Heavenly Grain Influences

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How is Heavenly Grass influence in term of Wealth, Health, Career and Relationship?

When it come to Wealth it is rare to meet someone of this Star who does not know affluence. They have a knack for finance and have some sort of a Midas touch. They also know the way to select their own path to make money. As for spending their earnings, they like to have nice things and eat well. Because people of this Star have lavish tastes and are prone to jealousy, there is a danger that they spend frivolously in order to “keep up”. They must learn and practice financial discipline. If you are a business owners, you should hire an accountant to keep your expenditure in check.

In Qi Men forecasting, the Heavenly Grain Star has a negligible positive impact on one’s wealth or wealth-related activities.

When it come to health on Qimen forecasting represents illness and disease, except when it is found in the Fan Yin chart, where it can enhance the efficacy of medicine and is indicative of a full recovery. In addition,It can also represent the cheeks, muscles, veins and dark skin, as well as weight gain.

They need to pay special attention to their health, as they are prone to illnesses, therefore when there is even mild symptom, please see a doctor. When the Grappling Hook or Heavenly Bird are found in combination with the Heavenly Grain, this means that a person may have healing powers and an affinity for herbs and medicine.

When we talk about career, they are quite content to work on their own. therefore well-suited to the demands of freelancing and entrepreneurship, being both dedicated and perseverant. When things get tough, they double down when others would quit.

With their supportive naturally of others, they can also do well as teachers, trainers and social workers, spending their time on helping others. These jobs will give them a high degree of job satisfaction. They also have the potential to thrive in land development as builders and developers, or in agricultural fields such as farming or palm oil production.

Some Heavenly Grain individuals have a natural affinity for Feng Shui and property investment thus they can build a lucrative career around their Feng Shui talents or capitalise upon their keen eye for property. this happen when he Surging Snake combines with Heavenly Grain)

Talk about Relationship, Heavenly Grain men are the perfect spouses. They are loving, loyal and honest but may not be exciting or daring. Heavenly Grain women are loyal too, and dream of marriage and children from a young age. Heavenly Grain women are very patient and selective when it comes to men. When they choose a man, it is often for life. People of both genders are much more fun and open minded in bed than they are in daily life.

The main threat to a Heavenly Grain person’s relationship is complacency – once they feel their partner is going to stay with them, they can become lazy. Simple romantic gestures now and again can help mitigate the issue.

During forecasting, the Heavenly Grain Star is auspicious for new relationships but only in a passive way which simply mean that someone else will propose romance. However when it meets Six Harmony and Inauspicious Door, or Death and Emptiness, the Star becomes harmful to marriages and represents illness.

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