – just as its name might suggest.Continue reading “Heavenly Grass”

The 9 Stars in QiMen Chart

In Qi Men Dun Jia we have 9 Stars, they are Heavenly Grass, Heavenly Grain, Heavenly Destructor, Heavenly Assistant, Heavenly Heart, Heavenly Pillar, Heavenly Ambassador, Heavenly Hero and Heavenly Bird. They are are actual the celestial stars that can be observed using a astromonical telescope in the night sky. Stars movements and their relationship withContinue reading “The 9 Stars in QiMen Chart”


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