Heavenly Grain

The Heavenly Grain is a Yin Earth element Star corresponds to the Kun 2 (Southwest) Palace. It is generally considered inauspicious in most contexts, but it can also have a very positive effect in certain circumstances. It governs over the wisdom or ability to differentiate right from wrong, although it is often viewed as the Star of diseases and illness and is thought to represent danger.

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When we look at reading concerning illnesses, the Heavenly Grain is often used as a point of reference. Despite its close association with this unpleasant subject, its implications are not necessarily negative. Depending on the formation and position in a Qimen chart, it could imply cures for an ailment and a sign of improving health for those who are suffering from sickness. Aside from sickness and disease, it also signifies decay and darkness. It can also be the harbinger of robbery or theft.

The Heavenly Grain’s dualistic nature means it could represent arguments and disputes, just as much as it could encourage socialising, building of relationships and team building on a grand scale – especially if it is found in its passive form.

In mundane matters, it can represent mothers, ladies, lands, students, nuns, the lower class, as well as pregnant women in a Qi Men Chart.

Geographically, it can indicate flatland, farmland and government property. It can also represent studying, learning and governmental structures, as it can be supportive of endeavours related to these things, such as training, recruiting and teaching.


Heavenly Grain Star people place great value in the well-being of their friends and are dependable and loyal, they are willing to make great sacrifices for them. Their aim is to make life-long friends.

Patience is one of their most prominent virtues, and given enough time, they have the kind of determination and dedication that can move mountains. Hence these people have commitment to follow through at work and also in their personal lives.

When the Surging Snake combines with the Heavenly Grain, the result is a perfect match. People with this match are highly aware of their surroundings and are masters of their environment. These people have a natural talent in Feng Shui and identifying valuable property. They can build a lucrative career around their gifts.


Heavenly Grain person can lead them to become stubborn and inflexible at times due to their patience and untiring attitude. But during which they are difficult to work with. They also disliking pressure, they are prone to inertia. Once they have started something, it can be hard for them to change direction.

Heavenly Grain people are thin-skinned and sensitive. They cannot take constructive criticism and go out of their way to avoid it, even though it may be in their best interests. Without valuable feedback, the quality of their work can suffer. They also do not like changes and are not open to new ideas of doing things. They will also very unlikely to seize opportunity that let them obtain new knowledge to skill that break their daily routine.

Finally, under influence of bad structures, people of this Star can be somewhat possessive. Their neediness can make them unattractive to potential partners and damage their friendships. As well as being attached to people, they can also become overly attached to their possessions and become envious when other people have things that they do not.

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