QMDJ Representation

There are lot of elements representation in Qi Men Dun Jia. Total 57 of this elements enable us to perform various reading and forecasting of events and matters.

Let us look at what are they:

Spiritual Forces externally are represent by the 10 Deity namely Chief, Six Harmony, Nine Earth, Nine Heaven, Great Moon, Black Tortoise, Surging Snake, Grappling Hook, Red Phoenix and White Tiger.

Environmental Globally are represent by the 9 Stars. Hero, Heart, Ambassador, Assistant, Bird, Destructor, Grain, Pillar and Grass.

Action and Activities are represent by Doors which is Life, Open, Rest, Scenery, Death, Delusion, Harm and Fear.

Timing matter related by 12 Earthly Branches and they are Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu, Hai.

Spaces or 8 Palaces are classified as Four Cardinal and Auxiliary Palaces. The four cardinal palaces are located at North, South, East and West. While the four auxiliary palaces are located at NorthEast, NorthWest, SouthEast and SouthWest.

We can use 10 Heavenly Stems to associate with people and they are Jia Wood, Yi Wood, Bing Fire, Ding Fire, Wu Earth, Ji Earth, Geng Metal, Xin Metal, Ren Water and Gui Water.

Stem have different roles and we can simply say that Jia is the emperor, the 3 nobles are Yi, Bing, Ding. There are 6 Crescent Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, Gui and Geng as the Warlord among them.

The badass Geng Metal is violence and often punishment of wrongdoings therefore we can devote problems, conflicts and obstacles usually discord and relationship crisis.

The emperor is a important person and therefore he is always hiding behind the scene with the six different battalions in a war or battle. Jia Zi Wu, Jia Wu Ji, Jia Shen Geng, Jia Wu Xin, Jia Chen Ren and Jia Yin Gui

Yi Wood – She is the sister of the emperor Jia Wood and she combine fusing with Geng Metal to pacify the enemy and bring peace and harmony.

Bing Fire is the son of the emperor Jia Wood. A powerful person, aggressive to counter the enemy of the emperor Geng Metal, safe guarding his father as a protector.

Ding Fire is the daughter of the emperor Jia Wood. She is the tactician which process superior networking ability to fight and overcome challenges against the enemy of the emperor Geng Metal.

Hope this sharing help you have a better understanding on Qi Men Dun Jia and do let me know if you have any question and if you need to know more you can contact me.

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Fu Yin(伏吟) Chart in QiMen

Fu Yin(伏吟)

Fu Yin chart is when stem are the same or double. A Pure Fu Yin is when the Star and Door are back in their original position. So what does it mean in destiny reading as compare to forecasting vs strategic execution?

Fu Yin in forecasting generally indicates that progress will be slow and that supported actions will be limited, these affects will still, however, be couched within the reading dictated by the stems. Among the Ten Stems, there are Three Nobles and Six Crescents. The Nobles of Yi , Bing , and Ding 丁 as well as the stem of Wu 戊 are thought to be auspicious and, as such, when a Fu Yin formation falls on one of these stems, the impact will be to slow the progress of otherwise positive events. 

When Fu Yin falls on one of the remaining stems, the effect may be to cause complete stagnation or, indeed, to slow the development of more negative events. The final judgment over the specific impact of Fu Yin will need, however, to take into consideration the overall combinations of the Stars, Doors and Deities in that particular Palace, as well as the relationships between the Five Elements and the other Palaces.

While in Destiny Reading, it is actually denote as Pure Energy that we like to see. We can see that what you appear within inside and outside is identical, your thoughts and actions are align. People will not have second thought about you as you are a straightforward person. You can access anything in your chart in a stronger and easy way.

In Strategic Execution, is is consider as a good formation as the energy will be the purest where you can perform meditation or any Qi enhancement activities of sort. At this time, it is suitable for your energy realignments and gain a whole lot of clarity.

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Hope that my sharing and understanding of Fu Yin Chart can help those who still learning QiMen.

Important Things When Moving In New House

One of most common fengshui topics is the set of Chinese rituals/customs for the move-in ceremony that officially marks the start of living in your new home. 

Find a suitable auspicious day and time according to Tong Shu/Sheng (The Chinese Almanac); the selection of auspicious date should take into consideration the birth data of the family members, but priority is given to the house-owner. Contact SH Astrology if you need help on Date Selection.

For a quick and easy guide, I have shared some fengshui to-dos so you know just what to do when THE day finally comes.

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

1. Put your bowling skills to the test. Upon entering your home, roll one pineapple in the house while saying auspicious phrases. Continue to roll the pineapple around the home while saying these auspicious phrases.

2. When entering the home, all family members should carry something auspicious(and no one should enter empty handed) .

Bring the 5 kitchen necessities (cooking oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, rice) – and according to some Chinese customs, bring a brush and broom, bucket filled with water, pairs of chopsticks or fork and spoon. (Some Chinese even bring a charcoal cooker with burned charcoal from the elders/parents’ house to symbolize the “passing on” of a generation, to represent a “burning success”. 

Fresh fruits such as oranges (which symbolise prosperity), pomegranates (which symbolise opportunities), peaches (which symbolise good health) and apples (which symbolise safety) are good choices which mark a sweet start to your new life.

3. Open all the doors and windows of your home. Besides welcoming fresh air and sunlight into the home, this practice signifies that the Qi energies in your house are being renewed and cleansed.

4. Proclaim the functionality of your home by turning on all the water and gas pipes and electrical appliances (leaving them on for about 3 minutes will do). We think that this is also a great way to check that everything is working well within your home!

5. Channel that inner campfire spirit. Light up your stove and set a kettle on it to boil. This symbolises that your home will be filled with warmth and that you will have a bright career.

6. To ‘bless’ every inch of your home, mix some green beans with uncooked rice, sea salt and Tie Guan Yin tea leaves and scatter these all around the home. This is believed to chase away all evils while planting the seed of wealth within the home.

7. Usher in the good fortune by putting sweets on all tables and desks within the home and by placing red packets filled with new notes at places where you intend to keep your money (e.g. inside the safe, desk drawers).

8. What better way to conclude these moving-in rituals than by bonding with family over a delicious home-cooked meal. The water that has been boiled earlier can also be used for brewing a pot of Chinese tea. Besides enjoying the food, such a practice symbolises the sharing of wealth among all members of the family.

With all these done, you can now go forth and beckon in harmony and prosperity within your home.

Feng Shui tips for Career Success.

Returning to the office and this long period of WFH?

Some of us are returning to the office or feeling the need to improve your home workspace. If you’re ever feeling stuck in a career trench, or feel that your performance is below average, rearranging your desk to include a few simple feng shui touches could help.

Here are a few tips to clear the energy in the any work space and give your career a boost.

Place your office electronics on your left

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels.com

A simple Fengshui trick is to attract good luck and positive energy at work is to place either your mobile phone or your computer on the left side of where you sit at work. The reason is that the left side belongs to the Green Dragon, who brings you prosperity and harmony at work. The right side belongs to the White Tiger, which will attract more challenges at work (unless you are in a commanding position).

Use plants to boost your positive health energy

Photo by William Fortunato on Pexels.com

If your working position (whether at home or in the office) is near or backed into a corner, place a small plant at the front of your table to bring positive energy to a stagnant area.  You will be able to work better and this will boost your health and stamina. Avoid a cactus or any plants with thorns or too many flowers (this could be more of a hindrance than a help). Make sure you use real plants as fake plants can attract negative energy or even lower your current mood and self-esteem.

Turn on music to remove ‘Sha Qi’ or negative energy that creates tension

Photo by PhotoMIX Company on Pexels.com

To ensure harmony and calm your nerves, play some music around you. Opt for calming melodies without lyrics. Try to avoid anything too upbeat or energetic as it may distract you if you’re meant to be concentrating on your work. However, different people respond to different music. If you find rock ballads to be soothing, go ahead and play them. If you are running your own business, having soothing music place in the office is good for business and your employees. Alternatively, getting your clients to meet somewhere with pleasant music can ensure higher chances of closing a deal.

Avoid facing any sharp corners or edges

Photo by The Coach Space on Pexels.com

Make sure that your desk or work space isn’t facing any sharp corners or edges, such as pillars. These sharp edges can invite in negative energy, and may cause migraines, pressure and unhappiness for yourself and others. Keep your desk facing a different way or try to put up a blockade or something between your desk and the sharp edge or corner if it’s not possible to move.  If it is truly unavoidable and you feel uncomfortable, place a bowl of salt or a salt lamp between you and the sharp corners to minimize pressure and “Sha Qi”.

Place crystals to your right

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com

Crystals such as Tourmaline or Clear Quartz should be placed at the right-hand corner of your desk. This helps you to break down the stressful energies at work. It can also reduce attacks from ‘tricky’ people or those who may want to deceive you. They can also attract benefactors to assist you in your work. Remember to cleanse the crystals regularly to keep them at their most effective.

Place a water feature in the north corner

Photo by Gabriel Peter on Pexels.com

If possible, place a water feature in the north corner of your house or office to activate good career possibilities and opportunities. Try to avoid stagnant or sitting pools of water. Instead, consider fountains that have a flowing water system or even a fish tank that has moving currents. This will bring you luck.

Place a red table lamp facing south

Ensure you place a table lamp or something that is red in colour at the south corner of your desk to attract recognition, fame and achievements. The colour red should be vibrant and uplifting, instead of dull or unclean. This will also boost your luck in getting a promotion. It doesn’t strictly have to be a lamp — any small item will do.

Avoid hanging mirrors in the office

Photo by VU Optomu00e9triste on Pexels.com

Avoid hanging mirrors in the office or workspace, especially when it’s positioned behind your back.  This also applies to pictures or anything very reflective or acts like a mirror. This can cause you to attract complaints and increase the chance of people looking to backstab you. If you need to check your makeup or do up your hair, use a small compact mirror that you can carry around in your purse or bag instead.

Tidy up your desk after finishing work each day

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

Make sure you tidy up your desk every time you finish working — so that the next day is a fresh new start and brings you a smoother start for the day. Always declutter your desk. Try to avoid making your desk messy or disorganised in the evening as this can cause stagnant energies to accumulate. This may also create friction between you and your co-workers. A clean desk leads to a clear mind.

Wish you all the best in career back in office after these long period of WFH.

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Fan Yin(反吟) Chart in QiMen

Fan Yin(反吟)

A Fan Yin Chart is different from a Fu Yin chart where the Stars and Doors are totally opposite of the Fu Yin Chart. The stem are the mirror in the opposite direction like a reverse pattern. Take a look at the sample below. 

Generally it is considered more inauspicious than Fu Yin. Usually there are uncertainties in the matter being consulted and things might change. The outcome of the divination may come quickly and decisively. Where the impact of the outcome can be substantial or even extreme. It Usually favorable to the guests and unfavorable to the host. For examples, tasks might only be partially completed, trips might be cut short. The speed of events is fast in general, for example a verdict might come swiftly and unexpectedly. Incidents or events tend to occur far away, for example, one lost something far away from home.

In forecasting, when you get Fan Yin Chart (or Gua), there will be changes in matters asked. Matters will progress but not in the ways planned and there are possibility of things becoming good to bad and vice versa. There will be a lot of uncertainties ahead and thread only if you are prepared to face and handle all the adversities.

For Destiny reading, it can mean that the person always do the wrong thing(Door) at a wrong timing(Stars). They are alway either ahead of everyone or lacking behind, resulting doing the right thing at the wrong time when Star Fan Yin or doing the wrong thing at the right time when Door are Fan Yin. They will usually have hard time explaining their focus at that wrong timing but nevertheless, the key for them is to work on the things and make sure they can always be ahead of other and not lack behind.

While in Strategic Execution, you can make use of this formation to change the stagnation situation, creating movement or progress to be really ahead of everyone else.

A Fan Yin chart can be useful and positive if you need the opposite result of the current situation, so sometimes it is not so negative as it seems, you can use fan yin charts for extreme changes.

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Hope that my sharing and understanding of Fan Yin Chart can help those who still learning QiMen.

Your investments yielding a high return?

There are so many investment channel around us:

  • Money market funds.
  • Index funds.
  • Exchange-traded funds.
  • Stocks/shares
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Forex
  • … never ending list …

I understand that it will all depends on the timing of your investments. There are many techniques from Bazi and other Chinese Metaphysics tools and I would like to share with you one of the simple techniques on how to determine the right timing of your investment based on your Bazi chart to yield a high return. 

Need your Bazi chart, Plot Here

The right timing for investment is when your annual or luck pillar of Indirect Wealth on top of Rob Wealth or Rob Wealth on top of Indirect Wealth in your annual or luck pillar.  

When you experience such annual or luck pillars at this specific period of time it signifies that this is the right time to invest to yield a high return. 

Let us look at a few cases to explain this.

During this 1978 LP of Fire Rat, there is Indirect Wealth on top of Rob Wealth if investment is made during this LP, the chances to get a high return will be higher.

Image Credit Sp8cetime App

Below is another example:

During the LP of Earth Rat, there is a Rob Wealth on top and Indirect Wealth below if investment is made during that period the investments return would yielded a high return for this person.

Image Credit Sp8cetime App

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Disclaimer Clause: This sharing of Bazi and Fengshui is for educational purposes and sharing of information. You will still have to properly analysis and study on the investment that you are investing to have better understanding and insight. I like to say that i will held no responsible should you suffered any losses in your investments.

What is Feng Shui?

When people talk Feng Shui and trying to make sure their home has the right balance or chi, do we really know what that means? Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that was developed over 3,000 years ago in China. The literal translation of “feng” means wind and “shui” means water. Feng Shui’s original, classical name is called ‘Kan Yu’. It is a metaphysical tool to improve our life. It is a system that talks about how the the orientation or location of homes and/or land is influenced by the energy surrounding that environment. In short, it is the flow of energies that affect and enhance us and these energies are Universal Luck, Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck. Or know as Qi

Universal Luck is about miracles, motivation, faith and/or intention.
Heaven Luck represent the things you CANNOT control. Eg: The economy, people’s perception towards you, etc.
Earth Luck means location based opportunities. Where you are? Probably that certain area has opportunities for you.
Man Luck is people. The decisions and choices you make are controllable and it depends on your Man Qi.

*Image Credit Joey Yap

There are different schools of Feng Shui. Generally it is divided to San He and San Yuan Feng Shui.

1. San He Feng Shui places greater importance on land forms and each has it own set of rules but largely involves in the access of landforms.
2. San Yuan Feng Shui means 3 cycles of time and refers as a time based systems. It generally based on formulas and it is use to calculate the flow of energies.

The Design of the Joey Yap Systems
*Image Credit Joey Yap

Feng Shui can be divided in to 3 categories:

  • Short Term (A few Months) – eg: Flying Stars
    • Results are quick button lasting and won’t be on big scale.
  • Long Term (1-2 years) – eg: Xuan Kong and QiMen Feng Shui.
    • Use for personal to enhance and perform corrective measures.
  • Evergreen eg: 8 Mansions, Landforms, San He Water and mountain method.
    • Permanent and long-lasting but it takes time to show the results.

What Feng Shui Can do?

Generally people have certain ideas on what Feng Shui can or cannot do, These are the general perspective on what people think about when they want to use Feng Shui. They would usually:

  • Want a house good Feng Shui because they want good harmony in home
  • Want a house with good Feng Shui in order for me to became rich.
  • Want to select an office with positive energy so that business will grow.

In actually fact there are 5 things that Feng Shui can do for you to transform your life.
1. Assessment
2. Diagnosis
3. Enhancement
4. Corrective
5. Predictive Analysis

One very important component in Feng Shui is the people. Usually why Feng Shui don’t work is due to the ATTITUDE of the People, ABILITY of the People and the person’s CHARACTER.

Correct attitude will determine a person’s success and applying the correct perspective of Feng Shui could produce an inner change in a person. For the abilities of a person, we can use different water formation in a specific environment to enhance the abilities and skillset of a person. About 70& of Feng Shui involves the environment. Finally, character can be trained according to his/her nature and character can based on a certain Feng Shui Setup or arrangement to induce a character change.

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Seasons and Strength of the 5 Elements

Xu Zi Ping, one of the founders of Bazi, determine the strength of a person’s Bazi chart by the seasons. Seasons are based on the month of your birth and is represented by the 12 Earthly Branches and the Chinese Zodiac signs are symbols are used to tell time in the Chinese Calendar. This 12 animal branches can be used to count time of years, months and hours. Hence a year, a month and an hour can all be designated by one of the 12 Earthly Branches.

Image Credit Joey Yap

The 12 Earthly Branches or the 12 animal sign can be grouped into 4 elemental structure(Wood, Fire, Metal, Water) with 3 animal signs in each group. Each month in the Chinese Calendar is assigned a animal sign show below and represent the season in a year.

The animal sign in each elemental structure is also know as the SEASONAL DIRECTIONAL EARTHLY BRANCHES COMBINATION which i describe in earlier posting.

Image Credit Joey Yap

You can reference the month and time from the chart below.

Image Credit Joey Yap

Now let take a look at the strength of the elements. As in Bazi, all element carries or symbolise energy of a certain element in a certain season can be dominant. This will impact the strength and vibrancy of the element in the Bazi of a person.

Image Credit Joey Yap

For this example, a person being born on a Wood Day having a Yi Wood Day Master between Feb 4 to May 5 which corresponds to the Spring season and the months of Tiger(Yin), Rabbit(Mao) and Dragon(Chen), this Wood Day Master is considered strong as, within this period, the Wood Energy is vibrant and dominant.

From the below table, you will notice that the hidden stems of each of the animal signs are of the same elements as their respective elemental Group with an earth element at the end of the seasons.

Image Credit Joey Yap

Hope this short explanation can help you understand the elemental group difference and let you have a clearer view of the Seasons.

Let learn and share together. If you have any questions or need my help, you can find me here. Alternatively, join my Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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How to: Feng Shui Activation

We are going to talk about Home Feng Shui Activation. Having activation these good stars can improve certain areas of our life and the power areas using Feng Shui principles helps you bring more positive energy and focus to important areas of your life.

There are short-term and long term activation.

  • A short term water activation is usually done based on annual flying stars where we identify the annual good sectors with good stars to further enhance the positive energies in a particular sector of the house.
  • A long term activation uses a permanent water feature, usually be done after full audit consideration of the house. That will involve identifying the surrounding land-form features, external Qi source seen from the house, house natal flying stars and application of Feng Shui formulas.

My personal preference for short-term will be using Water Activation. Water is an yang element, that helps to collect, stimulates and activate Qi for Feng Shui purpose. Water Activation helps to circulate Qi flow in the house. It is not ideal to have stagnant Qi in the house which is why open ventilation of the house is very important. We can effectively boost the sector’s energies in our living environment or office by identifying the sector in the house that can support your personal goals e.g. for more wealth, better health, unblock blockages, gain more authority power, enhanced academic, creativity and innovation level etc. A set-up is usually done with proper date selection, on an auspicious date and timing to tap on the positive energies to kick-start the activation.

How to activate these good stars? The same way you activate the negative stars ie. renovation, moving the furniture around, digging the ground etc. Or example, you can simply place a water feature at these locations for 2 weeks. Even a huge pail of moving water is fine.

Below is some method of short-term Feng Shui Activation you can use. You will be able to experience the effects within the 3 months if you are fully aware and has been actively working towards your goal. Feng Shui does not create miracles that is out of the realm if one does not work hard for it.

Water Activation: Most effective(10-15litres of water), 1.5ft x 2ft pail with a pump to make water move but not make bubbling, gushing effects as that is viewed as a non-benevolent energy., leave the water for 2 weeks and then remove the water(Pail/Bucket)

Candle: Light a candle during the time frame and it should last 4-6hr, then everyday just light another candle for the entire 2 weeks.

Fan: Put fan at the location to activate and switch on 6-8hrs a day for the rest of the 2 weeks

Nail/Hammer: Use a nail or hammer to chip your wall to activate and then you can patch back sometime.

Note: The clash animal signs means if your Personal Bazi Chart has those animals, activating the stars will not have any effect on you. For example, if you want to activate Dragon Virtue star(SouthEast 3) on 19 March @ 1.30pm (clash snake) but you have a e.g Snake in your Bazi Chart, then activating on 19 of March will not be beneficial to you. Choose another date instead.

If the sector of the house is a bedroom or you are staying in a rental room, ideally we do not like to perform water activation in bedroom as the yang energy may be too strong in a yin sleeping environment. However depending on your personal goal(s), urgency and importance of it, the answer is Yes you may still do a small Tai Chi application within your room to identify the sector to place your small water pail for short period of time.

Sometime people may wonder why use water activation and not fire activation? Water activation produce a sentimental, lasting effect as compared to fire activation. Fire activation is more abrupt, therefore effects will be more immediate and short bust that is not lasting. Also depending on the sector, there may be a preferred method of activation over the other.

Other form of activation that does not involve renovation

Are you ready to activate your Feng Shui and bring more positive energy and focus to important areas of your life.

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Red Matchmaker

Today is 15th Day of Lunar New Year and is also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Where young unmarried girls will throw mandarin oranges into the sea or river in hopes of finding true love.

In modern days now, Tinder, Grinder, Lovoo, Jaumo, Happn, Bumble, Zoosk, OkCupid, Hinge, Match.com, PlentyOfFish… There’s a list of dating apps in these estranged times could go on and on. Trying to find the love of your love or at least the date has never seemed easier! But long before dating became an online business, people were looking for creative ways to fulfill their romantic endeavors.

Looking at your Bazi is one of the way. Let’s take a look at this RED Matchmaker Auxiliary Star.

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

Have you ever wonder when is the right time?

This Auxiliary Star is all about love, to fall in love with. People can be madly in love with someone, even if it turns out in suffering and sorrow but it doesn’t mean that he/she is the right one or that marriage is a smooth path. Madly in love is a form of addiction and it can result in crazy spiral of destruction. However it is a starting point for many.

Classical Bazi place a lot of importance in this star when it come to determination of suitable marriage time. When this star appear, one is susceptible to falling in love and are totally open to marriage.

Year/Day BranchOther Branch
Zi 子 (Rat)Mao 卯(Rabbit)
Chou 丑(Ox)Yin 寅(Tiger)
Yin 寅(Tiger)Chou 丑(Ox)
Mao 卯(Rabbit)Zi 子(Rat)
Chen 辰(Dragon)Hai 亥(Pig)
Si 巳(Snake)Xu 戌(Dog)
Wu 午(Horse)You 酉(Rooster)
Wei 未(Goat)Shen 申(Monkey)
Shen 申(Monkey)Wei 未(Goat)
You 酉(Rooster)Wu 午(Horse)
Xu 戌(Dog)Si 巳(Snake)
Hai 亥(Pig)Chen 辰(Dragon)
Red Matchmaker

For example 1: 2021 is the year of Chou丑(OX) which make Yin寅(Tiger) the Red Matchmaker. Anyone with a Yin 寅(Tiger) in their chart easily fall in love and would naturally agree to a union.

For example 2: 2020 is the year of Zi 子 (Rat) which make Mao 卯(Rabbit) the Red Matchmaker, Anyone with rabbit in their chart would likely fall in love.

Take note that when apply to your own Bazi Chart, you can use either the year or your day branch as the reference/focus point. Traditional we will used the year branch as ShenSha method is very popular for year analysis.

I will recommend to used day branch instead as it is your your spouse branch and is related to a partner/romantic relationship matter which is govern by the day pillar. People with red matchmaker in their chart generally will truly fall in love while appearing any given year will signal their desire to be attached/hook up. When it appear in another person chart, they tend to love that person even more.

For actual application, never go find your own red matchmaker. It is always about the other person wanting to married you and not you wanting to get married. For instance, you have Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig in your chart. You can go look for people that are born on the Goat, Horse, Snake or Dragon Day. This help ensure they are madly in love with you. If you can find each other Red Matchmaker then its the ideal case. In additional, you can propose marriage during their red matchmaker year, if not at least their red matchmaker month if time is of essence.

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