Heavenly Hero

The Heavenly Hero is a Yin Fire element Star. Depending on the context of the reading, it has the potential to be either auspicious or inauspicious. The Heavenly Hero can be likened to the sun shining brightly on a clear day. It shines bright and bold – invigorating everything with its powerful rays and giving life to all around us. Yet, for all its positive effects, the sun is still a giant ball of flame – and fire in essence can be as unpredictably destructive as it is useful.

In Qi Men Dun Jia, the Heavenly Hero Star corresponds to the Li 9 (South) Palace. It is an action-oriented Star and it helps those who are planning to take action or are already carrying out a plan. What’s more, it helps one meet Noble people who may assist them in their endeavours. The Heavenly Hero Star can bolster one’s fame and enhance their attempts at socialising and networking. Its mechanism of action is that it subtly boosts a person’s courage and drive to succeed.
The downside, however, is that the Heavenly Hero is a fickle Star and it tends to ignore the finer details and has a very short attention span to see an idea through. In certain situations, it can influence people to behave in outrageous and dangerous ways – resulting in bloodshed or injury.
In other contexts, it may represent leisure, beauty, kindness and loyalty. The Star is best used at the beginning of an endeavour or journey, as it is supportive of formulating plans and taking the bold step forward. However, it would be best left to the auspices of another star when it comes to following through with the entire undertaking and making it a reality.
According to ancient texts, if the Heavenly Hero is used for travel, marriage or moving homes, it will bring nothing but trouble. Object wise, for things such as pictures, mirrors, red-coloured items and lighting fixtures can represent the Heavenly Hero. It can also be synonymous with a flourishing city in terms of landforms.
As a Fire element Star, the Heavenly Hero is strong when it encounters a palace that shares its element. In an Earth element palace, it would become prosperous, as Fire produces Earth. In both these scenarios, its influence is strong, meaning any attributes or effects of the Heavenly Hero would be significantly noticeable. As Water controls Fire, if the Heavenly Hero is found in a Water element palace, it would be trapped. It would also become weak in a Metal element Palace (as Fire controls Metal), while in a Wood element palace, it would be rendered dead (as Wood produces Fire). In these last three scenarios, the influence of the Heavenly Hero is weak or of no effect.


Heavenly Hero individuals exude confidence at all times. Well dressed and charming, they make an unforgettable impression on everyone they meet and their courageous example serves as an inspiration to others.
With their kind hearts, Heavenly Hero people are good at encouraging others. They know how to bring out the best in others as well. They are also fiercely protective of those they care about. They can be a real force for positive change. Once you’ve made friends with a Heavenly Hero person, you’ve made a friend for life.
Heavenly Hero individuals are bold and daring, as they are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to better themselves. They are always in full control of their lives because they know exactly what they are worth.
When the Red Phoenix combines with the Heavenly Hero Star, the people of this Star are endowed with excellent communication skills. They also excel at public speaking.


Like other confident stars, Heavenly Hero individuals can be somewhat vain as they enjoy being the centre of attention and admired for their good looks. Some people may interpret this as a character flaw.
Heavenly Hero individuals can be overprotective and overbearing. Although they see this as a virtue, they can easily smother or annoy the people they aim to protect. Their intense behaviour can harm their relationships and friendships. They can be melodramatic and blow things out of proportion for the sake of a good story because they like a little drama.
As well as being overbearing, they are also control freaks. Once their mind is made up on a matter, they are unlikely to budge, even when they are presented with new facts or a better alternative. Although they are capable of being very understanding, their understanding does not extend to being willing to admit fault. Facing an onslaught, they dig their heels in.
Finally, these individuals are not detail-orientated. Their lack of interest in the fine details can cause them to overlook important things and make mistakes.

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