Heavenly Grass Influences 

How is Heavenly Grass influence in term of Wealth, Health, Career and Relationship?

When it come to Wealth, are hardworking and resourceful, they have a mixed bag of luck when it comes to matters of wealth.

However, when presence of negative Doors or Stems, they may lack some scruples and have few reservations knowing that if they are caught, the penalties may outweigh the rewards for cheating about breaking the law.

When in the presence of positive structures, they are more artful and cunning skills make them excellent strategists and visionaries, and aid them in making friends in high places – which can almost be like having the law of their side.

If a Heavenly Grass person does accrue wealth, they are liable to spend it on frivolous things and luxury items. They are also drawn to gambling because it provides them with an adrenaline rush, even though they are not particularly good at it.

When it come to health, they are those type that like to indulge themselves. Even though they are narcissistic, they struggle with obesity and body image problems. Hence, they have to watch their diet and maintain good health to remain well and to live long life.

If a Heavenly Grass person finds that they have become physically inactive and depressed, it is usually because they have lost their way. The solution for people of this Star is to identify a large goal and begin working towards it.

In Qi Men, it can represent the ears, kidney, bladder and eyebrows. It is also associated with water borne illnesses. When meeting with an inauspicious structure in a Chart, it will cause a person to fall sick.

When it come to career, they can succeed at almost anything they choose, having strong leadership skills and big ambitions they are well-suited to careers in politics, large corporations and venture capitalism but they need to work on taking the initiative if not they may have their career feel like stagnate water. In all careers they decide to embark on, they should always seek out managerial or leadership roles.

As mentioned before, some Heavenly Grass Star people who fall under the influence of negative Doors or Stems are drawn to criminal activity. Otherwise, they are good at taking calculated risks and receiving windfall gains in return.

Finally when it come to dating, for women are turned on by money and decadent displays of affection. They believe that it is a man’s job to provide, although they wish to be seen as equals and they can be a jealous partners. As for men they are attracted to sophisticated upper class women as they believe that it is a woman’s job to look beautiful and amuse them. They also lose interest quickly. What’s more, both are flirtatious and prone to adultery!

Heavenly Grass people like rough, exciting and highly physical sex. Individuals can be unpredictable and hot-headed when in a relationship. They are so focused on their own needs, they can leave their other half feeling unappreciated and unloved.

In Qi Men forecasting from relationship, this Star indicates that an existing relationship or marriage may be put under strain. If the Six Harmony meets with an Auspicious Door or Emptiness and Horse Star, including the Heavenly Grass, then indicates that a third party may be involved in their relationship.

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I am SH, a Chinese Metaphysics enthusiast, practitioner, consultant, life transformation coach and also the Founder of SH Astrology Consulting. Chinese Metaphysics such as Bazi and QiMen as always fascinated me. I am always amazed by how Bazi and QiMen could forecast the outcomes and relate encounters that a person can experience with great accuracy when it is being applied correctly. When it come to Feng Shui, the studying of the flow of Qi (Chi) energy can influences the environment around us.These energies can directly or indirectly affect how we operate and affect what we want to achieve. With proper practice, we can create opportunities that help us achieve our goals. SH Astrology was created to share my knowledge in BaZi and also some other Chinese Metaphysics systems like QiMen, Feng Shui, Yi Jing. I would also like to debunk some myths, and irrelevant concepts or beliefs in Chinese Metaphysic which cause confusion and fear in people’s life.

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