Heavenly Pillar

The Heavenly Pillar is a Yin Metal element Star, and it is considered inauspicious. It has strong connections with the chaos and carnage that is associated with war. However, it also hints of triumph and eventual glory for those who have the courage to fight to uphold their principles and are willing to challenge oppressors for justice. Essentially, the Heavenly Pillar is about struggling for what is right, even if it means completely changing existing cultures, society or laws. It needs not only discipline but also courage to face seemingly unsurmountable odds.

In Qi Men, the Heavenly Pillar Star corresponds to Dui 7 (West) Palace. It serves to augment the abilities of a warrior as well as maximise havoc and destruction on the enemy. The Heavenly Pillar is strongly supportive of taking on an entrenched position, shoring up one’s defences, as well as enlisting and training new soldiers. It is also useful for conducting activities related to espionage as it relates to camouflage and subterfuge. The aggression associated with the Heavenly Pillar is not without its positive uses; for instance, it can be harnessed to wage a new campaign, file a lawsuit or even question a suspect or prisoner of-war.

The Heavenly Pillar is unhelpful to those moving house or travelling. People should hold off on all of these activities if possible when the Star is present. Business endeavours, expansions and investments are all also unlikely to find favour with the Heavenly Pillar. Conversely, it is good for rejuvenation and keeping a low profile. It is also suitable for marriage, rejuvenation, remaining undercover or hidden, avoiding others, training and religious activities. Its effects will be felt the most by people in the military, law enforcement or legal industries.

Objects such as pots, axes, bowls, cups, buckets and fragile things can all represent the Heavenly Pillar. At the same time, it can also be an indication for pools, marshes and lakes, if the reading is geographically-related.

As a Metal element Star, the Heavenly Pillar is considered prosperous when it enters a Water element palace as Metal produces Water. In a palace that shares the same element, it is perceived as strong. In such a scenario, any effect of the Heaven Pillar would be significantly felt. If it lands in a palace that is of the Wood element, the Star would become weak as Metal controls Wood. In a Fire element palace, it would become trapped as Fire controls Metal. An Earth palace would render the Heavenly Pillar dead as Earth produces Metal. If found within these other three palaces, any influence it holds is weak or has no effect.


These individuals are known for their working fervour, once they’ve set their sights on a goal, they will blaze their way towards achieving it, as though they were on fire. People of this Star also have a great head for details. They are meticulous planners and their solutions are always fail proof.

Although stubbornness is often seen as a character flaw, it can be helpful. If one is on the right track, their stubborn determination to reach their goals will keep them on target and propel them towards the finish line.

When the White Tiger is found along with the Heavenly Pillar, then it suggests that the person in question will have boundless energy and stamina. They will be more resilient than normal and their energy will be contagious: they can inspire weak people around them to become stronger and tougher.


These people are a stickler for rules and regulations. They have a hard time breaking the rules or breaking away from the beaten path. They have an almost obsessive attention for the small details, which can cause them to waste a lot of time and energy on things of little consequence while missing more fundamental problems.

It can be hard to make friends with Heavenly Pillar individuals. To gain their trust and loyalty, other people have to pass tests and earn it. They like to control and dominate weaker people and will only choose stronger people as friends. Once their respect is earned, the Heavenly Pillar person will love with a deep intensity.

Finally, Heavenly Pillar people are proud, with a strong ego and are generally unwilling to submit to others. They like to think that they are the best at everything and will only admit defeat if they can do so while saving face. This means it can be hard to get them to change a habit that isn’t working. And, watch out if something goes wrong – because they will undoubtedly be on the lookout for someone else to pin the blame on!

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