Lucky Element in 2021

Year 2020 庚子 have many unforgettable and eventful thing that happened coronavirus pandemic, US presidential election, stock markets crashed and rebounded, Australian Bushfires, Minneapolis Riots, Puerto Rico Earthquake and many more. So what will be th outlook of the coming year 2021 辛丑 where we are just less than a month away? Many Astrologer and Fengshui masters have predicted that 2021 辛丑 will be another challenging year.

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The Year of the Metal Ox 辛丑 will be arriving on 3 February 2021, 10:58PM. Let plan ahead and we can start with the elements that will prosperous in year 2021. Next year Fire and Wood will be the lucky elements for country like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia and Laos.

If you have Fire or Wood in your Bazi Chart, you will have good luck and many opportunities in 2021. and if you have both the elements it will be exciting year and the vibrant energy force is coming to you. You will have to plan, strategise and take necessary action to create the outcome you want to achieve and thrive in 2021.

You can check you Bazi Chart here to see if you have these two lucky elements in your chart. Plot Bazi Here

Let have some example for you to understand a bit more.

Once you have identified the Fire and Wood Elements in your Bazi Chart. Let look at what you have to do. If you have the lucky element on your Heaven Stem(HS) it means that you will have opportunity easier and if the lucky element is on the Earthly Branch(EB) it will mean that you need to put in effort and work hard to get the opportunity. Nevertheless, you should still focus your energy and time based on the specific areas to get the opportunity.

* Image credit Joey Yap
* Image credit Joey Yap

Above show the representation of the four pillars in your Bazi Chart. Depending on your focus each pillar will have different meaning and you have to plan and take action to achieve what you want.

  • Year Pillar represents your friends, environment, social network, market, community and even your grandparents.
  • Month Pillar represents your career if you are an employee or business if you are a businessman you should look into the respective areas, month pillar could also refer to your parents.
  • Day Pillar represents the relationship with your spouse, health, self-discovery and your individual life, this can also refer to your home.
  • Hour Pillar represents your children, investment, dreams, life purpose, thought, desires, ambition, aspiration and goals .

Sample 1

Chart plotted using JY Plotter

Mr Sample 1 in the year 2021 he have Wood in his Year Stem which indicates that he should focus on his friends, network, market, and the industry as there are plenty of opportunities. He could focus and plan to expand his network of friend that can help him bring in the opportunity that help him achieve his career.

Sample 2

Chart Plotted using JY Plotter

Ms Sample 2 in the year 2021, she have Wood in his Year Branch which indicate he also need to focus on his friends, network, market, and the industry. Her earth branch of the day pillar has wood in which indicates that she should focus on her relationship with her husband or lover if she is single. In her Hour Pillar she also have wood in the heavenly stem and Fire in the earth branch which indicates that there are investment opportunities in 2021.

Some of you might be think Oh My GOD! I don’t have fire or wood in my chart. what should i do? Basically if you do not have fire or wood element in your chart, you can always look for ways to partner with someone or if you are in business, you can employs someone who has the fire and wood elements to help you to get the opportunity.

What do you think the coming 辛丑 year 2021 will bring you? Especially for those who have the animal sign of GOAT and RAT in their chart will have a rely interesting year. Plot Your Bazi Chart Here

If you like to know more about what the year of the Metal OX awaits you? 

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