Interaction between 5 Elements

It is important to know the five Elements representation of Ying and Yang in the study of Bazi. The Five Elements represent the Earth’s vibrational energy. Beginners may have the understanding of the Five Elements and identify them as some form of physical appearance. However, as you further study in Chinese Metaphysics, you will identifyContinue reading “Interaction between 5 Elements”

Great Conjunction of Two Planets

Universal transformation constantly affects our lives from the moment we are born until we leave the earthly existence behind. For growth to happen, we have to change. Occasionally, change lead to extraordinary joy, but more often than not they provoke feelings of discomfort, fear, or pain. Though many changes are unavoidable, we should not believeContinue reading “Great Conjunction of Two Planets”

Lucky Element in 2021

Year 2020 庚子 have many unforgettable and eventful thing that happened coronavirus pandemic, US presidential election, stock markets crashed and rebounded, Australian Bushfires, Minneapolis Riots, Puerto Rico Earthquake and many more. So what will be th outlook of the coming year 2021 辛丑 where we are just less than a month away? Many Astrologer andContinue reading “Lucky Element in 2021”

Influence Structure – The Supporter

Supporter are best described as nice guys, they are empathetic, loyal and easy-going. These properties the able them diplomaticly propping up other people, values, principles, or policies. The Influence element is the element that controls your Day Master. For example, Wood control an Earth Day Master, so Wood is your Influence element. The Influence StructureContinue reading “Influence Structure – The Supporter”

Output Structure – The Creators

As the name Creator, implies people with this structure are the idea-makers, the conjurers, and the visionaries. They are Innovative, Fun-loving and Expressive. People usually see them extremely charming and appealing. The element that your Day Master produce is your Output element. If you are a Water Day Master, your Output element is Wood. TheyContinue reading “Output Structure – The Creators”

Eclipse, Good or Bad?

In most tradition of metaphysics (western or eastern) , solar eclipses are not a good omen. A Solar eclipse is regarded as being worse than a lunar eclipse – this is because Yang energy is required by all living beings and when a solar eclipse occurs, Yang energy to Earth is momentarily interrupted. It alsoContinue reading “Eclipse, Good or Bad?”

Resource Structure – The Thinker

The name Thinker make you feel that the person is constantly thinking and have no action, however that may not be the actual case. Thinker are know to be Meticulous, Analytical and Reliable. The element that produces your Day Master is known as the Resource element. If your Day Master is Fire, Wood is yourContinue reading “Resource Structure – The Thinker”

Will CLASH affect me?

Generally, people who are into zodiac signs, looking at what is ahead of them in the coming years will find themselves worrying about clash years and etc. The elements in your Bazi chart may have clashes, combinations, harms or punishment relationships between the animal signs every year and this definitely can bring some level ofContinue reading “Will CLASH affect me?”

Companion Structure – The Connectors

As the name” Connectors” implies, people with the connector structure, they simply connect. They develop well on creating connections and connecting different groups of people together. They are friendly, enthusiastic, sociable, accommodating, persuasive and pleasing and usually have superb social skills. As such they are usually very friendly and outgoing individual in the work place.Continue reading “Companion Structure – The Connectors”

Wealth Structure – The Manager

Wealth is something that everyone very interested in however wealth structure is more than what it actually represent. The element that your Day Master counter is known as your Wealth element. For a Wood Day Master person, your Wealth element is Earth. Wealth Structure people are very results-oriented, ambitious, competitive, assertive, practical, efficient, decisive andContinue reading “Wealth Structure – The Manager”