Day Master – Ji (Yin Earth)

* Image credit Joey Yap

Think of soft, fertile earth and the way in which it supports all life and allows it to grow. The Ji Earth person aims to nourish and support everyone around them in a similar way.

Ji Earth individuals are intelligent, thoughtful, innovative, and flexible. They are also resourceful and competent. Although Ji Earth individuals don’t make a big fuss out of their talents, they are sure to have plenty of them and be excellent workers who can be trusted with any task. Completely tolerant and accepting of other people and their differences, they make great perfect team players. They are highly productive people because when they aren’t working on something, they don’t feel fulfilled. They are not the kind to procrastinate when there are things to be done.

Sometimes Ji Earth individuals forget to accept and appreciate themselves because they are too focused on other people. This means they can neglect their own needs and fail to develop their own potent talents or relax. There is a point at which tolerance becomes weakness as Ji Earth individuals will allow others to trample all over them without complaint. They often have a hard time recognising their own worth.

Published by SHASTROLOGY

I am SH, a Chinese Metaphysics enthusiast, practitioner, consultant, life transformation coach and also the Founder of SH Astrology Consulting. Chinese Metaphysics such as Bazi and QiMen as always fascinated me. I am always amazed by how Bazi and QiMen could forecast the outcomes and relate encounters that a person can experience with great accuracy when it is being applied correctly. When it come to Feng Shui, the studying of the flow of Qi (Chi) energy can influences the environment around us.These energies can directly or indirectly affect how we operate and affect what we want to achieve. With proper practice, we can create opportunities that help us achieve our goals. SH Astrology was created to share my knowledge in BaZi and also some other Chinese Metaphysics systems like QiMen, Feng Shui, Yi Jing. I would also like to debunk some myths, and irrelevant concepts or beliefs in Chinese Metaphysic which cause confusion and fear in people’s life.

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