Heavenly Destructor

The Heavenly Destructor is a Yang Wood element Star. This Star is not considered as auspicious as compare to other Stars. It is usually interpreted as a neutral alignment star with both benevolent and malevolent forms.

The Heavenly Destructor corresponds with the Zhen 3 (East) Palace and is associated with warfare, aggression, revenge, vigour, change, strength and competition. It can also represent physical objects such as knifes, axes, hammers, bells and drums, or even landmarks such as jungle, forests and orchards.

The aggressive and competitive nature often supportive of proactive actions such as pre-strikes in the context of a battle. It is a favourable Star to look to in terms of direct attack or even when seeking vengeance. However, the downside is that all the aggression leading to a short temper and would easily become irritated and destructive towards anything that stands in its way. Heavenly Destructor is will also support charitable work and also building relationship and expanding their social circles.

The Heavenly Destructor is most prosperous when it is found in a Fire element palace (as Wood produces Fire) and strong when it lands in a Wood element palace. It is considered dead in a Water element palace (as Water produces Wood), trapped in a Metal element palace (as Metal controls Wood) and weak in an Earth element palace (as Wood controls Earth).

Heavenly Destructor people are strong, independent and aggressive. They are always brimming with energy and passion, constantly excited, intrigued, amused, and stimulated. The are the most talkative of all the stars and can talk to almost anyone as they tend to know a little bit of everything which allow them to communicate which also make them generally extrovert.

They crave power and respect, hence always looking for ways to get to the top in they careers. They are know to be proactive and very competitive in everything they do and will motivate themselves with thought of winning their competition. They are also control freaks because they have issues letting go and trusting other people so live life on their own terms and try to do everything themselves. Beneath it all, they are sincere and well-intentioned people. They are charitable, kind and benevolent in their own special way. Many of them are philanthropic in nature.


Heavenly Destructors are the thriver when it come to a crisis situations and high-pressure environments. Due to their confident and charismatic personality, people like to listen to and follow Heavenly Destructors. They command loyalty and respect with ease and can integrate well into different social circles and classes. Finally, Heavenly Destructor people are brave and daring – they have no reservations about setting big goals and doing hard work.


They are too energetic that result in getting restless when they are task to perform regular or routine work. This monotonous work thinking can result in deteriorate output they produce.

Lacking of Patience is what a Heavenly Destructor needs. By always craving for immediate results, they are tempted to cut corners or take short cuts to help them get their way, with unwanted consequences. Their violent tempers, can get them in trouble and harm their relationships. Even those who know how to control their aggression struggle to express themselves and this can prevent them from becoming close to anyone.

Heavenly Destructor people like to take on many challenges and try to juggle different projects, sometimes, with limited success. When they are involve with many projects their resources is limited and hence the nature of unlikeliness to ask for assistance or get others in to help them will make them loose interest and give up eventually.

With the help of the Black Tortoise, Heavenly Destructor people can master black magic and exercise some amount of control over other people’s minds. They can also tune into other people’s thoughts. The insight they gain from such actions can be used to their advantage, as it has the power to influence others to such a point that even rivals can fall sway to their persuasions.

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Heavenly Grain

The Heavenly Grain is a Yin Earth element Star corresponds to the Kun 2 (Southwest) Palace. It is generally considered inauspicious in most contexts, but it can also have a very positive effect in certain circumstances. It governs over the wisdom or ability to differentiate right from wrong, although it is often viewed as the Star of diseases and illness and is thought to represent danger.

Photo by Natalie on Pexels.com

When we look at reading concerning illnesses, the Heavenly Grain is often used as a point of reference. Despite its close association with this unpleasant subject, its implications are not necessarily negative. Depending on the formation and position in a Qimen chart, it could imply cures for an ailment and a sign of improving health for those who are suffering from sickness. Aside from sickness and disease, it also signifies decay and darkness. It can also be the harbinger of robbery or theft.

The Heavenly Grain’s dualistic nature means it could represent arguments and disputes, just as much as it could encourage socialising, building of relationships and team building on a grand scale – especially if it is found in its passive form.

In mundane matters, it can represent mothers, ladies, lands, students, nuns, the lower class, as well as pregnant women in a Qi Men Chart.

Geographically, it can indicate flatland, farmland and government property. It can also represent studying, learning and governmental structures, as it can be supportive of endeavours related to these things, such as training, recruiting and teaching.


Heavenly Grain Star people place great value in the well-being of their friends and are dependable and loyal, they are willing to make great sacrifices for them. Their aim is to make life-long friends.

Patience is one of their most prominent virtues, and given enough time, they have the kind of determination and dedication that can move mountains. Hence these people have commitment to follow through at work and also in their personal lives.

When the Surging Snake combines with the Heavenly Grain, the result is a perfect match. People with this match are highly aware of their surroundings and are masters of their environment. These people have a natural talent in Feng Shui and identifying valuable property. They can build a lucrative career around their gifts.


Heavenly Grain person can lead them to become stubborn and inflexible at times due to their patience and untiring attitude. But during which they are difficult to work with. They also disliking pressure, they are prone to inertia. Once they have started something, it can be hard for them to change direction.

Heavenly Grain people are thin-skinned and sensitive. They cannot take constructive criticism and go out of their way to avoid it, even though it may be in their best interests. Without valuable feedback, the quality of their work can suffer. They also do not like changes and are not open to new ideas of doing things. They will also very unlikely to seize opportunity that let them obtain new knowledge to skill that break their daily routine.

Finally, under influence of bad structures, people of this Star can be somewhat possessive. Their neediness can make them unattractive to potential partners and damage their friendships. As well as being attached to people, they can also become overly attached to their possessions and become envious when other people have things that they do not.

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Heavenly Grass Influences 

How is Heavenly Grass influence in term of Wealth, Health, Career and Relationship?

When it come to Wealth, are hardworking and resourceful, they have a mixed bag of luck when it comes to matters of wealth.

However, when presence of negative Doors or Stems, they may lack some scruples and have few reservations knowing that if they are caught, the penalties may outweigh the rewards for cheating about breaking the law.

When in the presence of positive structures, they are more artful and cunning skills make them excellent strategists and visionaries, and aid them in making friends in high places – which can almost be like having the law of their side.

If a Heavenly Grass person does accrue wealth, they are liable to spend it on frivolous things and luxury items. They are also drawn to gambling because it provides them with an adrenaline rush, even though they are not particularly good at it.

When it come to health, they are those type that like to indulge themselves. Even though they are narcissistic, they struggle with obesity and body image problems. Hence, they have to watch their diet and maintain good health to remain well and to live long life.

If a Heavenly Grass person finds that they have become physically inactive and depressed, it is usually because they have lost their way. The solution for people of this Star is to identify a large goal and begin working towards it.

In Qi Men, it can represent the ears, kidney, bladder and eyebrows. It is also associated with water borne illnesses. When meeting with an inauspicious structure in a Chart, it will cause a person to fall sick.

When it come to career, they can succeed at almost anything they choose, having strong leadership skills and big ambitions they are well-suited to careers in politics, large corporations and venture capitalism but they need to work on taking the initiative if not they may have their career feel like stagnate water. In all careers they decide to embark on, they should always seek out managerial or leadership roles.

As mentioned before, some Heavenly Grass Star people who fall under the influence of negative Doors or Stems are drawn to criminal activity. Otherwise, they are good at taking calculated risks and receiving windfall gains in return.

Finally when it come to dating, for women are turned on by money and decadent displays of affection. They believe that it is a man’s job to provide, although they wish to be seen as equals and they can be a jealous partners. As for men they are attracted to sophisticated upper class women as they believe that it is a woman’s job to look beautiful and amuse them. They also lose interest quickly. What’s more, both are flirtatious and prone to adultery!

Heavenly Grass people like rough, exciting and highly physical sex. Individuals can be unpredictable and hot-headed when in a relationship. They are so focused on their own needs, they can leave their other half feeling unappreciated and unloved.

In Qi Men forecasting from relationship, this Star indicates that an existing relationship or marriage may be put under strain. If the Six Harmony meets with an Auspicious Door or Emptiness and Horse Star, including the Heavenly Grass, then indicates that a third party may be involved in their relationship.

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Heavenly Grass

The Heavenly Grass is a Yang Water element Star corresponds to the Kan 1 (North) Palace, traditionally, it is perceived as a malevolent star. Sitting at Kan Gun represents deceitful acts, recklessness and mercilessness. It is generally considered inauspicious because its presence can instigate theft, looting and tyranny – just as its name might suggest. It may represent vast knowledge and wisdom, it is tinged with a darker side and may hint of something sinister and underhanded. Consequently, people of this Star are prone to behave in morally grey ways if they feel there is something to be gained.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

The Heavenly Grass, being a Water element Star, is considered prosperous if it lands in a Wood element palace, as Water produces Wood. In a palace with the same element, it is considered strong. A Fire element palace will weaken it (as Water controls Fire), while an Earth element palace will cause it to become trapped (as Earth controls Water). In a Metal element palace, the Heavenly Grass is interpreted as dead (as Metal produces Water).


Heavenly Grass people are driven, diligent and mentally tough. Their fearless approach to life can be a source of inspiration to others and their positive outlook allows them to overcome obstacles that would stop other people dead in their tracks. Their boundless imagination allows them to see potential where others cannot.

They are confident but may doubt themselves at time. However, they are able to conceal this from others and even trick themselves into thinking otherwise. They are an unstoppable force, once they have a goal in sight.

FinallyHeavenly Grass individuals are good at reaching out for help. They understand the power of delegation and use it to their advantage as a force multiplier. Although the benefits of asking for assistance may seem obvious, some of the other stars struggle to do so, feeling that to ask for help is akin somehow to showing weakness.


Although they have magnetic personalities, Heavenly Grass people can be so self absorbed that they bore others. They can become so wrapped up in their own world that they fail to notice when other people need their attention or help. This can be very damaging to their relationships in particular.

Heavenly Grass people are not very patient. if plan fails they man be irritated and act out irrationally. Their temper can hinder some of their plans, if they direct it at the wrong person.

Finally, although the Heavenly Grass has ability to take charge and make their own luck, their tendency to be greedy can bring about misfortune and drive away good luck. People in general, do not take kindly to greed in others.

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The 9 Stars in QiMen Chart

In Qi Men Dun Jia we have 9 Stars, they are Heavenly Grass, Heavenly Grain, Heavenly Destructor, Heavenly Assistant, Heavenly Heart, Heavenly Pillar, Heavenly Ambassador, Heavenly Hero and Heavenly Bird. They are are actual the celestial stars that can be observed using a astromonical telescope in the night sky. Stars movements and their relationship with our Earth in our solar system, affect good and bad fortunes for Man.

Heavenly Plate is also referred as the movement of heavens. which can be found by looking at the 9 Palaces and 8 Trigrams of the Luo Shu chart. Each of the 9 Stars is thought to directly correspond with one of the 9 Palaces of the Luo Shu which we call it their “Home Palace”.

The 9 Stars Palace and the corresponding Gua

Heavenly Grass坎 Kan 1
Heavenly Grain坤 Kun 2
Heavenly Destructor震 Zhen 3
Heavenly Assistant巽 Xun 4
Heavenly Bird 中 Middle 5
Heavenly Heart乾 Qian 6
Heavenly Pillar兌 Dui 7
Heavenly Ambassador艮 Gen 8
Heavenly Hero離 Li 9
Table illustrates each of the 9 Stars and its corresponding “Home Palace”

The 9 Stars always appear in same clockwise sequence. The Heavenly Grass > the Heavenly Grain > the Heavenly Destructor > the Heavenly Assistant > the Heavenly Heart > the Heavenly Pillar > and the Heavenly Ambassador > with the Heavenly Hero.

Moving Sequence Order of the Stars
Photo Credit Joey Yap


The 9 Stars can be split into auspicious and inauspicious Stars:

Heavenly HeartHeavenly DestructorHeavenly HeroHeavenly Grass
Heavenly AmbassadorHeavenly Grain
Heavenly AssistantHeavenly Pillar
Heavenly Bird

Each Stars also different strength depend upon the time of the reading.

Photo Credit Joey Yap

Let understand more about each star next.

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FS Salt Water Cure

The salt water cure is one of the most essential items that are used to remove unfavourable Chi at home. It help to clear the negative energy in rooms. The special combination of cleansing salt + water combined with the chemical reaction of the metal and salt will make the job.

It is widely used by many Feng Shui practitioners in their annual audit. This cure help to subdue the negative energy of the annual and natal flying stars of #2 (Illness star) and #5 (Misfortune star) that visit your house every year. It is usually being placed in the affected sectors of your house/room.

In additional Feng shui cures or metal cures are often used in combination with the saltwater cure to achieve the best results. We will not talk about the Salt Water Cure now.

This April we can activate Salt Water Cure in our Southwest palace.

7 April 2022, 7.30am *clash monkey
14 April 2022, 5.30pm *clash rabbit
17 April 2022, 3.30pm *clash horse
28 April 2022, 6am *clash snake

How does salt water cure work?

This cure incorporates the cleansing effects of salt and water with the chemical reaction between the 6 ancient chinese coins that belongs to the Metal element and the salt. As a result, this cure will have the enhanced metal element that is used to reduce the negative energy effect of the Earth element based on the exhaustive cycle of the flying star #2 and #5.

1-2-3 Quick steps to prepare and activate your cure:

1. Fill the container with the cleansing salt to around 3/4 full.
2. Arrange the six Chinese coins with the “Yang” side facing up (4 chinese characters/symbols) in a circle.
3. Fill the container with water to its 3/4 capacity and place the container over a mat or plate to protect your delicate furniture or flooring.

Note: You should also leave the container open. This cure will not work if it is placed inside an enclosed area such as a cupboard.

How to maintain the Salt Water Cure?

1. Always ensure that the water is topped up.
2. Do not cover the container or place in a closed cupboard, it should always be open.
3. Crystal will be formed after a period. This shows that the cure works well to absorb the negative energy. Depending on the amount of negative energy it will receive. It may build-up a lot of salt crystals and even overflow from the edges. If this occurs, you should change the cure more than once a year. Some homes would need to change the cure every 2 months, other homes just twice a year.

Therefore, keep an eye on your saltwater cure, and it if looks like it has done a lot of work, then replace it with a new one. Because of this cure will absorb and accumulate a lot of negative energy, care should be taken with its disposal.

How to dispose the salt water cure?

Once there is too much salt that has accumulated on the container, it is time to dispose it and replace with a new one. This is because it has already absorbed too much negative energy and might not be effective anymore. Do not cleanse the bowl and the coins, but rather properly wrap and discard the whole cure instead of recycling or cleansing them.

As mention, besides using this salt water cure, there are other Feng Shui Metal element cures too. They are namely brass Hu Lu(Chinese Gourd), 6 metal rod wind chimes, 6 metal dumbbell weights as well as metal bells

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Story of 9 Star Creation

Let start with the story that I have learn and the very first version of the story.

The names of the stars were given as Heavenly Emperor (Tian Huang 天皇), Purple Subtlety (Zi Wei 紫微), Greedy Wolf (Tan Lang 貪狼), Huge Door (Ju Men 巨門), Rewards Star (Lu Cun 祿存), Literary Arts (Wen Qu 文曲), Chastity (Lian Zhen 廉貞), Military Arts (Wu Qu 武曲), and Broken Soldier (Po Jun 破軍). In this version, all the stars listed can actually be viewed in the night sky. The following comparative table shows these stars together with their western names for easier reference:

Photo Credit Joey Yap

According to this ancient story, the Nine Emperors of the Dao Body (Jiu Huang Dao Ti 九皇道体) are the Nine Stellar Sovereigns of the Dipper. As explained by the Seven Slips of a Cloudy Satchel (Yun Qi Ji Qian 雲笈七籤), “the Nine Stars are the numinous root of the Nine Heavens, the bright bridge of the sun and moon, and the ancestral abyss of all things.

In another version of the story, the names of the stars were instead given as Greedy Wolf (Tan Lang 貪狼), Huge Door (Ju Men 巨門), Rewards Star (Lu Cun 祿存), Literary Arts (Wen Qu 文曲), Chastity (Lian Zhen 廉貞), Military Arts (Wu Qu 武曲), Broken Soldier (Po Jun 破軍), Right Assistant (You Bi 右弼), and Left Assistant (Zuo Fu 左輔). In this particular version, only seven of the stars – namely the ones that make up the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper – are visible in the night sky. The remaining two – namely Right Assistant and Left Assistant – are enigmatic in nature and were described in ancient Daoist texts as hidden. These are the nine stars that became the basis of the Qi Men 9 Stars and are only referenced extensively in many other Chinese Metaphysics applications including Feng Shui.
For hundreds of years, scholars of Chinese Metaphysics took the existence of the two hidden stars on good faith. However, new discoveries proved that ancient observers may have known more than their modern contemporaries. Mizar, the western name for Military Arts, in fact appears to the naked eye as a binary star with a companion star. Western astronomers named this companion star as Alcor. In 2009, two groups of independent astronomers verified that Alcor itself is a binary star. To differentiate them, astronomers named the two as Alcor A and Alcor B.

As a result of this discovery, a number of modern Chinese Metaphysics scholars have come to theorise that Alcor A and Alcor B are the Left Assistant and Right Assistant respectively. The following comparative table shows this list of stars together with their western names as well as the Qi Men 9 Stars that were derived from them:

Photo Credit Joey Yap

Hope this sharing allow better understanding of the Stars Relationship.

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Dou Mu 斗姆: Mother of the Dipper Stars

Dou Mu is a goddess in Chinese folk religion and Daoism. In English, her name translates to “Mother of the Great Chariot” (Great Chariot being another name for the Big Dipper). She is known by several other names such as “Primordial Sovereign of the Big Dipper (Dou Mu Yuan Jun 斗母元君) “, and the “Governor of the Pavilion of Heavenly Treasure (Tian Bao Ge 天寶閣)”. In official temple ceremonies, she is respectfully referred to as ‘Nine-Spirited Supreme Subtle Primordial Grandmother Sovereign of the Night Rays and Golden Essence of the White Jade Tortoise Platform’ (Jiu Ling Tai Miao Bai Yu Gui Tai Ye Guang Jin Jing 九靈太妙白玉龜台夜光金精祖母元君). However for convenience, she will be referred to here as Dou Mu.

Picture representation of Dou Mu 斗姆

Dou Mu is also a recognised figure in Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, in which she is identified as Marici, a deva or bodhisattva associated with light and the sun. In this form, she is known as Molizhitian Pusa 摩利支天菩薩 in China and Marishi-ten in Japan and in Tibet as Odzer Canma (meaning “Woman Endowed with Rays of Light”).
It is said that, “as the mother of the Dipper Stars”, Dou Mu “produces the brilliant eyes of all the heavens. She, with the Dipper as her terrestrial spirit and water celestial spirit, is in charge of life.”

The Creation of the Nine Stars
The Fundamental Destiny Life-Prolonging Heart Scripture of the Great Sagely Primordial Sovereign of the Supreme, Mysterious and Numinous Big Dipper (Tai Shang Xuan Ling Dou Mu Da Sheng Yuan Jun Ben Ming Yan Sheng Xin Jing 太上玄靈斗姆大聖元君本命延生心經) describes how Dou Mu produced a total of nine perfect stars in an elaborate and esoteric process, which then became the Nine Emperors of the Dao Body:
“Seated on her precious throne, Dou Mu peacefully cultivates divine perfection, refines celestial and terrestrial spirits, concentrates Life Force Energy (Qi 氣) with an empty mind, and enters the Mystery of Mysteries.
Breathing the numinous wind, gathering the purple void energy, she has attained the mysterious and numinous Sublime Dao, and releases infinite subtle rays penetrating the Pool of Essence (Hua Chi 華池). Nine golden lotuses, as incarnations of the rays, give out greater and greater light after seven days in the pool. The light rises to the Nine-Essence Heavens (Jiu Hua Tian 九華天) and transforms into the Nine Great Treasure Pavilions.”
This celestial myth of Dou Mu gave rise to the Nine Great Emperors (Jiu Huang Da Di 九皇大帝) of the Daoist pantheon, more popularly known as Nine Emperor Gods (Jiu Wang Ye 九王爺) in Singapore and Malaysia. The Nine Emperor Gods are considered the patrons of prosperity, wealth and good health. It should be noted however that the myth does differ in other accounts, most noticeably in two of the nine stars that Dou Mu was said to have created.

There is different version of a story and let talk about in the next posting.

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Welcome to the Year of Water Tiger(壬寅)

We will be welcoming the new year tonight on 4th February 2022, 04:52am where ever you are in the world. For those who are not well verse with Chinese Astrology, you might assume that the first day of Chinese New Year is on the Lunar New Year. In fact base on the calculation of the energy of the day and base on astrology, the new year will be the 1st day of spring which is today.

We can make use of this Feng Shui activation to help with the promotion that you are aiming for. Firstly, we will need to make sure you have your Bazi Chart. If you still do not have your chart. you can get it here

Let me show you an example: 

This sample Mr Right, he want to increase his career promotion luck this year. Let see how we can help him. 

  1. Identify what his Life Star Home Base Sector.

2. Based on the Luo Shu Chart below, he need to identify his home base sector which is NorthWest where his Life Star Number 6 is located and then layer 2022 Flying Star chart onto that room’s floorplan. 

This year the promotion star is number 9 Star and we will now locate this area in the South sector from the laying of 2022 Annual Flying Star Chart. 

3. Now, let learn how to activate this sector for Promotion Luck in 2022. To active this area, we need to place a Candle or firedamp and light it for 1 to 2 hours.

4. The following dates for the activation will be on the NorthEast sub-sector of your Life Gua. You will experience between March/April some form of boost to see result(like some thing improving along the way) when you put in effort together with activity in your career like do more, ask for it.

• 4th February – 1pm to 3pm (not for Horse in any pillar)
• 13th February – 11am to 1pm (not for Rabbit in any pillar)

I wish to wish you all the best for year 2022 and remember to put in effort as we know that 10X Feng Shui Luck multiple by Zero Effort will get Zero Result.
Talk to your boss within that one month for promotion or increment.

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The Big Dipper

The Big Dipper is one of the most easily recognisable asterisms in the night sky, located in the northern constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear. It actually goes by many different names, among them the Plough, the Great Wagon, Saptarishi, and the Saucepan, although it will be called the Big Dipper hereafter for ease of understanding. It is particularly prominent in the northern sky in the summer, and is one of the first star patterns a budding astronomer will learn to identify.
The Big Dipper is often confused for the constellation Ursa Major itself and its name is used synonymously with the Great Bear. However, the Big Dipper itself is not a constellation. It just happens to be the most visible part of Ursa Major, which is the third largest of all 88 constellations.
The overall Ursa Major constellation is obviously far bigger than the Big Dipper, but the seven stars that mark the tail and hindquarters of the “Great Bear” are the most visible by far, thus the distinction drawn between them and the larger constellation they are part of. The seven brightest stars in Ursa Major that make up the Big Dipper are called: Alkaid (Eta Ursae Majoris), Mizar (Zeta Ursae Majoris), Alioth (Epsilon Ursae Majoris), Megrez (Delta Ursae Majoris), Phecda (Gamma Ursae Majoris), Dubhe (Alpha Ursae Majoris) and Merak (Beta Ursae Majoris). Alkaid, Mizar and Alioth mark the Big Dipper’s handle, and Megrez, Phecda, Dubhe and Merak outline the bowl. All seven are shown in the diagram below.

Big Dipper credit Astronomy Trek

You may find it curious as there are obviously only seven stars in the Big Dipper – the name in Chinese, Bei Dou Qi Xing 北斗七星 after all, clearly suggests so. How can the 9 Stars be derived from this? There are many legends and stories that explain this discrepancy. The most popular ones all involve the goddess Dou Mu 斗姆.

Watch out for next posting about Dou Mu 斗姆.