BaZi ways to have a better 2021

Hey, ever think of having a better 2021? I would like to share some information to glide you thru the recovery stages of 2021. At time we need help from people and sometime the only way is to influence them to help you. Hence, i would like to share 3 ways to influence people inContinue reading “BaZi ways to have a better 2021”

Kick Start Your 2021 NOW.

Here is 3 Key Action Steps to Energise and Vitalise yourself in 2021. Let start with cleansing and renew our energies, and equip with new positive for the year of 2021. Here is the summary of useful dates for manifesting : * Note: You will have to BACKFACE Your OWN QiMen Destiny Palace Direction inContinue reading “Kick Start Your 2021 NOW.”

How Can I Use The Great Conjunction To Help Me?

The Great Conjunction is a once a life time event where we can use it to relinquish our old bad habits and make way for new opportunities of doing new things. We cannot stop changes regardless of what we do but we can allowing and embracing it to bring us good fortune. If you resistContinue reading “How Can I Use The Great Conjunction To Help Me?”

Eclipse, Good or Bad?

In most tradition of metaphysics (western or eastern) , solar eclipses are not a good omen. A Solar eclipse is regarded as being worse than a lunar eclipse – this is because Yang energy is required by all living beings and when a solar eclipse occurs, Yang energy to Earth is momentarily interrupted. It alsoContinue reading “Eclipse, Good or Bad?”

Period 9, The effects of Purple Star 9 (2024-2043)

After all the Fire Element Intro, I suddenly have the feeling to look at the coming Period 9 and therefore I like to share some of my thought. Period 9 carries the Purple Flying Star number 9 which belongs to the Fire Element. During the transition from Period 8 to Period 9, People born withContinue reading “Period 9, The effects of Purple Star 9 (2024-2043)”

Journey to Chinese Metaphysics

In December 2019, my family trip to Taiwan has reignited my journey on Chinese Metaphysics, since then I started to gain a better understanding of Feng Shui. On 5th January 2020, I stump upon Joey Yap’s Feng Shui & Astrology 2020, that is when I met Dato Joey Yap and attend his events for theContinue reading “Journey to Chinese Metaphysics”