Qi Men – The Fear Door

The Fear Door symbolises the presence of fear and suspicion; a force that clouds the mind with anxiety and creates doubt. The Fear Door can cause a great deal of frustration and unease and hamper optimism. It is also associated with arguments and discord. Despite all of this, the Fear Door can produce goodwill. ItsContinue reading “Qi Men – The Fear Door”

Qi Men – The Scenery Door

The Scenery Door represents splendour, beauty and quality. It is associated with outstanding achievement and the act of invention. It also symbolises all that is superficial and things that appear important until they are subjected to scrutiny. Its name is a reference to its position in the South Sector. In ancient times, the South ofContinue reading “Qi Men – The Scenery Door”

Qi Men – The Delusion Door

The Delusion Door represents Wood element, the mysterious and the unexpected, including setbacks and disasters. It represents blockage and is also associated with stagnation and a lack of opportunities. It is, in general, an inauspicious Door. Although the Delusion Door is inauspicious, it may help one escape from an existing threat. It is also goodContinue reading “Qi Men – The Delusion Door”

Qi Men – The Rest Door

The Rest Door is an auspicious Door overall, associated with happy activities and warm, nurturing relationships. It governs recreation and leisure and its effects are relaxing and pleasant. In addition, the Rest Door is known as the Door of Rebirth, associated with the end of winter and the arrival of spring. Nature rests briefly beforeContinue reading “Qi Men – The Rest Door”

Qi Men – The Life Door

The Life Door symbolises opportunity and growth – in a person’s personal and professional life. The Life Door can help bring about improvements to a person’s quality of life and allow him to progress in his career. It is associated with abundance and prosperity, and is considered the most auspicious Door. The Heavens open atContinue reading “Qi Men – The Life Door”

The Nine Stars and Health

With the advent of the pandemic, health has become a hot topic among public discussion. More than ever, everyone has become more health-conscious with their decisions. Where health is concerned, everyone is susceptible to different forms of ailment. Based on your personal Star of Destiny, these are some of the health risk factors you might wantContinue reading “The Nine Stars and Health”

QiMen Auspicious Formation: Jade Maiden Watching The Door(JLWD)

Jade Maiden Watching The Door is form when Heavenly Stem Ding(Yin Fire) / Earthly Stem Ding(Yin Fire + Envoy on Door. Technical Description:This combination is known to be auspicious in connection with human relationships and have the ability to create strong affinity with people around you. The effect will be felt clearly in personal relationshipContinue reading “QiMen Auspicious Formation: Jade Maiden Watching The Door(JLWD)”