Seasons and Strength of the 5 Elements

Xu Zi Ping, one of the founders of Bazi, determine the strength of a person’s Bazi chart by the seasons. Seasons are based on the month of your birth and is represented by the 12 Earthly Branches and the Chinese Zodiac signs are symbols are used to tell time in the Chinese Calendar. This 12 animal branches can be used to count time of years, months and hours. Hence a year, a month and an hour can all be designated by one of the 12 Earthly Branches.

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The 12 Earthly Branches or the 12 animal sign can be grouped into 4 elemental structure(Wood, Fire, Metal, Water) with 3 animal signs in each group. Each month in the Chinese Calendar is assigned a animal sign show below and represent the season in a year.

The animal sign in each elemental structure is also know as the SEASONAL DIRECTIONAL EARTHLY BRANCHES COMBINATION which i describe in earlier posting.

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You can reference the month and time from the chart below.

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Now let take a look at the strength of the elements. As in Bazi, all element carries or symbolise energy of a certain element in a certain season can be dominant. This will impact the strength and vibrancy of the element in the Bazi of a person.

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For this example, a person being born on a Wood Day having a Yi Wood Day Master between Feb 4 to May 5 which corresponds to the Spring season and the months of Tiger(Yin), Rabbit(Mao) and Dragon(Chen), this Wood Day Master is considered strong as, within this period, the Wood Energy is vibrant and dominant.

From the below table, you will notice that the hidden stems of each of the animal signs are of the same elements as their respective elemental Group with an earth element at the end of the seasons.

Image Credit Joey Yap

Hope this short explanation can help you understand the elemental group difference and let you have a clearer view of the Seasons.

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