What is Qi Men Dun Jia?

Qi Men Dun Jia is an ancient form of Chinese Metaphysics art that has many applications in its use, including warfare, destiny analysis, and forecasting that related to business, crime-solving, marriages and matchmaking, medical divination, Feng Shui, military affairs, finding missing people, travel, personal fortune divination, etc.

How many of you have heard of the strategist Zhuge Liang from the Three Kingdoms era?
Zhuge Liang was most famous for his conduct in the Battle of Red Cliffs, where he helped his realm, Shu, obtain an alliance with Wu in order to fight off the armies of Cao Cao of Wei. 

In our time can be used in modern times for warfare, specifically, business wars. Many business tycoons, CEOs, and other company heads use QiMen in their business decisions, allowing them an unseen but significant advantage over their competitors.

Qi Men Dun Jia can also be applied in many other ways daily to allow a person to live happier, better, and have a wealthier life.

There are 4 main realms in QiMen, which are the TimeSpaceMatter & Event realms.

The Basic Component

* Image credit Joey Yap

Life Stem: The Life Stem in QiMen refers to the Person’s Day of Birth

Stem.Door of Destiny: The Destiny Door is the “Door” that the Life Stem resides within a QiMen Chart. 

Star of Destiny: The Star of Destiny can be seen as the Heavenly Star that resides together with the Life Stem. 

Guardian of Destiny: Your Guardian Deity. It is the Deity that shares the same Palace with your Heavenly Stem. 

Destiny Palace: Your Destiny Palace is the Palace that contains your Life Stem.

Published by SHASTROLOGY

I am SH, a Chinese Metaphysics enthusiast, practitioner, consultant, life transformation coach and also the Founder of SH Astrology Consulting. Chinese Metaphysics such as Bazi and QiMen as always fascinated me. I am always amazed by how Bazi and QiMen could forecast the outcomes and relate encounters that a person can experience with great accuracy when it is being applied correctly. When it come to Feng Shui, the studying of the flow of Qi (Chi) energy can influences the environment around us.These energies can directly or indirectly affect how we operate and affect what we want to achieve. With proper practice, we can create opportunities that help us achieve our goals. SH Astrology was created to share my knowledge in BaZi and also some other Chinese Metaphysics systems like QiMen, Feng Shui, Yi Jing. I would also like to debunk some myths, and irrelevant concepts or beliefs in Chinese Metaphysic which cause confusion and fear in people’s life.

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