Heavenly Assistant Influence

How is Heavenly Assistant influence in term of Wealth, Health, Career and Relationship?

When it come to Wealth, their mindset their direction to wealth. They are not particularly inclined towards seeking a profit when it comes to making money but they are often highly specialised and employers are willing to pay for the opinion of such people who can excel in their field.

They have great interesting in creative work then working on business. Thus this is the very aspect that aids them in pursuing wealth. They are likely to think out of the box, and try new strategies, and their problem-solving skills aid them in anticipating and reacting in time to counteract possible setbacks.

In Qi Men, the this Star is very suitable for wealth-related pursuits, trade and commerce, opening new business, starting a new job or assuming a new position. The Heavenly Assistant has a positive influence over wealth. If the Heavenly Assistant is timely, it can help foster academic achievement and help one develop their reputation. In academia and other fields where Heavenly Assistants are found, reputation is wealth.

When it come to Health, it is associated with good health and longevity as it is an auspicious Star.
With that being said, they are susceptible to illness and are prone to diseases that affect the digestive system like colic disease therefore paying attention to nutrition is required to mitigate these risks. In addition, they are prone to problems with their wrists and arms.

They can develop anxiety as a result of over-thinking matters. They can also become distressed if they feel isolated or when confronted with change.
Those working in care-giving, social work or in the psychology field, must be aware of their limits and learn not to take their work home with them. Otherwise, they run the risk of becoming emotionally overwhelmed by their work, no matter how objective they try to be.

In a Qi Men Dun Jia reading, it can represent the eyebrows, liver or gallbladder depends on the nature of the query.

When we talk about Career, in theory they are so observant and intelligent therefore there is nothing they cannot do. In order to make the most of their awesome talents, however, they must develop a more action- orientated mind-set i.e take action is more important that knowing how.

Since young, they may be drawn to a career in social work or psychology where they can probe other people’s minds and identify the root of their problems. They are also especially well-suited to teaching and academia because of their love of learning and discovery. They can also consider working as philosophers, scholars, historians and librarians for the same reasons.

Knowing to be able to see ideas, pattern and approaches and combined with their keen ability to understand and interpret vast amounts of data, facts and information, means that they can be a talented researchers, academics or scientists. What’s more, these careers often offer them little social interaction and require plenty of thinking – which makes this a perfect fit.

If they are creatively inclined, they can succeed in the arts. Their unique way of thinking about the world allows them to express themselves in unique and perhaps lucrative artistic ways.

It must be said that Heavenly Assistant people are easily bored by crunching numbers and they should avoid careers in finance or mathematics. Theirs is a different kind of intelligence.

Finally, Heavenly Assistant people can make good CEOs. With their grand sweeping vision, they can lead a business to prosperity. They should leave others to take care of the fine details of their plans, lest they get lost in them. If they are unable to delegate the mundane details, they are likely to become bored and this will cause them to fail.

Talking about Relationship, we can consider this star as the most nurturing of the 9 Stars. Men are old fashioned romantics at heart. They rely on charm and sweet talk to get the job done. While Women, by contrast, love to be romanced. In order to win their heart, one must make them feel special. Both genders are extremely protective and caring towards their partners and family alike. They will stick with their loved ones through thick and thin, provided if they are stimulated by their company. Their partners must be intelligent and their partner need to show intellectual to win over them.

Although this people rarely speak about their own feelings, they are actually excellent listeners. Communication is never a big issue in their relationships. however jealousy or neediness is a big turnoff to all Heavenly Assistants, although they themselves can be quite needy when they do not feel they are appreciated. In a Qi Men or Date Selection context, this Star is auspicious for marriage and weddings.

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