FS Salt Water Cure

The salt water cure is one of the most essential items that are used to remove unfavourable Chi at home. It help to clear the negative energy in rooms. The special combination of cleansing salt + water combined with the chemical reaction of the metal and salt will make the job.

It is widely used by many Feng Shui practitioners in their annual audit. This cure help to subdue the negative energy of the annual and natal flying stars of #2 (Illness star) and #5 (Misfortune star) that visit your house every year. It is usually being placed in the affected sectors of your house/room.

In additional Feng shui cures or metal cures are often used in combination with the saltwater cure to achieve the best results. We will not talk about the Salt Water Cure now.

This April we can activate Salt Water Cure in our Southwest palace.

7 April 2022, 7.30am *clash monkey
14 April 2022, 5.30pm *clash rabbit
17 April 2022, 3.30pm *clash horse
28 April 2022, 6am *clash snake

How does salt water cure work?

This cure incorporates the cleansing effects of salt and water with the chemical reaction between the 6 ancient chinese coins that belongs to the Metal element and the salt. As a result, this cure will have the enhanced metal element that is used to reduce the negative energy effect of the Earth element based on the exhaustive cycle of the flying star #2 and #5.

1-2-3 Quick steps to prepare and activate your cure:

1. Fill the container with the cleansing salt to around 3/4 full.
2. Arrange the six Chinese coins with the “Yang” side facing up (4 chinese characters/symbols) in a circle.
3. Fill the container with water to its 3/4 capacity and place the container over a mat or plate to protect your delicate furniture or flooring.

Note: You should also leave the container open. This cure will not work if it is placed inside an enclosed area such as a cupboard.

How to maintain the Salt Water Cure?

1. Always ensure that the water is topped up.
2. Do not cover the container or place in a closed cupboard, it should always be open.
3. Crystal will be formed after a period. This shows that the cure works well to absorb the negative energy. Depending on the amount of negative energy it will receive. It may build-up a lot of salt crystals and even overflow from the edges. If this occurs, you should change the cure more than once a year. Some homes would need to change the cure every 2 months, other homes just twice a year.

Therefore, keep an eye on your saltwater cure, and it if looks like it has done a lot of work, then replace it with a new one. Because of this cure will absorb and accumulate a lot of negative energy, care should be taken with its disposal.

How to dispose the salt water cure?

Once there is too much salt that has accumulated on the container, it is time to dispose it and replace with a new one. This is because it has already absorbed too much negative energy and might not be effective anymore. Do not cleanse the bowl and the coins, but rather properly wrap and discard the whole cure instead of recycling or cleansing them.

As mention, besides using this salt water cure, there are other Feng Shui Metal element cures too. They are namely brass Hu Lu(Chinese Gourd), 6 metal rod wind chimes, 6 metal dumbbell weights as well as metal bells

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I am SH, a Chinese Metaphysics enthusiast, practitioner, consultant, life transformation coach and also the Founder of SH Astrology Consulting. Chinese Metaphysics such as Bazi and QiMen as always fascinated me. I am always amazed by how Bazi and QiMen could forecast the outcomes and relate encounters that a person can experience with great accuracy when it is being applied correctly. When it come to Feng Shui, the studying of the flow of Qi (Chi) energy can influences the environment around us.These energies can directly or indirectly affect how we operate and affect what we want to achieve. With proper practice, we can create opportunities that help us achieve our goals. SH Astrology was created to share my knowledge in BaZi and also some other Chinese Metaphysics systems like QiMen, Feng Shui, Yi Jing. I would also like to debunk some myths, and irrelevant concepts or beliefs in Chinese Metaphysic which cause confusion and fear in people’s life.

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