Qi Men Dun Jia Deity

Who are the 10 Deity?

The 10 Deity are in charge of the spirit realm and are the one have a different Guardian of Destiny which represents our subconscious mind and everyone Guardian of Destiny is different. Each Deity has specific powers or abilities and when they are in their highest intensity level, one life could be impacted literally and create miracles.

*Image Credit QiMenDunJia (2020)

The Ten Deity are:

ChiefSix HarmonyNine EarthNine HeavenGreat Moon
Surging SnakeGrappling HookWhite TigerRed PhoenixBlack Tortoise
*information Credit to Joey Yap

CHIEF – A highly auspicious deity and the embodiment of wealth and fame. It represents an individual who is charitable and helpful to others, not to mention persevere through challenges.

SIX HARMONY – An auspicious deity that governs relationships and personal affairs. This Deity represents an individual who enjoys networking and is a likeable person. With Six Harmony as your Guardian of Destiny you can anticipate a pleasant outcome for any joint ventures throughout the events they organise.

NINE HEAVENS – This Deity has energetic and active personality and as such it has an affinity with dynamism, beauty and intelligence. With Nine Heavens as your Guardian of Destiny, an individual who prefers to impose strict standards own themselves and is ambitious in nature. They help others is executing their plans and encourage better ways of living and working.

NINE EARTH – It is associate with gentleness, nurture, respect and humility. It represents an individual who is calm and delicate, with traits such as compassion and tender loving care. ig your Guardian of Destiny is Nine Earth, you are more inclined to act like the Chief and help others in need.

GREAT MOON – Associated with knowledge and secrets, as wells blessing and happy events. This Deity represents and individual who is calm, independent and has good entrepreneurial skills. having Great moon as you Guardian of Destiny you will fee the need to spread your knowledge.

SURGING SNAKE – Being in-charge of the environment. It has the ability to sense the energy and redirect the energy from the energy from around the environment. Individual with this deity will represent someone with a charming personality and a natural sensitivity to the emotions of others around them. They should make full use of their ability to identify good and bad property investment opportunities.

GRAPPLING HOOK – Having a competitive streak, especially in aspects related to land and litigation. This deity represent an individual gifted with healing powers and can easily climb the corporate ladder at work. You should keep an eye out for opportunities and make use of a situtation to your advantage.

WHITE TIGER – Being energetic and courageous. it governs all the energies in the form of strength in this world. It represents an individual who is always on the go, with an immense ability to lead. You can expect good health and an unlimited amount of energy that you can b e redirected to other people.

RED PHOENIX – Known as God of Enthusiasm, they have an intense interest in all that they do. It represents individual who loves to debate and possess the gift of the spoken words. You should choose your words wisely as your gift for spoken words can work against you

BLACK TORTOISE – A unique deity that is in tune with what others are thinking, in addition to preferring unconventional methods. It represents and individual who is capable of mind control and influencing others. You can help to guide others on how to appreciate the positive feelings in life.

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I am SH, a Chinese Metaphysics enthusiast, practitioner, consultant, life transformation coach and also the Founder of SH Astrology Consulting. Chinese Metaphysics such as Bazi and QiMen as always fascinated me. I am always amazed by how Bazi and QiMen could forecast the outcomes and relate encounters that a person can experience with great accuracy when it is being applied correctly. When it come to Feng Shui, the studying of the flow of Qi (Chi) energy can influences the environment around us.These energies can directly or indirectly affect how we operate and affect what we want to achieve. With proper practice, we can create opportunities that help us achieve our goals. SH Astrology was created to share my knowledge in BaZi and also some other Chinese Metaphysics systems like QiMen, Feng Shui, Yi Jing. I would also like to debunk some myths, and irrelevant concepts or beliefs in Chinese Metaphysic which cause confusion and fear in people’s life.

2 thoughts on “Qi Men Dun Jia Deity

  1. In my natal chart, the Guardian of Destiny is Earth. I’ve been reading here and there a few descriptions about that energy and most of them were quite disempowering: too slow, not reactive enough, too passive, not this not that. Only one positive feature: protective. Wow … I’m not familiar with this type of “tools” but to me, it deals with energy types. Just energies than can depict certain characteristics like you did in your article in which the descriptions are not focused on negative features but just providing the readers with the overall energy that is inherent to each type.

    I have one question. Why certain types are written in red and the others in black? Are they working together? Is the Earth working together with the Tiger or the color was just used to make it more readable?

    Very recently, I got my natal chart but to be honest, I don’t really know how to make sense of all these data. The structure seems a bit complex but I guess that I have this feeling because of a lack of knowledge in this field. Anyways, thank you for your reply and for your article that remains neutral and believe me, it’s a very good point 👍👏.


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