The Nine Stars and Health

With the advent of the pandemic, health has become a hot topic among public discussion. More than ever, everyone has become more health-conscious with their decisions. Where health is concerned, everyone is susceptible to different forms of ailment. Based on your personal Star of Destiny, these are some of the health risk factors you might wantContinue reading “The Nine Stars and Health”

Important Things When Moving In New House

One of most common fengshui topics is the set of Chinese rituals/customs for the move-in ceremony that officially marks the start of living in your new home.  Find a suitable auspicious day and time according to Tong Shu/Sheng (The Chinese Almanac); the selection of auspicious date should take into consideration the birth data of the familyContinue reading “Important Things When Moving In New House”

Feng Shui tips for Career Success.

Returning to the office and this long period of WFH? Some of us are returning to the office or feeling the need to improve your home workspace. If you’re ever feeling stuck in a career trench, or feel that your performance is below average, rearranging your desk to include a few simple feng shui touches couldContinue reading “Feng Shui tips for Career Success.”

Your investments yielding a high return?

There are so many investment channel around us: Money market funds. Index funds. Exchange-traded funds. Stocks/shares Cryptocurrency Forex … never ending list … I understand that it will all depends on the timing of your investments. There are many techniques from Bazi and other Chinese Metaphysics tools and I would like to share with youContinue reading “Your investments yielding a high return?”

Seasons and Strength of the 5 Elements

Xu Zi Ping, one of the founders of Bazi, determine the strength of a person’s Bazi chart by the seasons. Seasons are based on the month of your birth and is represented by the 12 Earthly Branches and the Chinese Zodiac signs are symbols are used to tell time in the Chinese Calendar. This 12 animalContinue reading “Seasons and Strength of the 5 Elements”

How to: Feng Shui Activation

We are going to talk about Home Feng Shui Activation. Having activation these good stars can improve certain areas of our life and the power areas using Feng Shui principles helps you bring more positive energy and focus to important areas of your life. There are short-term and long term activation. A short term waterContinue reading “How to: Feng Shui Activation”