How to: Feng Shui Activation

We are going to talk about Home Feng Shui Activation. Having activation these good stars can improve certain areas of our life and the power areas using Feng Shui principles helps you bring more positive energy and focus to important areas of your life. There are short-term and long term activation. A short term waterContinue reading “How to: Feng Shui Activation”

QiMen Auspicious Formation: Jade Maiden Watching The Door(JLWD)

Jade Maiden Watching The Door is form when Heavenly Stem Ding(Yin Fire) / Earthly Stem Ding(Yin Fire + Envoy on Door. Technical Description:This combination is known to be auspicious in connection with human relationships and have the ability to create strong affinity with people around you. The effect will be felt clearly in personal relationshipContinue reading “QiMen Auspicious Formation: Jade Maiden Watching The Door(JLWD)”

QiMen Auspicious Formation: Flying Bird Falls into Cave(FBFIC)

Flying Bird Falls into Cave formation is form when Heavenly Stem Bing(Yang Fire) + Earthly Stem Lead Stem Jia(Yang Wood)/Chief and Wu(Yang Earth). Technical Description:Jia Wood(mother) is regarded as the parent of Bing Fire(Southern Phoenix), the combination represent that the image of a bird flying home to its nest hidden inside a cave, thus theContinue reading “QiMen Auspicious Formation: Flying Bird Falls into Cave(FBFIC)”

QiMen Auspicious Formation: Green Dragon Return(GDR)

Green Dragon Returns formation is form when Heavenly Lead Stem Jia(Yang Wood) and Wu(Yang Earth) + Earthly Stem Stem Bing(Yang Fire). Technical Description:This is an exceedingly positive formation that indicate outstanding outcome in all areas. We know that Wood Produce Fire and Fire Counter Metal, therefore Jia Wood represent Green Dragon, together with Bing FireContinue reading “QiMen Auspicious Formation: Green Dragon Return(GDR)”

Welcome Year of the Metal OX 辛丑

We will be welcoming the new year tonight on 3rd February 2021, 10.58pm where ever you are in the world. For those who are not well verse with Chinese Astrology, you might assume that the first day of Chinese New Year is on the Lunar New Year. In fact base on the calculation of theContinue reading “Welcome Year of the Metal OX 辛丑”