QiMen Auspicious Formation: Jade Maiden Watching The Door(JLWD)

Jade Maiden Watching The Door is form when Heavenly Stem Ding(Yin Fire) / Earthly Stem Ding(Yin Fire + Envoy on Door.

Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

Technical Description:
This combination is known to be auspicious in connection with human relationships and have the ability to create strong affinity with people around you. The effect will be felt clearly in personal relationship with family and circles of close friends. It can also have effect fort career development and also academic/educational pursuits.

Suitable for interpersonal relationships, emotional bonding and students/careers can use it to developing good rapport with their mentors which will lead them to desirable examination results or career pursuits. We can also use it for mediation disputes, unfold arguments. For business, there is also positive indication for a success deal negotiation. We can use this formation to plan and develop tactics and strategies.

We shall take a look of an example:

*Credit sp8cetime App

West Dui Palace Earthly Stem Ding(Yin Fire) + Envoy on Scenery Door(Square Box on the app mean Envoy), fulfilled the formation of Jade Maiden Waiting the Door which is auspicious.

One can make use of this formation to seek mentor for assistance and we can use this time for strategic planning or building bond in relationship with others.

QiMen Auspicious Formation: Flying Bird Falls into Cave(FBFIC)

Flying Bird Falls into Cave formation is form when Heavenly Stem Bing(Yang Fire) + Earthly Stem Lead Stem Jia(Yang Wood)/Chief and Wu(Yang Earth).

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Technical Description:
Jia Wood(mother) is regarded as the parent of Bing Fire(Southern Phoenix), the combination represent that the image of a bird flying home to its nest hidden inside a cave, thus the name Flying Bird Falls into Cave.

Flying Bird Falls into Cave is one of the most desirable and auspicious formation, it is an indication of very good fortune. It is like everything fall into place naturally and success will come to you easily.

Suitable to use for trade and investment, new project development, getting employment, business growth, lawsuit, marriage and any other matters.

We shall take a look of an example:

*Credit sp8cetime App

SouthWest Kun Palace Heavenly Stem Bing with Earthly Stem Jia beside Wu forms the Flying Bird Falls into Cave Formation.

One can make use of this formation to initiate an attack to assure victory will fall into place. In ancient days, this is one of the formation use to attain the victory of their battles.

QiMen Auspicious Formation: Green Dragon Return(GDR)

Green Dragon Returns formation is form when Heavenly Lead Stem Jia(Yang Wood) and Wu(Yang Earth) + Earthly Stem Stem Bing(Yang Fire).

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Technical Description:
This is an exceedingly positive formation that indicate outstanding outcome in all areas. We know that Wood Produce Fire and Fire Counter Metal, therefore Jia Wood represent Green Dragon, together with Bing Fire a child of Jia Wood is born. Mother turned to look at the child, thus it’s name asGreen Dragon Returns. When Bing Fire also counter Geng Metal, which indicate protection of the Jia Wood from attacks of its enemy Geng Metal, hence this is an auspicious formation.

Being an auspicious formation we need to take note that if the interaction of the door and palace counters each other which will turn it into and inauspicious formation.

Suitable to use for career progression, increase company profit of own business, resolved antagonistic relationship or obstacles, noblemen will be in place to offer good advise, working partnerships will be productive and marriages are sure to be happy and harmonious.

We shall take a look of an example:

*Credit sp8cetime App

SouthWest Kun Palace Heavenly Stem Jia + Earthly Stem Bing Fire, fulfilled the formation of Green Dragon Returns. The formation also falls on an Auspicious Door, Life Door in the palace.

One can make use of this formation to initiate an attack to assure victory will fall into place. In ancient days, this is one of the formation use to attain the victory of their battles and when especially if this formation falls into auspicious door and palace. There is a saying that you can use a small army to win a war of over a million army and guaranteed victory.

Qi Men Dun Jia Deity

Who are the 10 Deity?

The 10 Deity are in charge of the spirit realm and are the one have a different Guardian of Destiny which represents our subconscious mind and everyone Guardian of Destiny is different. Each Deity has specific powers or abilities and when they are in their highest intensity level, one life could be impacted literally and create miracles.

*Image Credit QiMenDunJia (2020)

The Ten Deity are:

ChiefSix HarmonyNine EarthNine HeavenGreat Moon
Surging SnakeGrappling HookWhite TigerRed PhoenixBlack Tortoise
*information Credit to Joey Yap

CHIEF – A highly auspicious deity and the embodiment of wealth and fame. It represents an individual who is charitable and helpful to others, not to mention persevere through challenges.

SIX HARMONY – An auspicious deity that governs relationships and personal affairs. This Deity represents an individual who enjoys networking and is a likeable person. With Six Harmony as your Guardian of Destiny you can anticipate a pleasant outcome for any joint ventures throughout the events they organise.

NINE HEAVENS – This Deity has energetic and active personality and as such it has an affinity with dynamism, beauty and intelligence. With Nine Heavens as your Guardian of Destiny, an individual who prefers to impose strict standards own themselves and is ambitious in nature. They help others is executing their plans and encourage better ways of living and working.

NINE EARTH – It is associate with gentleness, nurture, respect and humility. It represents an individual who is calm and delicate, with traits such as compassion and tender loving care. ig your Guardian of Destiny is Nine Earth, you are more inclined to act like the Chief and help others in need.

GREAT MOON – Associated with knowledge and secrets, as wells blessing and happy events. This Deity represents and individual who is calm, independent and has good entrepreneurial skills. having Great moon as you Guardian of Destiny you will fee the need to spread your knowledge.

SURGING SNAKE – Being in-charge of the environment. It has the ability to sense the energy and redirect the energy from the energy from around the environment. Individual with this deity will represent someone with a charming personality and a natural sensitivity to the emotions of others around them. They should make full use of their ability to identify good and bad property investment opportunities.

GRAPPLING HOOK – Having a competitive streak, especially in aspects related to land and litigation. This deity represent an individual gifted with healing powers and can easily climb the corporate ladder at work. You should keep an eye out for opportunities and make use of a situtation to your advantage.

WHITE TIGER – Being energetic and courageous. it governs all the energies in the form of strength in this world. It represents an individual who is always on the go, with an immense ability to lead. You can expect good health and an unlimited amount of energy that you can b e redirected to other people.

RED PHOENIX – Known as God of Enthusiasm, they have an intense interest in all that they do. It represents individual who loves to debate and possess the gift of the spoken words. You should choose your words wisely as your gift for spoken words can work against you

BLACK TORTOISE – A unique deity that is in tune with what others are thinking, in addition to preferring unconventional methods. It represents and individual who is capable of mind control and influencing others. You can help to guide others on how to appreciate the positive feelings in life.

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Peach Bloosom

Today is 14th February 2021, it is also known as Valentine’s day.

What does your Bazi have to say about your attractiveness to the opposite sex?
What is Peach Blossom?

In the ancient times of China, there were four beautiful women that have really caught the attention of their emperor or emperors of other kingdoms. They are Xi Shi, Wang ZhaoJun, Diao Chan and Yang Gui Fei.If you like to know more you can watch this.

Image Credit SupChina

In Bazi however, there is 4 beauty as well being the cardinal branch. They are the 4 peach blossom of BaZi : 卯 (Rabbit), 午 (Horse), 酉 (Rooster) and 子 (Rat).

Image Credit Joey Yap

If you do not have your Bazi Chart, you can plot your Bazi Chart here for free.

So What is Peach Blossom in Bazi?

Peach Blossom is traditionally known as a romance star. They are in charge of attraction, making you irresistible to people around you and most important, they may never know why. It is important to have this these star in your Bazi Chart as people will be attracted to you or like you. It does not take a good look or a pretty face to be attractive, your attractive personality might be able to magnetically attract people to you. An average-looking man or women could also attract many people in their life.

Then what does your Bazi have to say about your attractiveness to the opposite sex?

Peach Blossom serves as an indictor of likability nowadays, they may not like you but even so they feel attracted to you. In some situations it can be a good thing, especially when you need to sell products or projects to clients or you want good relationships with your colleagues or bosses. But often it get confused and associated with attractiveness to the other gender and thus having a consistent pipeline of suitors or more associated with marital romance and relationship between married couples.

These stars give the person the attractiveness that drawn people to them.  It has nothing to do with beauty in the woman or handsomeness in the man.  Even an average looking man or woman with Peach Blossom stars in their chart will attract or drawn people into their lives.  However, beware!  Peach Blossom stars can also bring along relationship problems, depending on whether these stars are favorable to you or otherwise.

In short, when you have the peach blossom star in your bazi, you will have a wide variety of suitors to pick from. However, do note that this has no indication to the quality of the suitors. This might also be a problem.

How serious it can be, will depend on the strength of the stars, how many of them in the natal chart and if there are combinations with another pillars.

For example:

If your Year Animal sign belongs to Ox(丑Chou), your Peach Blossom is Horse(午 Wu), meaning that you will feel attracted by Horse born people. This can also happen if Horse appears in the other pillars of their Bazi natal chart but the strength is lower.

Having this Peach Blossom is good when it appear in the Year or Month Branch of the Bazi chart which represent love in a relationship or marriage. When it is found in the Day or Hour Branch the influence will not be so good.  If there are too many peach blossom, it will often cause problems as great attractions bring great troubles. This is also the reason why more than 2 peach blossom is sometime related to “one-night-stand” relationships or extra marital affairs.

What does it mean when you have these peach blossom your chart?

Rabbit(卯 Mao) – Being the network element, they will have the most approachable peach blossom among the 4 other peach blossom animal. Their in-born ability to know how to be approachable and have the natural tendency of wanting to be take care of. Do take note that 卯 Mao also form part of uncivilised punishment which make them naturally attracted to many people be it good or bad. Therefore, they are advise to learn how to protect themselves, don’t just rely on people to come and help or rescue them.

Horse(午 Wu) – Being the shortest attraction span, they have the tendency to want thing to act quickly. They are great with performance work on stage which can bring out the WOW factor really well and really fast. People with this peach blossom need to learn how to act fast and do it at the right time, do what you need when people are dazzle, remember that people will eventually wake up. this will bring feeling of insecurity eventually when they achieve what they want.

Rooster(酉 You) – people with this Peach Blossom is very objective and they know what they want and they know how to do it. They are often refine and define, often the one taking the lead over the attraction process. Being objectives which define strategies or implementation steps to attain the identified goals, their approach is often purposeful with only a single purpose in mind. If you are not their target, you will totally neglected. Therefore, they should learn how not to put all the egg into one basket. Sometimes it is good to have a few choices rather than having only one goal in mind.

Rat(子 Zi) – They are the dreamer, being like to imagine they have the ability to change themselves into person that they desire. Know they that they will cherish and nourish the person they care, this will make them more of a control freaks and they are really good with mind control and perception control. In fact, they do not have to do much as they will talk you through with they suggestive nature and have you do all the hard work. They also tend to be fickle minded and can just have a 180 degree change. People with these Peach Blossom should seek some stability, its hard for you to be happy if you keep changing and it will run the chance of losing yourself in the process.

Having this element in your chart meaning nothing and often one who utilisation of the element that bring you the result will achieve more. Do remember that we will encounter these peach blossom sometime in life and it could mean problem as it directly translate to choices when we are attracted to people. You need to learn how to make correct choices and how your peach blossom will affect other people around you.

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Death and Emptiness in Synastry

Today, I am going to discuss about Death and Emptiness in Relationship which is commonly called Synastry in Chinese Metaphysics of Bazi.

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

Have you every know someone that have very bad temper all the time and no one could tolerate him? But when he met his wife in certain period of his life, his hot temper character suddenly disappear. This is one example where by one’s DE have void the other party overly strong elements.

Let us look at one sample of synastry:

Person B’s chart(right) has a lot of water and her Rob Wealth(RW) is 100%. This makes her quite a manipulative, self-centred, overbearing person. Then Person B(right) meets Person A(left) who has DE in the Month pillar, which means he is missing Yin Water (Rat).

Once they get together, Person B(right)’s nastiness will then get absorbed into the void of Person A(left), making Person B(right) a more mellow individual. And if they’re a couple, it’s a perfect match.

Looking at the other way round, Person A(left) has excessive Yang Water up to 93%. To him, it’s Eating God(EG) and that makes him overthink things. But when he meets Person B(right), who has a DE also in the Month Pillar (Pig, Yang Water), she absorbs all his Yang Water nullifying it.

Person D(right) has a high percentage of 7K (Yin Water). Person C(left)’s emptiness is in the Month pillar, (Ox, Yin Water). Now, Person D(right)’s 7K becomes ineffective to Person C(left) as it gets absorb into the void.

So with such nullifying of the DE what you will think will happen to the Guy? He will then be able to keep his wealth instead of losing it easily when this lady come into his life.

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The Cure of Five Yellow Star

For the Year 2021, there is an area that you really need to take care to avoid any accidents or unforeseen circumstances. This area is at the SouthEast Sector of your house where the Star 5 reside.

In Feng Shui, the five yellow is one of the 9 stars in flying star Feng Shui. It’s Chinese name is 廉贞星 Lian Zhen Xing. But more commonly known as 五黄 (Wu Wang) literally translated as five yellow.

2021 Flying Star Chart Credit to Joey Yap

Five Yellow belongs to the Earth Element and following the elemental cycle, Metal Element will exhaust Earth Element. If the area can’t be avoided, it can also be remedied with some metal objects such as Pewter, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Iron or Aluminium.

Image Credit to Joey Yap

Potentially, you can use 6 iron weight from dumb bell and lay them flat on the floor and not to stack them up even if you have space constrain. However some may feel that using these weight is not aesthetically appealing.

Alternatively, We can also use a wind chime as a Feng Shui remedy. It is recommended to use a wind chimes with 6 metal rods as number 6 being a metal number, it further enforce the power of metal energy.

We can also use another feng shui symbolic item which is Chinese coins. While ancient Chinese coins are more often used for purposes of wealth luck, linking 6 of them by tying them together with red strings can work just as well as a cure against the five yellow.

Because of a lesser elemental strength compared to the wind chime, one can place 2 sets of 6-coins on either side of the window for good effect. You might even compound that presence by hanging another string of coins at the window just as you might hang a wind chime.

Where can i place the Feng Shui Metal element Cure?

  1. Us your compass and identify the five yellow sector of your house in which 2021 is on the SouthEast sector (e.g. in bedroom 2),.
  2. Apply an advance technique called small TAIJI, identify the South East sector of within that room and put the metal objects at the SouthEast location of the Room.

When is the best time to implement the Feng Shui Cure?

To effectively implement the cure, we will choose a PURE Metal Structure Day where the Year, Month, Day and Hour is on the Metal Element. There is only 2 days in Feb 2021 usable in February 11, 2021 between 7am to 8:59am and February, 21 2021 between 7am to 8.59am is the correct time to place the metal object in the sector of five yellow.

Just in case, here is another one in February one more date that can also use. February, 12 2021, 5am to 6.59am. (For all dates, make sure your year pillar is not clashing the day pillar of the activation date)

Image Credit SP8CETIME App
Image Credit SP8CETIME App
Image Credit SP8CETIME App

Please share this post so to your friends and family members so that if the are affected by the bad energy of the five yellow star, they can use this cure to suppress the bad energy for this year.

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Welcome Year of the Metal OX 辛丑

We will be welcoming the new year tonight on 3rd February 2021, 10.58pm where ever you are in the world. For those who are not well verse with Chinese Astrology, you might assume that the first day of Chinese New Year is on the Lunar New Year. In fact base on the calculation of the energy of the day and base on astrology, the new year will be the 1st day of spring which is today.

Photo by wewe yang on Pexels.com

Today is also a day for Wealth Related Activities & Matters. We can make use of today energy and do some gratitude reflections. I believe that true wealth is when we have inner peace feeling happy and fulfil. For this you can sit indoor own QiMen Destiny Palace and backing Southwest between 9pm to 11pm.

Let me know what have you plan for the coming year and if you have any questions or need my help, you can find me here. Alternatively, join my Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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Deep Dive on Death and Emptiness

Previously, on Death and Emptiness(DE), I have describe about what is DE and how to identify DE from your natal chart or luck pillar.

In this posting, I will discuss about DE on our Year, Month, Hour Natal Pillar and Luck Cycle and more.

Before I start, do you already know if you have DE in your natal chart or are you experiencing DE in your current Luck Cycle. Plot your Bazi chart here so that you can look at it yourself.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Reference below is the 60 Pillar Jia Zi Chart

* Image credit Joey Yap

Death and Emptiness in Year Pillar

Take a look at an example of this sample chart:

* Image credit Joey Yap

The Day Master of this person is Earth Goat. Referring to the 60 Jia Zi, the DE of the Earth Horse is either a Rat or an Ox. In this chart’s Year pillar sits the Rat. Therefore, the Year for this person is void or partially void.

The Year pillar represents young age, from 1 – 20 years old. If DE appears here, it could mean this person led a solitary life during his/her younger days. It could also mean that this person rarely sees his/her grandparents.

Year pillar also represents social network. So during his/her younger days they didn’t have many close friends. On a more positively note, this person at a young age was exposed to many things that encouraged self-discovery.

To get a more accurate reading will depend on the stars that are present in the void pillar.

* Image credit Joey Yap

The same applies for this chart as the DE is also in the Year pillar. The star in the Year Heavenly Stem is Rob Wealth(RW), so during this person’s younger days he couldn’t connect well with his friends.

The Indirect Resource(IR) in the Year Hidden Stem could mean this person is into the study of metaphysics and spirituality.

Death and Emptiness in Month Pillar

Take a look at an example of this sample chart:

* Image credit Joey Yap

The void is in the Month pillar. The Month pillar represents career and parents. This person might feel that his career is unfulfilling even though he is doing well. The star in this pillar is Hurting Officer(HO). With the DE this person could also have the fear or inability to perform in the limelight.

* Image credit Joey Yap

The same applies for this chart as the DE is also in the Month pillar. The Direct Wealth(DW) in the Hidden Stem is void and this could cause the feeling of financialy unfulfill. Direct Resource(DR) in the Heavenly Stem is also affected.

Death and Emptiness in Hour Pillar

Take a look of this sample chart:

* Image credit Joey Yap

When DE is in the Hour pillar, it could mean there’s a difficulty in having children, there’s a distance or lack of connection with the children. It could also mean an issue with the staff, employees or subordinates. Going into the details in the pillar, the DE can also void the stars present in the Heavenly and Hidden Stems.

* Image credit Joey Yap

With DE in the Hour pillar, the Direct Wealth(DW) in the Heavenly Stem could mean that this person’s spouse in the later years became difficult to get along with and so he distanced himself. Or he could one day decide to donate all his money away. On the other hand, If this chart belongs to a woman, Eating God(EG) in the Hidden Stem represents her children and it could mean she’s not be closed to them.

Death and Emptiness in Luck Pillar

Take a look at this sample chart and the luck cycle:

* Image credit Joey Yap

During this period, this person could be quite lost. Changing from jobs to jobs, moving from house to house, not knowing what direction he wants to go in life. His 10 Gods in this pillar are Eating God(EG) and Direct Resource(DR), so this person will be out of ideas and conventional studies do not appeal to him. This also result him directionless. Direct Resource(DR) could also mean his health, especially his immune system, goes up and down all the time.

* Image credit Joey Yap

This lady during her 3rd Luck Cycle will encounter a DE in his Indirect Wealth(IW) both on the Heavenly Stem and Hidden Stem as well as Eating God(EG) and Seven Killing(7K). This could means No “direct income” luck, Can’t get help from superior while in work result in no job satifisation and cannot agree on things, marriage life won’t be happy

Putting Date Selection Together

*Image Credit to a Talented Artist Sitinuramjah

I hope you find the previous posting useful and I also know that you can’t wait to give Date Selection a try for yourself. Without further ado, here are the calendars for the next three months that I purchase, it is for your reference.

Get Your Desktop Calendar Here
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Get Your Desktop Calendar Here

Now, do you recall the previous posting? You might want to go over them again as a refresher, but here’s a recap as well as a quick guide on how to use this calendar.


In previous posting, I’ve talked about the 12 Day Officers and how each of them is good for specific activities. In the calendar, you can find the Day Officer in the bottom right corner of the individual boxes. Plan your activities accordingly based on these dates and try to go for the Success days!


Remember the Year and Month Breakers in posting? Now you know which dates have the Year and Month Breakers. For any important activities, especially if it’s long-term, do your best to avoid commencing it on these days to avoid unnecessary problem.


In the previous posting, you’ve learned how you can incorporate your BaZi together with Date Selection. The calendar indicates what animal sign is present in each of the day. Use them accordingly based on your personal Noble People, Intelligence and Peach Blossom animal signs.

If this is still not enough, here is another bonus for you. You can download a FREE App called SP8CETIME and use the Almanac Calendar to look for the 12 Officers, Year/Month Breaker & Personal Date Selection.

Sp8cetime App

When you match the right activity with the right time, the best results can be expected. Use Date Selection to make the most out of what each day has to offer.

For a more in-depth analysis for specfic Personal Date Selection on Business, Career, Health, Relationship, Feng Shui Selection…etc has to offer, contact me where I’m providing a more detailed outlook of what energy is present!