The Nine Stars and Health

With the advent of the pandemic, health has become a hot topic among public discussion. More than ever, everyone has become more health-conscious with their decisions. Where health is concerned, everyone is susceptible to different forms of ailment. Based on your personal Star of Destiny, these are some of the health risk factors you might want to consider.

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As the eponymous sign of illness in a health-related forecast, being born under this sign usually denotes poor vitality overall. But with proper care, they can still have good health. Carbs such as rice and wheat are recommended in their diet.


For the Heavenly Assistant, they should be paying more attention to their mental health. It’s easier for them to develop problems such as anxiety and being emotionally overwhelmed. Besides exercise, include activities that are conducive for the mind such as meditation as well.


The Heavenly Heart should take extra care of their head. To put it simply, they should include more brain food in what they eat. For example, fatty fish, nuts and green tea. Mental exercises to keep the mind focus can also go a long way.


Ailments that usually affect the Heavenly Ambassador are related to chronic pain in the joints and back. More often than not, the cause of this issue is overstressing these parts of the body. Exercising and physical activities are good but be sure not to push it beyond your limitations.


Those with this Heavenly Star like to seek gratification. This includes their diet and overindulgence can lead to a host of problems such as obesity and weight gain. If you’re a Heavenly Grass, be mindful of what you eat.


In general, Heavenly Destructors don’t pay much regard to their personal health. Thus, they often push themselves to the point where they get burnt out. This can easily be remedied by proper resting from time to time as well as eating more fruits.


Those born under the Heavenly Bird sign are usually blessed with longevity. But, this doesn’t mean they won’t be exempted from health issues. They should pay attention to the well-being of their stomach, sleep and lower back.


The parts of the body that the Heavenly Pillar should be mindful of are the mouth, throat and lungs. Hygiene in these areas is imperative as it may be prone to be infected. Regular check-ups is also recommended just to cover your bases.


Those born under the sign of Heavenly Hero may encounter issues relating to the eyes, blood or heart. Take note of your blood pressure level, especially. Be on the lookout for heart-healthy food the next time you plan your meals.

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