Day Master – Yi (Yin Wood)

The Yi Wood can be imagined as the slow-growing vine or creeping ivy. Yi Wood individuals are likableand charming in their social interactions, positive traits attributed to their easy-going, agreeable personality. Not the type to shoot from the hip, the Yi Wood tends to showcase their finest when they are dealing with others, and can be quick-witted, flattering, and sharpContinue reading “Day Master – Yi (Yin Wood)”

Day Master – Jia (Yang Wood)

If you want a good idea of the nature of a Jia Wood individual, think of a tall, sturdy, slow-growing tree – possibly an oak tree, teakwood tree, California redwood or something with similar characteristics of resilience and sturdiness. They are forthright and call it as they see it regardless of what company they are in. TheyContinue reading “Day Master – Jia (Yang Wood)”

5 Element, What is it?

5 element, represent 5 fundamental forces or energy which are governed production and destruction cycle which are believed to govern and regulate all activity in the universe. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water like all of the Chinese Five Arts, the Five Element have both Yin and Yang polarity giving us a total of ten.Continue reading “5 Element, What is it?”