Wealth Structure – The Manager

Wealth is something that everyone very interested in however wealth structure is more than what it actually represent. The element that your Day Master counter is known as your Wealth element. For a Wood Day Master person, your Wealth element is Earth. Wealth Structure people are very results-oriented, ambitious, competitive, assertive, practical, efficient, decisive andContinue reading “Wealth Structure – The Manager”

Career Option Using Bazi

In today’s modern world, it is not an easy task to look for a job. As the world is changing due to the effect of the Covid-19, international job market deteriorates and we have seen and hear plenty of companies closing down and many excuses or reason for an alarmingly high rate of unemployment in many countries.  ButContinue reading “Career Option Using Bazi”

10 Day Master Quick Glance Edition

The importance for any BaZi learner to learn and understand about their Day Master to identify the basic nature and character. In short, it is “Who You Are” aspect of your life and it is possible for people with the same Day Master to share the same distinguish quality, characteristic or personalities. Earlier, i have described allContinue reading “10 Day Master Quick Glance Edition”

Day Master – Gui (Yin Water)

Gui Water individuals are creative, laterally minded,  and artistically inclined types – always full of ideas. They love doing their own thing and are not happy being tied down to a mundane, by the numbers tasks or projects. Perceptive and reflective, Gui Water individuals enjoy learning and thinking about challenging things until they click. Gentle, persuasive and likeable,Continue reading “Day Master – Gui (Yin Water)”

Day Master – Ren (Yang Water)

The Ren Water individuals are highly intelligent, creative and innovative. They often have the ability to visualize big things and keep track of the smaller details, too. This makes them excellent entrepreneurs and smart leaders. Other Day Masters may well be jealous of the Ren Water person who seems to be brilliant at everything! They are happiestContinue reading “Day Master – Ren (Yang Water)”

Day Master – Xin (Yin Metal)

Xin Metal individuals are elegant, classy and sophisticated. The associated imagery is that of valuable jewellery or a sparkling diamond. They are elegant, fabulous, special, and unique. When a composed Xin Metal person enters the room, people find it hard to ignore their presence. They enjoy being exposed to new ideas and experiences. They are open-minded and ready toContinue reading “Day Master – Xin (Yin Metal)”

Day Master – Geng (Yang Metal)

Geng Metal (Yang Metal) individuals really prove their worth to the world in the face of adversity. When the going gets tough, the Geng Metal person gets going! Once they know what they want and how to get it nothing will stand in their way and they will pursue it tirelessly without faltering to distraction orContinue reading “Day Master – Geng (Yang Metal)”

Day Master – Ji (Yin Earth)

Think of soft, fertile earth and the way in which it supports all life and allows it to grow. The Ji Earth person aims to nourish and support everyone around them in a similar way. Ji Earth individuals are intelligent, thoughtful, innovative, and flexible. They are also resourceful and competent. Although Ji Earth individuals don’t make aContinue reading “Day Master – Ji (Yin Earth)”

Day Master – Wu (Yang Earth)

The imagery associated with the Wu 戊 Earth person is that of mountains, rock, and immovable land features. Accordingly, Wu Earth individuals are trustworthy, emotionally stable, and reliable. Wu Earth individuals have no real need to be recognised or praised by others for their achievements. They don’t necessarily need other people in order to get things done.Continue reading “Day Master – Wu (Yang Earth)”