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Moving to the New Normal, thing have change, what works in the past may not continue to work anymore.

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This is also similar to our educational system, the traditional approach of knowledge-base learning will be obsolete as our child will never be able to complete with the future work of robot, A.I and machine learning. We will need to shift its focus to learning ‘soft skills’ for instance, divergent thinking, values and teamwork. Read more about Period 9.

From the Bazi Chart, we can identify our/children talents, strengths and weakness. These properties can be easily seem form the profile section of the Bazi chart. You can plot the Bazi Chart Here.

Where is your 10 Profiles located in your chart?

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Profiles are unique to each child and no matter where you live, rich or poor, what type of school your children are in, this information provide a general guidelines to help you/children to explore his/her strength and talents. With this understanding, we can then guide them in choosing the school, enrichment classes, activities or the course in the University that suit them.

We will look at the top 3 profiles to prioritise their hidden talent or the way they operate best. In the example above this child have ‘The Analyser(Direct Officer)’ profiles and that will be his/her most prominent talent or behaviours.

Let dive in and have a quick look at what the profiles mean?

The Director Profile (Direct Wealth)
They are excellent in managing operation and finances, understand how system work and restructure it making things better. They are straight forward, detail-oriented, careful, assertive, hardworking, trustworthy, authoritative, perseverant. They are also good at planning, assigning goal-defined tasks and making things happen.

Course / Subjects/ Careers : Finance, Wealth Management, Asset Acquisition, Banking, Accounting, Business Administration, Financial Management, Financial Planning, Operation Management, Law and Enforcement.

The Pioneer Profile (Indirect Wealth)
They have excellent strategy planning, ability to look at big picture, seizing market trend, multi-tasking, managing risks, recognising opportunities. They have the ability to create new ideas, innovate and constantly add value. They are quick thinker, risk taker and problem solver. They are entrepreneur and can lead a leat or work alone but they will not perform well under others as they feel unique and prefer to be the one giving instruction.

Course / Subjects/ Careers : Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Business Management, Strategy Planning, Investor Trading, Investment, Advertising, Independent Consultant.

The Artist Profile (Eating God)
They are scholar, they love to learn, they feel confident when they are knowledgeable, so it is good for them to move or travel around to expose to new ideas and innovation. They are Artistic, independent and creative. The are not well in a team and best to work alone. They are suitable to work on creativity, journal writing, script writing, compose song, arts related, focus on the journey to make things perfect where money come seconds and the value goals and experiances.

Course / Subjects / Careers : Literature, Tourism & Hospitality, Teaching, Performing arts, Journalism, singing, designing, strategic planning.

The Performer Profile (Hurting Officer)
They creative, sharp-witted, always think out of the box. They have ability of a good performer, hence singing, creating, presenting, debating and have ability to convince. They like attracting attention and under the lime light. Therefore, suitable to be in the frontline such as do sales, branding, marketing and job role allow them to speak. They are also persuasive and at time energetic and can inspire other people.

Course / Subjects / Careers : Sales & Marketing, Branding, Public Speaking, Performing Artist, Educator, Media and Entertainment, Designer.

The Diplomat Profile (Direct Officer)
They are righteous, moralistic and compliant people. They are usually working as a managerial role, government sectors or at the backend office, who manage rules, policy and systems. They set the rules, follow the rules provide advise and guidance to empower other people to do the work in abiding all the rule. They are inflexible at time due to their certain principle which hardly change their mind.

Course / Subjects / Careers : Medical, Healthcare, Law, subject related to judicial field, Armed Force, Military, Leadership, Business Administration like Human Resources, government related work, Politics, Mediator, coaching and counselling.

The Warrior Profile (Seven Killings)
They are like a warrior, fighting at the frontline, they have the mentality and attitude to “do first & think later”. They are authoritative and commanding, risk taker, bold and daring that can work under pressure. This enable them to think and plan strategy to solve problem. They will need to have challenges as they will enjoy the problem solving experience. We can find them in the corporate world holding a leader/managerial role and as a strategist for the company. If you have Seven Killing and Indirect Wealth or Rob Wealth profile, you have the talent to start own business, these are also known as business owner profile.

Course / Subjects / Careers : Sports, judicial field i.e Judge, Magistrate, military, strategist, law enforcement, medical field i.e specialist, surgeon, business, martial artist, sales & marketing.

The Philosopher Profile (Indirect Resource)
They use info as assets, study data to generate wealth, to them knowledge is power. They are good at recognising trend and patterns, so develop their skill in this areas will be good for them to forecast unknown trend and future trend.. They also like to learn through unconventional skills and knowledge through practice, experience. Indirect Resource also means to have a strong intuition, they have affinity in learning Chinese Metaphysics, Reiki, energy healing, practising Feng Shui and spirituality.

Course / Subjects / Careers : Statistic, Data Analytics, Chinese Metaphysics, Crystal Healing, Spirituality, Psychology, Innovative and Creativity, Arts, Investigator, Research and Development.

The Analyzer Profile (Direct Resource)
They are the intellectual type and compassionate one, conscious about one’s reputation . They like to learn about how things work, gather data and information before taking action. They are approachable and friendly, making sure everyone is happy and does thing step by step in an orderly manner. They excel in the areas such as academic field, analysing, teaching, coaching, developing system and researching.

Course / Subjects / Careers : Research and Development (R&D), Teaching, Lecturing, Consulting, Technical Research, Scientist, Doctor and Health Professional, Social Studies, Charity, Finance and accounting.

The Leader Profile (Rob Wealth)
People with this profile are inspirational, charismatic and has leadership trait. They love to lead and gathering people and have the ability tp create raving fans. They are good at leading a team and create their own empire. They have the ability to motivate and inspire people towards their needs, usually inspire people at the emotional level. They thrive and can generate wealth from leading a team where the environment allows them to exert leadership and sense of initiative. They are also influential and persuasive therefore good at building connections and branding.

Course / Subjects / Careers : Top Management, Advertising, Branding, Sales, Trader/Deal Maker, Event Management, Artist Manager in the entertainment field, special operation teams i.e soldier, rescuer, those at the front-line staff.

The Friend Profile (Friend)
Their main traits are connection, engagement, delegate. They have the abilities to connect to people and know how to find the right people to do the right job. They are born deal-maker and can pull people together to make a deal, partnership or collaboration. They act as middle person or bridge to help finding solution to solve dispute and conflict in people. They are resourceful, sociable enthusiastic and reliable, so when people come to them for help, they could easily give them the direction or resource.

Course / Subjects / Careers : Acting, Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, Agent, Mediator/Negotiatior, Event Management, Production, Team Sports, Consultant.

This sharing is a short summary of all the 10 profiles and i hope that it can help you to discover and develop your children’s hidden talents and strength while embracing their weakness to achieve a great person eventually.

If you like to know more about reading unlocking your child full potential?

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